Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israeli's Attack on Ship is a Black Day for Humanitarian

International media reported that Israeli Naval commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara (left) killing at least 16 activists.

The Israeli government had vowed to prevent the convoy, a "Freedom Flotilla" of six ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid, from reaching Gaza's shores.

Twelve Malaysians, including two members of the media, are confirmed on board the Mavi Marmara, the lead vessel of a pro-Palestine flotilla that was attacked by Israeli forces today.

The attack must be condemned by the international community. If the attack on South Korean ship is risking economic sanction on North Korea by some of the most powerful nations, I hope they will react the same towards Isreal and its cowardice attack.

This is a black day when a humanitarian initiative is being attacked and suppressed.


najib manaukau said...

Hi Khoo,

You failed to mention that "Freedom Flotilla" was warned before the attack not to try to come on shore. Not that I am in favor of what the Israel
In spite of that they still try to go to Gaza, what else do you expect ? In my view that it is more than adequate and may be in future Malaysia will forward their aids under the UN escort. Best of all if they wish to it again make sure shenanigan Mahathir is there to escort the aids.
in view of the 'war' that is going on in Gaza especially Hamas is well known to be smuggling arms and rockets into GAZA for their attack against Israel.

Anonymous said...

Let's see some facts here:-


We can see people on the ship is totally blameless. Neither are the Israelis.

Don't just blame one party. gather some facts first and see if anyone is totally blameless.

Anonymous said...

It is shock and awe tactic of the neandethals, is acceptable method which the Malays should consider when under seige by the pendatangs

Anonymous said...

The reality is that no Arab country in the middle east is helping the Gazans and they are being made the 'thorn' to spite Israel.

Ask around. Arab countries do not grant citizenship to Palestinians from Gaza. If they can, problem solved.

Your guess is as good as mine why there is still war going on with Israel.

It is all politics and the palestinians are being made the collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli spokeman equate the activist as terrorist supporter, what do you think?

If you are seriously want to help why not you take up the offer of the Egyptian Govt to send aids thru' the Rafah crossing? Instead you choose to have a head-on with the Israeli Govt? You should know that Israel will not give in to any pressure or anyone!
Further you are entering a war zone, what do you expect?
The Free Gaza Movement i.e the mission organiser highly irresponsible and should take the full blame for what's happening!

Why blame Israel alone, why not Egypt, both countries closed their borders to Gaza!

I do not support Israel for their act but I believe this ubfortunate incidence can be avoided by the activist!

Anonymous said...

pls refer to Margeemar's info for the truth !!

Anonymous said...

From what I see in the youtube, the initial israeli army personnels to drop down from helicopters are unarmed and they were beaten up by 5 or 6 persons each with iron rods etc and one of them could be seen being thrown overboard. Then, only you did you see the army with guns shooting to protect themselves and their beaten up comrades.

The victims are the provocators and conspirators. The war can be settled by the people there, why should we be busybody and stupid enough to go there. Luckily, the people here were not injured or killed.

Peace can prevail there but some people want to provoke and some people are stupid to be used.

Anonymous said...

now, kj wants to lead all the sampans
to Gaza lah !?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the everyday guys can make more sense of the situations than all the politicians and do-gooders.

In my opinion, the organisers of the convoy is as much responsible; if not more; than the Israeli for the death and injuries that occurred.

They have been pre-warned that Israel will not allow the convoy to proceed as they planned, but yet they chose to go ahead.Isn't that challenging the state of Israel directly on what it can and will do to protect itself.

The participants of the convoy are dummies who have been used by the organisers to achieve their own selfish ends. And it looks like the deaths taught them nothing.

And they think they are heros for doing what they did. They know nothing of the Israeli people or the Israeli government.

Does Entebbe or the raid of the Iraqi nuclear plants teaches anyone of the Israeli mentality when it comes to the safety of the Israeli people and the State of Israel.

The activists are fools, and more so fools who have been used to achieve the political ends of the opponents of Israel.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Both sides are equally to be blame.
Entire world knows that this is just looking for trouble and yet some of them wanted to be heroes .
There are other ways to send food and medical supplies.

4942 Jalan Bangau said...

Dear Mr. Khoo,

I agreed with you on this - "This is a black day when a humanitarian initiative is being attacked and suppressed."

I hope the superpowers will treat the tragedy equally as any other terrorist act of terror.


Oxymoron said...

1) I guess it would have been okay if the Brits had gunned Gandhi down provided adequate warning was given.

2) Saddam tried to help the Palestinians. Look what happened to him.

3) Israel will give in to pressure as the US gets weaker and weaker.

4) If Gaza is a war zone, why is Hamas considered terrorist for shooting rockets at Israel? The US dropped 7 million tons of bombs on Vietnam in another "war zone".

5) Different people value their lives differently. Some people believe that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend - as Jesus said!

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if you did got the other side of the story. How about this..?


Anonymous said...

najib manakauu

lu bodoh ke apa? lu tak tau ka itu israel occupai itu palastin punye tanah?

aoiyooo lu fail sijalah test ka?

banyiak susah lu...

apa maciam yu duduk sana satu hali? ada belani ka?

banyiak bongok!

-apek rawang-

Anonymous said...

We have no feel for Palestine, because they are like the Malays here. Israel was originally minority but with power and money they take over the land. That is democracy. Hope one day same with Malaysia, then The Malays incl anwar and pas people will b like the Palestinse hahaha

DIASPORA said...

We are only told one side of the story. Why were only Turks killed on board the ship? What is Turkey trying to hatch up? There is something sinister in this whjole episode and our Malaysian NGOs are being taken for a desert safari. Malaysia could easily send aid through UN. Why did the NGOs and others in Malaysia did not bother when Rajapakse was blowing up the sdri Lankan citizens to smitherens in the North of that country. More importantly why is it that no Arab country wants to even touch or smell the Palestinians whilst our Malaysians are trying to be heroic. What they are getting involved is very dangerous high risk endeavours. It is lucky that the Israelis did not target them and kill a few Malaysians. Was everyone aware that whilst the Israelis were boarding the vessel that 3 Nuke Submarines of Israel were standing off the coast of Iran? What does that mean overall and why is Turkey hiding its tail between its hind legs now?