Monday, July 12, 2010

Permanent Resident for Foreign Students?

The idea of granting permanent resident status to foreign students is good but something is lacking in the whole idea.

Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin said all quarters should view the proposal positively as many developed countries like the United States were practising it.

“Only students at PhD level will be accepted and they have to be researchers or lecturers with local universities.

“We are not giving it to foreign workers but foreign students with high knowledge. Other countries are also chasing after them,” he said.

Errr...Khaled is correct to point out that many countries are practising it. In fact, most developed countries are no longer focusing solely on attracting FDI but brains.

But why only PhD students in local universities? Does it mean that the government is going to reject an application from a PhD holder from Harvard University or Princeton University or Oxford University?

If the government is serious enough in attracting brains especially those who can contribute towards Malaysia's aspiration to become a knowledge economy by 2020 why can't PR status be given to gifted, skilled and innovative foreign talents/workers?

It is odd to just give PR status to PhD holders studying in local universities. We know how good our universities are.

Malaysia should strive to attract the best if it is serious in its new PR proposal.

The government should also think how it intends to keep/cut brain drain and attract our local brains to come back from overseas.

One of the things the government must do is stop practising its race affirmative policy.


Anonymous said...

What about foreign spouses of Malaysian Citizens?

We are in the country for decades on “Long Term Social Visit Pass” our visas state “Any form of employment is strictly prohibited, spouse of a Malaysian Citizen” We are not here for social purposes, but here in the capacity of “Principal Care Givers and Providers for our Malaysian Families”

Spouses of Malaysian citizens face a whole range of challenges with regard to our application and renewals of the “social visit pass” and application for permenant residency, leave alone citizenship.

Apart from the frequent renewal of visas for non-citizen spouses for decades, we need to have our Malaysian spouses physically present even for renewals. This puts pressure on our families, especially if the sponsoring Malaysian spouse is ill or is away on business.

Women spouses are required to furnish immigration a letter from our spouses granting us permission to work!!!

Then again, a spouse who is estranged from the Malaysia or whose spouse has passed on, cannot get an endorsement to work for want of this letter!!! What then becomes of their Malaysian children who are dependent on them?? Who will provide for them?

Currently spouses pay double charges for healthcare in Government Hospitals, unemployed spouses cannot open individual bank accounts. We pay tourist rates at tourist attractions, though we are residents in Malaysia. What more if we wish to study further, we pay international student rates!! All this despite being a part of the Malaysian family.

Can we be forgotten so easily?

Anonymous said...

All developed countries also offer PR for deserving foreigners.What is the diff??

Anonymous said...

It is a good step being taken by the Malaysian government but it appears that it still at discussions level as i couldnt find any real details of the procedures to be adapted for applying PR under this category ..

Bradly Jones said...

Well i believe that PR should be granted to foreign students that have the skills to improve the working force, otherwise what will be the use, many students might prefer the country they study in to there own, but if they cannot be useful then sadly they wont even get a visa.

mitra said...

hi. i am an iranian phd student in UKM. i want to apply for PR malaysia.
i do not know how to apply for this. who can help me in this case?