Monday, August 02, 2010

Ahmad Maslan is a Symptom of Mediocrity

Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan told Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua not to "play with fire" by proposing the scrapping of discounts for Bumiputera for the purchase of commercial and luxury properties in Selangor.

He said the current percentage of shophouses and business premises owned by bumiputeras in the urban areas was very low, at only 14 per cent, and that the scrapping of the discounts would only make things worse.

"So, I'm asking YB Tony Pua not to play with fire," he said, "Don't even light a match."

Ahmad said the DAP leader had clearly made the suggestion with total disregard of the sensitivity of the Malays and bumiputeras in the country who made about two third of the country's population.

He told reporters here that he also believed that the statement was a part of DAP's long lists of attempts to question the Malay and bumiputera privileges in the country.

The fact is Ahmad is only speaking from his deep conscious. Never mind if the Umno information chief sounded so unpolished and brash. Although, his mannerism will not endear him to many Malaysians he is still entitled to his views and opinions.

The only problem is Ahmad has portrayed the Malays as angry people who will go berserk and run amok if their rights are being challenged. Hence, Ahmad had reminded Tony Pua not to play with fire.

Hurling threats and abuses may get Ahmad somewhere within the hierarchy of his party but it does not exclude him from having to justify if giving purchase discounts for luxury properties meets the objective of NEP?

Indirectly, Ahmad's hostile reaction is a fine example of the failure of NEP. The policy was supposed to help and assist the poor, create more middle-class families and to build capacity of Bumiputeras (not just the Malays). We agree and accept a policy which helps the poor regardless of race including the original intent of the NEP.

If the policy was implemented properly, Ahmad Maslan, Ibrahim Ali and Muhyiddin Yasin should be excluded from the NEP category. All three are making quite a decent income as MP, company director or cabinet member.

Here is where our disagreement of NEP lies. Umno wants the policy to continue benefiting the rich and well-connected. We want the policy to benefit only the poor and underprivileged.

This is the reality - the ruling elites and well connected upper echelon would not want to replace the NEP. They want to use it to their advantage to continue to enjoy special privileges, deny the needy ones from getting them and to create unfair competitive advantage (e.g. Bumiputera privileges for public contracts and access to certain industries) for themselves and their cronies.

The scary part is everybody in the country is acting like a savage. Everybody is only going after its resources without having a sense of responsibility and commitment to build a better society for our next generations.

Once these resources are depleted, this country may be abandoned and others who are not so fortunate may fight over crumbs or may even kill for things we used to waste when there are still plenty to go around.

Does Ahmad or his party love Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of twister politicians in Malaysia who love to twist facts to gain some political mileage.What Tony or rest of DAP should do next time is to allow a malay leader to speak out anything about bumi things,bcos everything from DAP will be "chinesed",nevermind how good or bad the suggestion.Otherwise,DAP should not bother to speak up,just let it be.I'm really tired of being accused of always wanting to take away the malays' rights whilst I work my butts out till 11-30pm everyday (2 jobs) just to put some food on the table.Tell me,how many of us are so free to gather and plan how to take away malays rights-so PLEASE don't accuse the non-malays all the time wanting to do such nonsense.Every sen counts in our income bcos we got zero help from govmen.Be specific,point your figure to that politician, dont accuse non-malays wholesale and start unnecessary quarrels.

Anonymous said...

These days politicians open their mouth just to score points.They do not know or pretend not to know the total picture of the suggestion.Forget about this bugger and just remind him if the development is not by government what right has he to make so much noise!Dont expect other people to subsidise all the time.Stop all these nonsense of tongkat Ali!If you dont have money dont buy (private properties).Malu lah beb!

telur dua said...

Does Ahmad or his party love Malaysia?

Ahem! it is not that Ahmad and his party love the country less. It is just that they love money more. Better still if it is other peoples' money.

What can be more disgusting than these idiots?

Ingatkan Orang Susah said...

Ahmad Mazlan,are you trying to start the 'fire of hatred'?Please read carefully what Tony Pua said.Are you not ashamed that those Malays who are rich like you,still need this 'tongkat'?Shame on you boneless people!The constituitions mentioned about the special rights of the malay in as far the ruling of the states and the country are concerned,i.e the sultanate and the Menteri Besar,the Agongship,the malay reserved land and to upbringing the poor.So,Ahmad Mazlan,rich malay like you are really the parasites who live on other's blood and sweat for your own benefits.After so long,more than 30 years,you still can't berdirikari,malu betul!

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem with Bolehland till today, when you have racialistic, greedy and no brain bum like this info "cheap" ooppps.. chief, how can the country progress and move forward. They spend all their time worrying that their rights are infringed while do not care a damn of the rights of other races. All they want is money, money, money and more money......
They expect everything to drop from heaven for them without lifting a finger of effort.The whole world owe them a living.
This is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Ya orang kaya Datuk pergilah tengok sendiri di bas stesen dan LRT macam mana ramai pekerja gaji rendah berebut-rebut setiap hari siang ke malam mencari reseki sedangkan kamu berkereta besar,pakai kot,makan dihotel,berborak-borak dan berkhayalan.Kalau ada masa tolonglah turun padang sehari dalam setahun pergi tengok betapa susah hidup keluarga miskin diBalakong (cina),Sentul(india),Ulu Langat(melayu).Boleh bantu mereka tak?

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Ahmad Maslan should read the press statement of Mr Mohd Guntor Sadali, the chief editor of Singapore's Berita Harian and Berita Minggu, which appeared in the July 29, 2010 issue of the Singapore's Straits Times.

Mr Mohd Guntor rebutted Dr M's contention, made in Terengganu, that cautioned that Malaysian Malays would go the way of Singapore's Malays!!?? Mr Mohd Guntor stated that Singapore Malays are dignified and embraced meritocracy in religion (they raised their own funds for mosques and other religious activities), education (they compete on level grounds with other Singaporeans), etc, i.e. they are not on 'crutches mentality' unlike their Malaysian counterparts!! No doubt, they share the same 'cultural and historical' background as the Malaysian brethens, but the similarity ends there!

So, Mr Ahmad Maslan, aren't you ashamed to still want to rely on 7%
discount on luxurious homes? How would this 7% discount to rich and connected bumiputras help the ordinary bumiputras?

Anonymous said... much as DAP leaders mean well, they do need some PR training...considering the state of our country, comments on NEP or Bumi status should be delegated to Malay colleagues...they still have not mastered the gameplan yet