Thursday, July 01, 2010

Malay Dilemma & Mahathir

Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested today that future government leaders could open the immigration floodgates to dilute the number of Malays in the country. The fixation about being a majority race is a necessity for Malaysia's racial politics.

Mahathir should take note of brain drain too which has helped to maintain the proportion. It is a fact that Malaysia needs both: retaining brains and attracting talents from abroad. Nations and societies are opening up to good quality people.

Malaysia's inability to move up the economic value chain is directly contributed by our inability to train good people (weak education system) and losing brains. How can the government help to raise income per capita if most of our workers cannot command higher salary due to a lack of skills and expertise?

Dr Mahathir expressed concern that the majority of Malays were not prepared to compete and would end up as labourers and chauffeurs. He should partly shoulder the blame for not being able to help the Malays to build capacity and enhance their knowledge.

Mahathir was too preoccupied with creating a crony class of super rich Malays. These artificial businessmen were not taught how to compete and to hold on to their instant wealth and share equity. Most of them used their newly found riches on luxuries including celebrity wives and expensive cars.

It is an irony for Mahathir to continue thumping his chest now and claim that the Malays are not ready to compete. With the likes of Perkasa and Mahathir, the Malays will not learn how to compete and will continue to rely falsely on perpetual 'protection' from the government.

The question is how long can the government continue to protect the Malays?

Can the Malays depend on the government which has failed them for more than 40 years?


yum said...

Is it bad-hearted of me to think that the nation would be better off with Dr M succumbing to his bad heart?

Anonymous said...

"Can the Malays depend on the government which has failed them for more than 40 years?"

Yeah, why not?

Anonymous said...

If the racial balance changes, then Mahathir cannot justify his stealing of the rakyat's money in the name of 'Agama, Bangsa, Negara' mah!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is worried as he knows that his children will not be able to compete. They have achieved their position and wealth through the NEP's crony system.

telur dua said...

Where Germany had Hitler, Malaysia has Mahatir ably supported by the ice-lemon Tee. This is sick,man.

Anonymous said...

mamak's brain drained

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let there be no racial stereotyping
For every race is complex by itself
Let there be no wrongful religious instigating
For every human being is precious to God Himself

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020710
Fri. 2nd July 2010.

Anonymous said...

When Mahathir says that he is echoing his own tactic of flooding the country with immigrants both legal and illegal from Indonesia to fast track the growth and numerical superiority of the malays over other malaysians of different races. But like everything else besides a controlled lab experiment the old man cannot control the final results. The Indonesians themselves are very diverse.

Anonymous said...

TDM is the root cause of what the Malays are today.He knows it but as always,try to 'tai-chi' his way out!

najib manaukau said...

Why bother to open the immigration floodgates to attract the 'brains' to come to Malaysia or to bring the ex-Malaysian professionals back to serve in Malaysia ?
To begin with the 'brains' must have heard of the many pro Malay policies shenanigan Mahathir and Malaysia is famous and good for. Most of all who on earth all want to serve under a half cooked or have as a boss.
Open the immigration floodgates by all means but they would be for the unskilled muslim foreign workers and the Indonesians muslims from the fourth world to a third world. Consequently the muslim population would be even bigger than it is now. It is really to justify the pro muslim policies Malaysia have in place. Soon Malaysia will become another Parkistan or Iraq !
For some years now Malaysia has tried to beg the ex-Malaysian non Malay professionals to return to Malaysia with lots of incentives and met with little success or shall I say with no success at all. The process is still on going and has now even the P.M. himself doing it recently, but is not getting any different.

In the first place if Malaysia have the right policies in place the hundred of thousands or millions of non Malay professionals would not have left the country to begin with. And I might add taking away billions of dollars with them. What a bloody shamble !

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is a curse upon Malaysia, the curse will only come to an end when Mahathir is dead.

Hopefully it will be soon otherwise Malaysia will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

MM or umno to help some malays to get rich is OK, but please don't overdo it by overhelping the same group of well-connected malays with major contracts too many.What about those ordinary malays who dont have connections or differ in political belief? They remain as poor as a mouse.Those super rich malays should not be helped anymore but extend help to other malay small businessmen.Some of these super rich well-connected malay companies have a basketful of contracts given to them to pick and choose, isn't this sicknening?
A Chinese Bizman

Anonymous said...

If you separate those mamaks,indon malays,philipino's true there is not many original peninsula malays anymore.The original malays are actually very friendly and caring as I used to know them when I was a kid.Somehow some copycats have hijacked this identity and used it for self interest,tainting the race's good name forever.Such a pity.

Anonymous said...

Let the Malay be backward because of UMNO and BN policies. We don't lose anything.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a big waste of time making a lot of noise about attracting talent to come work/reside in Malaysia only to watch the targetted group disdainfully ignore the call?

If a country has a reputation for being well-administrated, giving fair treatment to all its people regardless of race/creed, and providing a level playing field for economic/career advancement to all its citizens, then there is really no necessity to trumpet an invitation for talented foreigners to come. Hordes of people, on their own volition, will come knocking on the door and beg to be allowed in.


Anonymous said...

There are thousands of Chinese eager to be Taxi drivers and tens of thousands more working as as construction laborers.

How is that a bad thing when the Chinese can't even get some of these jobs.

It is really sad that the government's education policies has reduced the majority of the Chinese population to fighting for blue collared jobs only.

Anonymous said...

they have been kicked out from the mainland by the north.

one word - 'hanjian'

guess where they have landed?


notice that the 'sailang' attitue in you? that is something that you can't part of other than greed right?

en. muniandy