Sunday, August 01, 2010

MACC Abu Kassim Mohamed Must Walk His Talk

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed intends to push the Najib administration members to declare their assets publicly.

The Cabinet members now declare their assets to Prime Minister Datuk Seri
Najib Razak annually but it is not made public.

He was responding to a suggestion from former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan that the assets of politicians - particularly those in the Cabinet - and the judiciary be made publicly available for the sake of transparency.

"I agree with you... Everybody - for example, the minister or the judiciary - has to declare," he told Ambiga.

Some already doubted his ability or persuasive power to get the PM and his cabinet members to give their nod.

Abu Kassim's promise is crucial and should be supported by all. It will test if the MACC is a truly independent body and not answerable to the politicians. It will be near impossible for the anti-graft body to function efficiently and without fear or favour if it cannot even compel the politicians especially those serving in high public office to declare their assets publicly.

MACC must ensure that the process and procedure is correct and credible too.

Abu Kassim should be held accountable to what he had promised - to get the cabinet ministers and judiciary to declare their assets publicly. Otherwise, he should walk his talk - be willing "to go down". He is answerable to the people and not any politicians.

This is a first positive statement from the MACC chief.


telur dua said...

Be careful, Abu Kassim. You could suddenly find yourself in enforced retirement.

You know very well UMNO butters your bread. Isn't there a saying about biting the hand that feeds...?

Anonymous said...

Don't put too much hope and faith with MACC.
OK. Let's assume all the ministers declare their assets and some have them have millions or billions.
The question is DARE the MACC ask them to declare how they amassed so much wealth?
Mere declaration means nothing.

Anonymous said...

If MACC Abu can rise up to the occasion to start the ball rolling in saving the nation of whatever little left, he will be supported by the rakyat as the next IGP when PR takes over.Our country really needs a lot of heroes to stand up again, too many playboy politicians are sabotaging the country from moving forward so to enrich themselves.Khoo,do use your time,space and influence to start a revolution of heroes who dare to stand up and be counted,to counter all these playboys driving sleek cars,wearing dark sporty sunglasses everywhere, who disguished themselves as defenders of religion,race,nation whatnot.WE MUST NOT FAIL OUR CHILDREN BY RUNNING AWAY OVERSEAS OR KEEPING SUPER SILENT.Let's not be rediculed later by our children that we did nothing,we were a bunch of cowards who are only good in blogging.

najib manaukau said...

Hi Khoo,

If you care to read carefully what he says is including members of the cabinet but not the P.M..That is why he asked P.I. Bala to stay away while he was still a Deputy P.M. and only returns after he has become the P.M.. That is to say now that he is the P.M. nobody including the MACC chief must take his instructions who to prosecute.
What a bloody shamble Malaysia is !

Rakyat said...

I think the MACC should be made answerable to the Parliament.In this way,it will be truly independent and not be just appointed by the PM.In this way,the MACC can investigate anybody(including the PM).They will then be acting without fear and favour!

Anonymous said...

If his boss can flip-flop, so can he this Abu Kassim fler. So don't get yr hope too high for now and feel dissapointed later.

Anonymous said...

I will bet my last dollar that he will fail although ironically I want him to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Abu Kassim is a paper tiger.

UMNO Ministers will squeeze his ba**s if he tries to get to look at their assets.
Come on, the amounts are too huge for him to see. He might faint.

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