Sunday, August 01, 2010

Did DAP Overeact on Tee Boon Hock?

Tee Boon Hock was accused of abusing the state exco, Ronnie Liu, letterhead to approve projects worth more than RM1 million to some 20 companies. One of the companies enlisted Tee's son as a partner.

Tee was expelled by DAP to quell criticism against the party's appointed official. DAP has been trying to build its credential as a crusader of corruption. Penang CM Lim Guan Eng has been leading the call against corruption in Penang through his CAT initiative. He was recently embroiled with a federal officer over some financial issues and has been critical of BN federal government over several financial scandals.

Hence, DAP's reaction on the Tee Boon Hock case is predictable. However, some party members accused some state leaders in the party of conspiring against Tee due to the forthcoming state party elections.

Klang DAP liaison secretary Lee Fu Haw said it was a harsh treatment meted against a DAP activist who had made many contributions to the party since he joined almost three decades ago.

Tee also reiterated his stance that he had not known a contractor had taken his son, Tee Chin Chin, as a partner in the company when he signed a letter of support for in 2008.

Lee's allegation is so predictable too. The most important issue here is public accountability. Tee or DAP internal politicking is none of our business. But how councillors conduct themselves is our business especially when some of them such as Tee were given an authority to approve contracts.

What did Tee do when he found out that his son was a partner in the company? Did he act on it swiftly to ensure that the contract was retracted?

DAP may have overreacted due to its own political interest. A suspension would have been sufficient since investigation is still ongoing but Tee's justification is totally unacceptable too.

This is a good lesson for all appointed and elected political representatives. All of them must be accountable for their own action especially those holding public office. Tee's record for decades of public service has been tarnished by a single act of unprofessionalism. He should have studied the background of all contractors bidding for projects. Most importantly, he should communicate with his son more.

His ex-boss, state exco Ronnie Liu, must ensure that only he is allowed to do such an important task - supporting or recommending contractors for state projects. Better still, the state government should establish an independent and transparent procurement system to evaluate all bidders.

Generally, DAP did the right thing.


Anonymous said...

I got a question to ask-does it mean that all those related to councillor cannot do business with local council? I think we should do away with this support letter kind of thing.The tender(or quotation for works of less than certain amount)should be open type with all those eligible must first be registered(so as to check their financial and business background).Then during the committee meeting to decide the tender,if the tenderer director(or owner)is related to any of the committee member,it should be disclosed and the member concerned should abstain from voting.This way then there will be transparency and no accusation of cronism.

nick said...

"Generally, DAP did the right thing". Hence there's no over reaction on this matter! As far as I'm and the rakyat are concerned, DAP is showing us how it should be done, when it should be done! After all politic is perception and DAP is a political party. Thumbs up for DAP!


Anonymous said... do the crime ,you pay the time..I will vote for DAP for this reason alone...pending trial wasting fire no smoke...lesson to others who think it is a privilege to abuse power when in high DAP

Anonymous said...

Politicians, councilors, etc, have to do the right thing and BE SEEN to do the right thing... so no over-reacting as far as I am concerned.

Furthermore, regarding...

"What did Tee do when he found out that his son was a partner in the company? Did he act on it swiftly to ensure that the contract was retracted?"

... how do we know whether they did or did not actually raised it during their meeting? Perhaps they didn't but perhaps they actually did and found his response unacceptable?

Since none of us actually know, I can only commend DAP for their swift action.


Anonymous said...

Kanneeneh! Just look at your face, you are no different to the Dap crooks!

Anonymous said...

DAP did the right thing.

Tee, has a responsibility to know which son of his is doing what.

And don't try telling me that the son got approached by the contractor, and the son also didn't bother to tell Tee about it?

Being an "activist" is not enough. Being loyal is not enough. We are all fighting against the corrupted Umno. You have to be SMART as well, ok? And this Tee has clearly showed he is a dungu who can drag DAP's name down. Period.

Anonymous said...

To be moral, must be exemplary .
Maybe Tee is not that guilty ( compare to others ) but he represent a party who pledged to fight corruption . then ...
A more clean era is on the way.We have no choice .
But as the corruption is part of most business here,this compulsory step cannot be done without hurts ...

Anonymous said...

you just cannot said that you don't know. That is not an excuse...

Anonymous said...

No whatsoever excuse for Tee, in China, he would be executed in the public for this folly. I support DAP for the swift act.

Anonymous said...

Guess all those who have breached parties' enthic need to be dealt with seriously. Mete out serious punishments so that others will not dare to repeat such offences. BTW has DAP addressed the situation in Perak of the two cousins??? High time to take a look at these two before you lose Perak's support..

Anonymous said...

DAP did it right to expel Tee. Whether guilty or not is still controversial. Snap poll is round the corner and this fella cannot be used by these UMNO/BN to lambast DAP. DAP is firm and on the right track.

Tee is a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Its not political scapegoat or whatever.It is principles and ethics that matters!Negligence is no excuse here whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I read that Tee's son was only 18 when he became partner. He is now 21. I wonder, what could an 18 year old do to merit being offered partnership in a company? Is it to obtain his father's support?

At 18 is he already a big businessman? So many companies that his father doesn't even know that he's partner in this particular company?

Stinks to high heaven, I think.

Anonymous said...

Just a a few questions:

1. Is it irregular for MPs to write support letters fro contractors?

2. If so Liu must have been aware of it after they were issued. How come he didn't say anything till now?

3. Why does it take Satr to expose all this?

4. If Star paper didn't expose this issue would it have been covered up by DAP?

Anonymous said...

If the fact that Tee's son is indeed a beneficiary of any contract/s that his old man has given a letter of support; and that fact is established by DAP; then DAP is right to sack Tee.

If any opposition party members still think that they are there to procure benefits for themselves, their families or buddies; then they have clearly failed to understand why they were given the votes or positions.

While it is also clearly unfair to say that relations should be banned from doing legitimate business, there are well known and established ways to do so.

Tee got his just desserts for failing to do so, what more with having about 3 decades of political experience in such matters.

DAP is where it is today because what Tee is alleged to have done is exactly why they did not vote for the UMNO/BN regime in the 1st place. myfish

CYC said...

I don't think DAP has done a good job in regards to this matter. How on earth could you justify the fact that Ronnie Liu is totally unawared of the falsification of document or simply signing without his knowledge? If this is true, RL must be a very incompetent exco or unreliable leader.

Ronnie Liu is a trouble maker and always boost about his ability but in reality he is a just a ball carrier of LKS and son. That is primary and only reason why is accorded such power in DAP Selangor. He contested twice in PJ Utara and failed miserably. Why ? He simply could not connect with the electorates which look at thing objectively and reason it out without rhetoric. DAP Selangor is such a mess simply due to the selfishness of LKS and son. They forced Ong Chee Kin out as chief and put in a school boy Ean Yong Han Wah as a replacement. In between, they also forced out Manoharan who was democratically elected and demand a fresh reelection to ensure their men were elected in. Could LKS and LGE refute this ? Or they simply want flush out people with ability and a threat to their position ?

For those out there, open your eyes before simply support a person without first examine the matter in question.