Monday, August 30, 2010

PM's Zero Tolerance Applies Equally to Ibrahim Ali, Utusan Malaysia & Namewee?

Wee Meng Chee, a rapper, is being investigated for sedition, police said Monday, after posting a YouTube video which drew allegations he was stirring up ethnic tensions in the multicultural nation.

Wee is in fresh trouble for posting a three-minute rap titled "Nah" criticising a Muslim Malay headmistress accused of making racial slurs against her ethnic Chinese and Indian students.

PM Najib has to get his fact right; who is inciting racial hatred? The one who criticizes the perpetrator or the perpetrator herself?

I may not agree with the way Wee presented his criticism against racism. His vulgarity is not entirely acceptable to all Malaysians. But Wee should be treated fairly in the PM's new pledge on zero tolerance against racism.

Is the PM prepared to set up a committee to investigate Wee's latest video or leaving the matter entirely to the police? Why is Siti Inshah given a different treatment? Is is because she is a Malay teacher and a government servant? Does this treatment points to another form of discrimination.

PM Najib must state his stand clearly and this stand must be spelled out in his administration's action against all who made racist statements.

Ibrahim Ali and Utusan Malaysia have tried to confuse and incite religious hatred by manipulating the issue of a DAP member of parliament who visited a mosque in her constituency in her call of duty. Aren't both Ibrahim and Utusan guilty of being mischievous when a few leading religious leaders had said that non-Muslims should not be barred from visiting mosques especially those invited by Muslim leaders and with a good intention?

Is Najib prepared to take action against both Ibrahim and Utusan Malaysia?

PM Najib wants to be known and supported for his liberal and reform credentials but his tendency to flip-flop is going to confuse his would-be-supporters. Clearly, it is not the minorities who are testing the patience of the majority. It is people like Ibrahim Ali, several Umno leaders and Utusan Malaysia who are testing the patience of the minorities. I would urge them to take their grouses to the ballot boxes.

We need to show the ruling regime that we are the real masters. We can put up or tear down a government with our votes.

Make this choice loud and clear if this regime still cannot fathom the virtue of fair and reasonable governance.


hasilox said...

In the face of state sponsored racism and idiocy, what is vulgarity? Some people need therapeutic outlets, and violence is not an answer. So vulgarity it be.

Najib to get his fact right? Going by his action and inaction, he's also a big part of the problem.

It's still a race for umno or malaysia into ICU first. Pray hard that it'll be umno.

telur dua said...

That is the whole problem with this UMNO led Govt. They are a @#$% bunch of liars and are insincere. Yet they shamelessly pontificate.

What a @#$% strange breed.

CITIZEN said...

Yes,I hope Najib will give the same treatment to this 'katak'Ibrahim Ali and Utusan Malaysia just as they will take action against Wong Meng Chee.Then only we will see fairness and if not our frustration will manifest in the voting result of GE13.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, I fully agree with what you wrote. Let's look excitedly toward the next GE.

Anonymous said...

You just have to live with it.Who are the ones who elect BN???

Anonymous said...

"Lagi satu projek Barisan Nasiaonal"
"Lagi satu klon Pak Lah"
Sometimes talk like PM of malaysians,most of the time act like president of DUMBNO.
Time for Najib to stand up to Dr.M and his machai Ibrahim Ali and tell them to zip their gaps !.Najib is spineless ,dare not scold the old man clinging on his back or take tough actions on people of his skin colour.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Is it any wonder that the people's perception is that the UMNO-led govt practises double standards on the culprits of rascism? Are those culprits, who seem to be on the side and favour of the UMNO-led govt, given much more latitude when uttering seditious, especially on race and religion?

I'm against rascism and racist, irrespective of which side of the political divide they're on, but I'm sick and revolted by selective persecution of the govt and its federal agencies!!! "Zero tolerance" is yet another sloganeering and remains a mere rhetorics, except maybe in selective persecution?!

Anonymous said...

Dear KKP.

Your post of Aug 28th gave a gleam of hope that Najib will make the right move against racists. And this post demolish a hope that cannot even last 3 days.

This, and the never ending optimism that the UMNO led government will, somehow, someday not just say the right things but also do the right things is so agonisingly frustrating.

We should all quit giving patronising hopes and dreams that this government will ever do the right things, but move on to what we must do as responsible citizens.And ie Move out this UMNO led government at the next available opportunity. Move on!


Anonymous said...

well said and straight to the point. well done.

Anonymous said...

Najib's zero tolerance should also be applied to his cousin, who commented that Teo was unclean when she visited a surau.

Words without action is the hallmark of a nation in dire need of transformation.

Anonymous said...

Say what they want. WE STILL DO NOT TRUST THEM.

Anonymous said...

This is just bewildering!!! How can a Home Minister call Teo 'dirty'??? Mana ada standard?

Anonymous said...

To our PM YAB Najib,

Say what you think and do what you say.
Don't just say but no action.

Show us that you are what you are.

1. Are you = @#$% a liar
2. Are you = Good PM

We are waiting for your action....

Kajang Chinese Boy.

K L said...

From these few incidents, it is very clear that Ibrahim Ali's definition of 1Malaysia is correct while Najib's 1Malysia has led to confusion !

Anonymous said...

Isn't it OBVIOUS...who is a SECOND-CLASS citizen or rather resident?

Anonymous said...

CHANGE we MUST in the next GE!

Anonymous said...

you are silent on the surau attack commited by chinese youths.but i am not surprise by this chinese trait behaviour when it comes to your own race.
when people tell that the chinese companies discriminate against other races ,you denied ,nevermind the amount facts available to back this.apparently in the minds of chinese ,only the malays and indians are racist .their are lot of chinese teachers in malaysia who are racist to the core,a fact.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the few who supports Wee diatribe and vulgarity.

When we see blatant racism coming from the Malays, what better way than to use vulgarity to put across your point.

If Wee had used mild words, he wouldn't have evoked the response that we see today from UMNO.
Between racism and vulgarity, I would say racism is a greater Evil.It destroys society. Vulgarity doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Najib just have no ba*ls, that says it all.

Anonymous said...

How about that garbage racialistic reporting media Utusan Malaysia and Nasir Safar and the many National Service camp trainers who were let off for uttering racist remarks? This Namewee’s video is the result of double standard by the government in clamping down on these racists and extremists. Forget about that “chicken Rais” bum minister. His is as senile like that mamak kutty.
Not to forget that Mooooooooy.....din.... too, if you know what i meant.

Till today, how many people were punished? How many people in Utusan Malaysia were called up and their publication licence threatened? None.
Also that equally pea brain racialistic Ib Ali from Perkasa, what action has been taken against him????? None. These are facts that made our PDRM even the so called judiciary are tools and running dogs of UMNO.
Lastly, dont forget this opportunistic bum KJ who cunningly trying to instigate the non-Malays by playing to be moderate. Call them whatever name you Umno Malays want but don’t you realise the ultimate end to all these will be the destruction of the nation? You will have extremists from both sides trying to outdo the others and the end result will be civil war between the Umno Malays and the others which Utusan Malaysia predicts.

The non-Malays only want equal rights to live in Malaysia as they are also born and bred in Malaysia. This is the only home they have but if push comes to shove, they will fight back, be it peacefully or violently. Do you think the Umnoputras will give a damn if a civil war breaks out? The first thing they will do is to send their immediate families safely overseas.

Arrest all those who gives seditious speeches, be it the ex-PM’s aide, politicians, civil servants or the ordinary people. If the Najib Razak government do not act now to stop these racists, I dread to see the country’s outcome in the near future. Allah, please bless Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

I will not condone racism. That Namewee tends to be one and his use of expletives makes me distance myself from him. But I must ask the authorities to look at what created Namewee. It is the behaviour of people like our deputy prime minister, that racialistic dickhead Ib Ali just to mention a few, that created the likes of Namewee.

Our DPM and our so called 1Malaysia Peee..M have done nothing about the two alleged racist teachers though they have echoed the statement that there will be zero tolerance for racism. Yet nothing has been done about the two teachers. How to have 1Malaysia if the very 2 top people in the country behaved like that. 1Malaysia is just all talk.
However, in the case of this young boy, action is swift. It goes to show that our Peee..M, his deputy and our police force are all racists.
Coming to my point, has the 2 so called schoolmistress been questioned like Namewee???????. I suppose the answer is a BIG ‘NO’! This is the usual practice of the Umno government and their PDRM cronies. Not worth mentioning about the MCA/MIC/PPP/GERAKAN etc.... They can do nothing but just wagging their tails to their UMNO masters.

Anonymous said...

Don't they understand that we cannot be fooled any more? If you apply the law using double standards, you only make yourself look like fools. We all know that Namewee is no more a racist than the likes Utusan, Ibrahim Ali, the school principle who made recent headline or even the DPM.

Anonymous said...

I dont see how this can be implemented- namewee blame school teacher, school teacher blame blogger, blogger blame utusan, utusan blame siang pau etc etc.

Anonymous said...

sick country really!