Sunday, August 08, 2010

MCA President Chua Suffers From Inconsistency & Delusion

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek criticized both Umno and PAS for using religion to strengthen their influence over the Malays and to garner support from the community.

When the two dominant Malay-Muslim dominant parties compete, Chua said, the consequence would be the implementation of non-progressive policies, resulting in the country being 'trapped' in the middle-income category for more than 10 years.

He noted that Umno has become more conservative to compete with PAS in getting Malay support.

For the first part, Chua is not wrong in his observation that Umno is trying to become more Islamic than PAS albeit superficially. Ironically, he was flayed by DAP leaders who had said the same prior to the 2008 general election.

Political contestation between Umno and PAS has now taken a larger form. The fight is no longer confined to the two political parties but included parties in both coalitions. It is obvious that DAP needs to defend PAS in order to retain both Malay and non-Malay support for the coalition. It is a fact that PAS has never backed down from their intent to establish an Islamic nation.

Both parties are still hoping to convince the other on the merits of constitutional secularism or Islamic nation. PAS Youth still protest at every concert featuring Western artistes especially female. Yet, many of us are wondering why many international artistes prefer to go to Singapore or Thailand and not here.

MCA president Chua, despite his stinging criticism of PAS and muslim-majority countries, was quick to point out that Malaysia is 'lucky' and different under the leadership of Umno-BN. How lucky or different are we compared to the others? Corruption, cronism, nepotism, racism and abuse of power are rampant in Malaysia. His party just did a flip-flop on the 'Allah' ban issue.

Chua is a very lucky man. He was successful in a party leadership coup despite being caught in an affair recorded on video and shown to the world. In a true Islamic state, he would have been stoned to death as a punishment for infidelity. Perhaps this is his reason for stating that Malaysia is different. Not Malaysia, only those in BN are different.

The problem with Chua is a lack of consistency. He would have been applauded if he had chosen to stick to his position on politicizing religion. He should have put it in clearest terms that his party will not have anything to do with both Umno or PAS should the practice persists.

Referring to Syed Akbar Ali's book 'Malaysia and the Club of Doom', Chua points out the weaknesses of muslim-majority countries e.g. less democracy because of the emphasis on religion; they have elections but also have councils of Muslim elders enjoying absolute power; practise of absolute monarchy; and formulating policies not on par with global development.

Malaysia under the BN regime is faring no better. The quality of education is taking a dip and most non-Malay parents are shunning the national schools which have been pursuing policies which are detrimental to multiracialism. The ban of non-Muslim extra curricular activities e.g. Christian and Buddhist clubs is a prime example of overzealous Islamisation.

Yet, political parties and individuals cannot speak up on the issue due to threats by Umno politicians. MCA was made to retract its own statement on the 'Allah' ban issue. The subjugation of civil courts is another contentious issue which the party has failed to provide any leadership in the BN.

Malaysia, as a muslim-majority country, could have been a beacon of light and a great model for other muslim-majority countries to follow. We could have shown to the muslim world that it is possible to flourish and develop through brain power and by adopting real democracy and not just oil money.

Chua should admit and recognise that Malaysia has failed as a knowledge economy. We are more dependent on oil revenue compared to 2-3 decades ago. More than 1 million brains had left the country and more will follow soon if Malaysia remained the same way.

Undeniably, MCA is already in its twilight zone. The space for minority race based political parties is limited and narrowing. Most Chinese voters have moved beyond the 'new village' politics of the 60's and 70's.

Chua's statement against muslim-majority countries is bold but not wise. MCA may end up angering the Umno support base which is its lifeline in the next general election. It is hard to imagine MCA winning more than 30% support from the Chinese community. MCA has not caught up and it was left behind by the community.


Anonymous said...

It's not about it's a matter of time they will close shop , in fact already closed.

They are just like those last batch of drunk-customers drinking and blowing OUTSIDE coffee shop with their last order while the owner pull down the door grille and call it a day and cud not care less if they drink until the cows go home or did another blow job....

Anonymous said...

MCA having CSL as president have actually signed its own death certificate.He has no respect in BN! And he has this inferiority complex of his video act.That is one reason why he choose not to be a minister.He knows he cannot get domestic and global recognition.He can only give lectures and talks to his own supporters only.
Thats why he is immediately being shot down!
MCA is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thank God my children with foreign degrees and one of them with a Masters are out of the country.
I have told to consider returning ONLY if BN is dethroned in the next general elections.
If there is no race and religious rhetoric from Pakatan when it takes over, then they will consider returning.
But then the government may not have jobs for them!!!
Now this country is descending to a pariah state under BN.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why MCA dont pull out of BN is probably due to those ministers and whatnot who will strongly oppose such move which will mean no more jobs for themselves.Just bcos of a few high salaried jobs all Chinese balls are held by Umno who will not hesitate to ask MCA shut up.If MCA truly wants to defend Chinese issues, dont you think its better off being an NGO who can say whatever THAT"S RIGHT without someone grabbing your balls.MCA should pull out BN,become independent or NGO and dare to say what's wrong.Those would-be cry babies ministers can expect the chinese community to fork out collectively a million $ for each of them when their job is lost.Lets stop being a bogeyman and allow the next generation have some pride back,not another born loser generation.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the only reason that MCA is still part of BN is that there is still some need for certain fat cats within d party to supply cash come the next GE & since there are still some MCA ministers around to "donate" contracts to their cronies 2 lined their pockets respectively. I was told that almost all of those in MCA have "passports" to parachute themselves outta the country if everthing goes south. That would be a very interesting theory to see to fruitation once they lose big time come the next GE.

Anonymous said...

" Corruption, cronism, nepotism, racism and abuse of power are rampant in Malaysia"

Corruption: Selangor sand mining fiasco .

Cronism: Support letter from Tee to 16 companies in Selangor for project worth nearly RM 1 Million??

Nepotims: DAP is under the thumb of father-son team of Lim Guan Eng/Lim Kit Siang, Karpal-Gobind, Ngeh-Nga.

Racism: Tony Pua suggestion on removing discounts for bumiputera??

Abuse of Power: All of the above.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

"Chua is a very lucky man. He was successful in a party leadership coup despite being caught in an affair recorded on video and shown to the world. In a true Islamic state, he would have been stoned to death as a punishment for infidelity."

I beg to differ Sir, true Islamic state will NOT stoned Non Muslim to death. It will only apply to Muslims. Further more, if Ah Lek is a Muslim, he will still be spared from stoning because video evidence is not acceptable in Islamic courts. He will have to caught red handed and the act of "insertion" have to be witnessed by 4 pious Muslims (no compromise on this). Hudud Laws is perceived as cruel but actually is not. It's not easy to get a conviction in reality.

Anonymous said...

aiyah taikor!

they have a pornstar wannabe as president, this party where can trust some more?

no wonder this fler don't want a minister post... cos this fler got no face to see all those foreign big guns la!

mca, better 'tah pau' la! they are making all the chinese very 'pai-seh'

Anonymous said...

One more time, MCA SINCE 0308 is dead and gone. What comments do one expects, if you have a porn star as a president la!!!
It can be real interesting if there is a fight between a pornstar and that racialistic dickhead from Perkasa. Guarantee interesting.

fatcat said...

witnessed by 4 pious Muslims?? probably he have witnessed by millions

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek tak boleh pakai lagi. Why sent an overused used and soiled man as spokesman for MCA? No body listen him.

Anonymous said...

CSL praticed nepotism by putting his son up as a deputy minister. Najib said his son's appointment was based on his ability. But, I think if his son (CTY) had been working his way up corpoate ladder he couldnt even had achieved at manager level. His position in GLC as financial contoller was due to CSL's position then. Dear MCA members, dont you all realise this?Dont be fooled all the time ! You all need to polish his shoes to be recongised for positions or benefit. Do you all get it?