Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ironic Malaysia : No More PSD Scholarship But Spending Millions on New Buildings

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz had said that government scholarships for undergraduate studies overseas would be phased out from next year.

He was quoted as admitting that the government does not have the “capacity” to finance the studies of the growing pool of bright students.

Although it is an unpopular move, the public will have to accept the reality of the government's situation, he had added.

Both MCA and MIC are against the move. What else can they do?

Ironically, this government is willing to spend another RM800 million to build a new parliament building in Putrajaya.

More than RM810 million has been budgeted for the still under construction new palace at Jalan Duta. I am sure the the royal highness would rather see the money being used to send our brightest to acquire skills and knowledge from some of the best universities in the world since ours can't even break into the top 500 league.

With such contradictions, how can the government help to move our workforce up the value chain and help to enable them to earn higher salary?

This is the second flip-flop after the finance minister said that no sports gambling license was ever issued to Ascot Sdn Bhd.

Who is telling the truth? Vincent Tan or Finance Minister?

Welcome to Boleh Land!


Anonymous said...

Minorities always want more and more of everything. So let us stop development, just build more mosques, period

Anonymous said...

We, the Malaysian govt has all the money to buy anything known as extravagance whilst taxing the lay Malaysian left, right & center.

As the saying goes, "A beggar has no options", there should not be any compromise as far as exercising our rights as tax payer. We have a right to tell the govt off on what is wrong, whether perceived or otherwise. No two ways about it. How is Malaysia going to survive in this competitive world? We had lost too much along the last 52 years of BN administration....too much that if any law maker in Malaysia (irrespective of which side of the political divide) were to stand before God, he/she shall not pass the test of "obedience" & shall be doomed to Hell. He/she shall be held accountable & answerable to our future generation.

Do you know why so many Malaysians are leaving the country or staying put overseas after graduating? There is indeed no future here, so they realized that is the only option left for them to ensure their next generation continues. Just see how many Malaysian Malays are living overseas? You think they are stupid? They are indeed fed-up with the politicians who are only looking after their own pockets, not for the welfare of the rakyat in general.

Malaysia will be better off without such extravagance!!!

Anonymous said...

BUT overseas-scholarships through mara with our hard-earned blooded duits still boleh what !!

Anonymous said...

People cannot see the millions spent on scholarships mah!Also, these $$ will benefit students and not masok pockets.We are talking about 5% (RM40mil) at stake!
You want the truth? The whole truth? And nothing but the truth?
tan koo koo!!!

charleskiwi said...

That is Umno or the Ketunan Melayu for you !
Only a change in name but it is still the same style some more borrowing and just live beyond their means. Besides how to become rich without the 'big' projects !
As I said before the shenanigan Mahathir will not object to sports betting because it is his proxy who is involved. In other words he is too and he is not about to say 'no' to money for himself !

Anonymous said...

Don't put your hopes too high, Malaysia is hopeless.As for those money, tak cukup ' makan' la untuk setiap orang.U tau inflation sudah naik.

Desertbug said...

Perhaps, MYR800m on a project yields a healthy kickback which the Govt needs to start amassing prior to the next GE.

Sending kids off to college....well, not much kickback in that, is there ?

I maybe wrong but that's history appears to be repeating itself , over and over.

The rakyat have been sidelined by the very people they voted in, and they are paying the price right now ! The situation begs saying "TOLD YOU SO" but that doesn't help and educating them is the most plausible way of getting these "pie in the sky" Govt to realise this.

Your articles are helping raise this awareness to the voting public right. Well done and keep it up.

Rakyat Yang Menderita said...

Last time the govt just simply send the students(mostly or if not all from one particular race)overseas on scholarship.After they graduated,the govt cannot get them a job and release them.
So is this what the govt is doing just want to fulfil quotas by just simply sending them overseas and now telling the rakyat that this is too much of a burden?
What the fuck is this govt doing? Just see no logic in denying bright students of quality education for the future betterment of the nation.And yet they want to spend huge sum to built a new parliament bldg,new istana in Putrajaya.What kind of brain do the present minister possess? Pariah! I can only say.

conscience said...

well, giving scholarships to bright students is so unlucrative to the some people. u can't inflate or hike up the amount. what's offered to the students is what they get but it's a different venture altogether if more institutions of higher learning are established. we need more buildings, hence more projects and more contracts. add these up and u'll get.......... well it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

Cancerous Disease getting worse, they have got money to pay compensation for Sime Darby's Losses by paying RM700 Million, the contractor for the collapsed stadium in Terengganu is the Contractor for the King's Palace with costing double inflated and for new parliament house in Putra Jaya in order to line some pockets full but no money to pay for Scholarships for the bright students of this boleh Nation so now becomes tak boleh after Felda's funds of RM4.3 Billion has had been Syphoned into someone's Swiss Bank Account simialr to the kickbacks for the Scopene submarine's purchase.

Kill the cancerous disease and the patient will survive, likewise get rid of the root cause and the Nation will survive and thrive.

It does not matter what they do because whatever they do will be to no avail. Like RPK said in London, it is no good attempting to treat the symptoms because it just simply will not work. It is the cancerous disease that should be treated. So therefore as long as UMNO is in the driver seat then absolutely nothing could be done. Before anything else, UMNO will first have to line their pockets, then their families pockets, then their cronies pockets and then whatever morsels left to the selected segment of the rakyat. So how much is enough? It does not matter how much natural resources Malaysia possess for come one day these resources will eventually be exhausted. Then what?

Be like Singapore one might suggest. But do our leaders have that mentality and maturity to do so? With the present government – not by an extra mile mate!

Now the UMNO BN Rogues will bankrupt the Nation’s Coffer and cut subsidies to rob the poor and to subsidize their rich crony Tycoons so that the benefits can go back to them on demand. All the poor rakyats were having a bad deal since 53 years ago with them in power not once did they not squeeze the Rakyats with taxes after taxes now they will try to impose GST 4% on all levels that will resulted in more 16% taxes imposed on all ordinary basics consumers’ goods from materials Suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers to retailers. Now they are trying to cut subsidies but they are not cutting back taxes but instead increased the taxes.

Also it was discovered that they have their cronies increased the prices of foods such as vegetables and fruits included, also they have allowed their cronies to increase the prices of all basic construction materials including cement and steel to further squeeze the Rakyats’ well being of a reasonable survival in these bad times.

So what can we the rakyat do? Well we can change all these just by a stroke of the pen. Quoting RPK, ‘We the rakyat is the boss’. So come GE13 with the stroke of the pen, we could effectively change the government and consign UMNO/BN to the gutter. Well not totally to the gutter but enough to effect them to be the opposition as at the end of the day checks and balances are still needed irregardless of who is forming the government on that day.

Anonymous said...

Gomen thinks giving scholarship is leakage bcause they dun come back esp chinese. Give us big salary lar then we surely come back!

Anonymous said...

The rich and the well connected to UMNOPUTRAS and MCA/MIC/PPP/GERAKAN only will get the scholarship. The poor have to bet and bet. The rakyat in general are like chickens waiting for their super duper rich masters in BN/UMNO to throw them some scrubs.
This is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Nazri is right when viewed from a different point. For example, Malaysians graduate if the London School of Economics are Imperial collge or MIT are snapped up before they have a chance to come home. So sending our top talents outside the country is a guaranteed brain drain.

So why bother to send them out.

Anonymous said...

PSD scholarships are for non-bumi students. What a clever way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone !
(1)Reduce spending to ungrateful non-bumis who are not voting BN
(2)Let bumis become masters over the non-bumis by way of better quality education

Anonymous said...

As usual, the present bunch of UMNO/BN polticians have the same attitude and huge ego like that now half dead mamak kutty ex PM. Biggest, highest, longest etc.... are all they care. Rakyat is least on their minds.These politicians have only $$$$$$$$$ in their eyes and mind and worst is they never ever learn.

Pranay said...

Many students that study abroad approach the agent or consultant for admission assistance. Even though the Internet has made direct admissions possible students often prefer to deal face to face with a representative who speaks their native language.

Anonymous said...

How to get commissions when you award scholarships. But there are plenty of $$$$$$$$$$ when you build super duper building projects.
This what our corrupted and greedy politicians in Bolehland good at.