Monday, May 17, 2010

Sibu: A Wake Up Call for Najib

I was busy with multiple events and shows managed by my company and did not post anything on the Sibu by-election. However, I have been following the news and updates on the sideline.

The Sibu by-election defeat is a wake up call for PM Najib. He should take note that vote buying and promise of funds for votes will not work anymore. This method is outdated and outmoded. As a PM who wants to ride on the reform platform, Najib should have promised the voters more reforms in UMNO and Barisan.

His party men and leaders have been anything but respectful and humble. Najib must state his stand on various issues and challenges brought out by his men and supporters. We want to know his stand on Perkasa, the May 13 gathering, Dr Mahathir's stand on Malay supremacy, a fair and just society and the rule of law.

Najib should know better than trying to entice voters with development funds. His gesture was seen as insincere and arrogant. It is unacceptable for the federal government to ignore the needs to Sibuans for more than 2 decades especially amenities and facilities upgrade and flood mitigation.

Sarawak is at the crossroads. The people are sick of elitist rule where everything revolves around a few aristocrat families.

Najib must heed the call for reforms by:

1) Truly implementing the spirit of his 1Malaysia slogan - fair and equality for all
2) Reject racism within his party and declare his opposition against organizations and individuals such as Perkasa, Dr M and other right winged leaders
3) Combat corruption and not doing it himself
4) Respect the rule of law
5) Implement real political reforms

Pakatan needs to pull up their socks too. The coalition can deliver if they stick together and work closely. However, PKR should review its entire leadership structure and strategy. The party must prepare to ride out of Anwar's shadow and the latter must accept an advisory role by helping to groom good and calibre new and untainted leaders.

Sibu had voted for change. Both coalitions must deliver their reform promises.


Anonymous said...

As for that dickhead Ib Ali and half dead mamak kutty, please OPEN YOUR BIG MOUTHS and state that the Sarawakians are ungrateful and Sarawak should get out of Malaysia, let this be seconded by that racialistic and corrupted mamak kutty. With Perkasa's panel of brilliant economic and financial strategists, coupled with Mamak kutty's know-how, we do not need Sarawak's petrol money.
Next is that SUPP candidate Robert Lau. He is upset at Malaysiakini for not "writing good articles about (him)" and then accusing Malaysiakini of being "extreme left"? Hello, Roberto, just because you and your pals are used to the mainstream media's pandering to your needs and obvious biases toward the BN/UMNO because of oppressive media laws, and the fact that your buddies own the mainstream media, doesn't mean everyone is like them. Dont be a sore loser. MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/PPP and now SUPP are irrelevant to the rakyat as long as they are in BN/UMNO. Come on, Roberto, leave BN and join PKR before you fade into oblivion. NOW!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah.. actuaLly mahakutty and lembabAli helped in the victory for DAP- DELIVER AS PROMISED.

iT WUD BE MORE CONVINCING AND TOUCHING IF THE PEEEEAMMM promised that win or lose He will solve the flood issue.This will show that he really cares for his rakyat without any motive.

After watching the video on the promises you help me , I help you , my hair really stand up like what Soh Chin Aun experienced leaving the tunnel to the open field before a great match started.

So we dont know how many deals have been going on ??


Jeremiah said...

While I am happy that a miracle happened in Sibu’s by-election on 16th May 2010, the 2% margin of victory for the DAP does pose some questions about how Sibuans regard the nation as a whole. I personally do not think it is an easy task for Pakatan Rakyat to win the next GE given their internal weaknesses. If only the rest of Malaysia is as mature and sensible as Sibu voters.

Having said that, the Sibu election victory for DAP and shock defeat for BN/SUPP may signal another turning point that will tilt the balance in favour of PR. The UK elections and the unlikely coalition between the Tories/Liberal Democrats is also an encouraging sign for the new politics.

What the voters in Sibu and the majority of Chinese in Hulu Selangor and all Msians want from their politicians is to come to the table and have a meaningful dialogue, a real discussion with the people on what they want to see in this country: fairness to all, economic transparency and efficiency, religious harmony and mutual understanding, etc.

Perhaps, Najib is be well-advised to seek a national referendum on major issues that the electorate wants to see resolved once and for all.

The Allah issue was not an issue until the home ministry and the government took actions that threatened to undermine the constitutional fabric of the multi-racial and multi-religious country.

Sibuans and the Foo Chows know their real future does not lie in just cash handouts and vote-buying gains for Sibu but in more long-term issues.

Man does not live by bread alone. So the bread-for-vote tactic of BN/SUPP is a total failure.

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vell paari said...

pleasse put samy vellu in sarawak...guarantee to get all the indian votes there...just like we did in hulu sgor....confirm win wan....sure win....wait a any indians in sarawak ar?

Anonymous said...

Najib is successful in Hulu by throwing out $$$ mah,so he try same modus operandi with Sibu lor!
But he backfired because people in Sibu are smart.So many decades no funds for development.Only now election,suddenly RM5m appears! And on condition that you scratch my back and I scratch yours! Blackmail $$$$!!!!
Three Cheers to the people of Sibu!!!

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand WHY the PM still refuse to understand what the chinese want.Its not the money,its treating them as your fellow countrymen with dignity,Not treating them like prostitues offsprings or illegal immigrants who have overstayed here 200 years long.People like Ibrahim PERKASA and all those warlords threatening another may 13, are really really really helping the chinese to hate the government.Use some brains for heaven sake.

Anonymous said...

We dont want a corrupted government. Period.

Anonymous said...

How to expect our peeeeeeeeeM 2 understand when you have racialistic, apportunistic dickheads Ib Ali, mamak kutty to name a few around him.UMNO seems to be comfortable with them. I scratch your balls and you scratch mine la.
As long as we have dickheads like these around, 1Malaysia or Malaysia1 for that matter, is just talk and talk......... Full stop!!

Anonymous said...

How much more can I say....

Its the "DUTY" of the goverment to serve & provide for the rakyat. Not wait till election comes than only dish out the cookies to us...

And you still call this...
People 1st... Performance Now??????