Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Who Says a Blogger Cannot Worth Millions?

Is the bag containing hard cash, RM4 million or whatever left?

Blogger Kickdefella, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, alleged that PAS was involved in a three-year smear campaign against the Abdullah administration and it was behind a RM4million plot to topple former prime minister since 2004.

PAS has denied the allegation and called the blogger a political mercenary.

Funny, I did not know so much money was needed to topple Abdullah. If this blogger was getting millions, how much did Mahathir get for doing a much better job than this guy at destroying the former PM?

If RM4 million was needed to topple and discredit a flip-flop PM like Abdullah, I am wondering how much is needed to destroy Anwar Ibrahim?

Brudder Kickedefella, any tips on how to earn millions? Maybe this blogger needs a little guidance and advice.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a non-entity and I don't think he is even worth 4 sen.
Why would PAS waste RM4 million on an insect? Has an insect the wherewithal to topple a PM?

He is lying through his teeth.

Anonymous said...

Like another former anti-BN blogger who was elevated by Najib to be the chief of an MSM, is he slated for a promotion as well? Let's just watch and see.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah..... Rm4 million for a "Abdullah" pancake??

Better he go "Kickehimself".....!!

Perhaps he "has" the RM4 million. But not from PAS...!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha.... Many seems to be joining the Clown Club..!!

wandererAUS said...

Why not pick some one from UMNO-BN side? Like a blogger awarded with a Datukship happily singing the tunes for UMNO elites. Wonder how many millions were tied
together with that "special effort"!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... no need 4 million dollar man to do the job, not even 4 dollar.. Sleeping beauty was just a piece of easy meat then.

It's his own people who are more eager than Pas to bring him down. Kutty's well known for taking not so brilliant guys as his aide so he can dictate on all issues.

When sleeping beauty did not comply fully to his desires so begins the movie-

Kutty the destroyer.The rest is History...

Jayenjr said...

My, my, ain't UMNO's hand just about everywhere.....Anyway, I wonder if PAS has that kind of money in the first place....for sure we all know that UMNO does have that kind of dough...just look at the face of the beaming Hulu Sgor Chinese school trustees when Najib handed them the RM3m. But RM4m to paint a bad picture on a lame duck, sleepy, flip-flopping of a PM...who now appears to have signed away RM390b worth of our nation's territory (must have been sleeping when he was signing our inheritance away, eh?) you rightly pointed out:- how much then to get rid of DSAI?

raj raman said...

If RM4 million was needed to topple and discredit a flip-flop PM like Abdullah, I am wondering how much is needed to destroy Anwar Ibrahim? - No need because Ai already self destroy by his Sandiwara and his man running Amok meanwhile he running around the Globe for publicity.(Ai can you please stay in Msia and Stay more focus)

Brudder Kickedefella, any tips on how to earn millions? Maybe this blogger needs a little guidance and advice. _ I need badly your advise to make more millions.

rajraman666.Second thought,no need any advise because the last time you promote flag up site down you change your mind.So i change mine 2.

We can be racial but can't be racists.

Anonymous said...

brudder kay peng

senang aje... tiru macam turncoats ini...

i) rocky's bru (dato sekarang, jangan main2. lagipun, malay mail boss)
ii) that samad's daughter.
iii) yours truly
iv) ezam soros (senator sekarang, jangan main2).
v) 2-katak perak bebas-rasuah
vi) zul islam-dahulu-insan-kemudian
vii) zahrain nyaris-dapat-kontrek-golf
viii) 1-katak pompuan (dato sekarang, jangan main2)
ix) dan lain2 lagi yang pandai mencatur kareer politik-duniawi mereka sendiri.

resistance is futile beb...umno baru kaya$$$$ hasil habuan rasuah berdekad2 sejak merdeka. itupun duit kita juga bukan? jadi, ambil lah.

polis dalam poket umno baru.
sur pilihanraya dalam poket umno baru.
peguam negara dalam poket umno baru.
badan pencegah rasuah dalam poket umno baru.
hakim dalam poket umno baru.
raja2 melayu pun dalam poket umno baru.

apa lagi ngkau orang boleh buat?? when u cannot fight them, u join them. bukan gitu?

engkau orang yang asyik pegang pada prinsip keadilan dan kesaksamaan, apa dapat?? watak macam ngkau, raja petra, anil netto, patrick teoh, art harun semua ni...apa dapat?? renung2 lah. tak kan lah rakyat boleh bagi ngkau orang semua ni apa2... hanya umno baru yang boleh kasi...

janji u nak jual, umno baru boleh beli.

fikirlah sikit perihal masa depan ($$$$) anak2 anda semua...

jom, join kami dan jual roh ngkau kpd umno baru. jom! habuannya lumayan beb... buat apa nak pikir pasal akhirat? enjoylah $$$$ habuan daripada umno baru ni... mereka bukan main loaded$$$.

maruah kami berharga (berjuta2). bukan macam ngkau orang. tak nak jual. tak boleh dibeli. bodoh.

lagipun, umno baru i ingat dia orang nak tapau dan belah dah... terkini ada pula berita satu syarikat nak beli balik semua konsesi lebuhraya dgn harga 50,000,000,000. u orang tahulah siapa bos sebenar konsesi2 ini. umno baru lah, di belakang tabir.

i tahu pihak atasan umno baru tahu yang hayat politik mereka ni tak berapa panjang lagi. jadi mereka ni tubuh syarikat ni, ambil duit 50,000,000,000. lepas tu belah kalau kalah pru13. ini semua halal disisi undang2. bukannya siapa2 boleh buat apa. straighforward business transaction.

kalah ke... menang ke... pru13, tetap umno baru yang dapat 50,000,000,000 ini. ini hakikatnya. jadi cuba nak jadi hero, ngkau orang ini. biar aje lah....

ini kan 'takdir'?? serah lah kpd 'takdir'. tak payah cuba nak buat 'reformasi' atau apa2 '...asi' lah.


raj raman said...

Can you please promote this site please and ask your followers to sign it.

rajraman666.The very little Devil dare not to unmask like Zorro.

We can be racial but can't be racists.

Anonymous said...

Ah Khoo,

How much did rocky blu get /getting? Big dog and the other dogs get?
Yes money,money,money its a Rich rats world!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Rocky Bru was a datuk? Wow, no longer an indie blogger huh, Datuk?

Any tips?

Anonymous said...

It easy bro. It is easy. Jump like the froggies. Who know? They may even throw in a datukship. You have skills the evil empire can use.

Anonymous said...

You want $$$ too?
Then turn your blog into a pro-BN blog and you will not need to run around managing events to earn a living.Yes Siree,with the millions you are gonna make, you will be having those pretty lasses in your bed instead of in the pictures

Anonymous said...

Ah Khoo your englis is hollible, whu wan to pai u?

Anonymous said...

Doubt this turncoat, or as they are known..running dog; is worth the weight of salt that you can squeezed from his blotted body. Running dogs are normally put against the wall.