Monday, August 02, 2010

Police Action Against Anti-ISA Vigils Tears Apart PM Najib's Reform Credentials

Riot police broke up several candle-light vigils across the country tonight, detaining 30 people here, four in Penang and one in Ipoh.

The crowds had gathered to protest the Internal Security Act (ISA) which turned 50 today. The security law allows for detention without trial and has been wielded against more than 10,000 people since it went to effect on August 1, 1960.

The least the government could do is to allow for peaceful demonstrations and vigils against the draconian which the ruling regime had the privilege to abuse and misuse for nearly 5 decades.

Peaceful demonstrations and assemblies are a common feature in a healthy democracy. In a democracy, it is difficult to get the support of all citizens. Some may like the legislation (e.g. the 10 pro-ISA thugs in Penang) and others may disagree with its continuation.

The most important thing is to allow for freedom of expression to flourish. PM Najib should prove that he is sincere with his various reform pledges. Unfortunately, he had lost the golden opportunity to show that his administration is able to handle peaceful protests and engage with the protesters respectfully. His government is not an absolute monarchy and it is answerable to the people.

The police would have acted in such an uncivilised and brutish manner if they are not supported by the higher level which points to the Home Ministry and Hishamuddin Hussein and IGP Musa Hassan and the buck stops at the PM office. It is a big PR blunder. It makes me wonder what is APCO getting paid for?

The police may have successfully broke up the vigils but the regime is suffering another blow to their credentials.

It is such a shame!

Would investors put their money in a country which cannot tolerate peaceful dissent?


leekh said...

If the government is unwilling to tolerate peaceful dissent, then what else is left for the people to do?

Anonymous said...

these goons have been unwilling towards the rakyat for decades...

they behave like as if the rakyat owes them just bcoz they r in a decision position...

they forgot that IT IS the rakyat that is their Boss..!! the rakyat voted for them goons.

how could they even "PREPARE" the force to disrupt the peaceful candle vigil...

was there any wrong in voicing our views?
but it is so damn right for some bloody idiot to spew & spew racisim.

moreover its his bloody views...!
how is it that idiot is NOT detain under ISA?????????


Anonymous said...

Yes, it does acceot dissent as long a sit is done by UMNO or Perkasa.
hat about the Perkasa protest in front of the US embassy?
What about the cow-head protest?
Police stood by and watched.
Najib is a fake, Don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, our Bolehland PDRM are so super duper efficient in arresting peaceful gatherings rather than arresting hardcore criminals, murderers, rapists, mat rempits etc....all over the country.
This goes to show they are tools of BN/UMNO used to suppress the freedom of the general peaceful rakyat.
Hope come GE13 the rakyat will throw them out for good.

Anonymous said...

change the government from Najib-Muhyiddin-BN and have a new SPRING of HOPE