Monday, August 09, 2010

This Country Needs a Little TLC - We Need Real Heroes

Many of us would agree that Malaysia is a beautiful country and a comfortable place to live in. It is blessed with natural beauty, tropical climate and is largely protected from any major natural catastrophe. Unsurprisingly, Malaysia has become a favourite golfing destination to many golfers.

What this country need is a little tender loving care. How often have we walked into a filthy, dirty and smelly wet market? Almost everyday. How often do we find rubbish littered and drain clogged neighbourhood and yet residents in the area continue to live their life as though they are not threatened by any health risk? Quite often.

Malaysians need to care more for their own country, society, community and neighbourhood. The state of our public transport system, education system, economy, governments, politics and public amenities reflects how much we care for this country. We have allowed them to rot and deteriorate.

We have allowed the politicians we have elected to continue using race and religion to sway us from focusing on their real incompetency and weaknesses. Some politicians are spending more time on their racial agenda more than trying to find useful solutions to help address some of these issues.

It is a myth that these racist politicians and political parties cannot be defeated. They prevailed because we had allowed them to do so.

It is time to focus on the real community heroes especially those who aspire no political power nor fame but have gone out in their small ways to help the poor, the unprivileged and the oppressed.

I would like to dedicate this blog to highlight the heroic efforts by some of our people. You help find these heroes, file a story and send us some pictures and we will highlight their story.

It is time not to depend too much on people (especially politicians) who are only working for their own selfish interests and not ours.


Anonymous said...

For starters,all the mainstream newspapers should dedicate at least a full page (page3)daily or thrice weekly on racial harmony stories where help or friendship went beyond race which will add value to Malaysia Inc.Sometimes,I just don't understand how a playboy MP's second wife wedding got headline or some racist MPs shouting obscenities got front paged - could help the already fragile races.All these unimportant news which could tear apart the nation should be dumped to a small run-of-page column.These editors should seek their own conscience and do what's right for the country,NOT for your own race or for selling more copies.

snow said...

Most malaysians are indeed a pathetic lot. You are right about them not being able to care for their own land. They leave litter behind even though they are sitting next to a litter bin. Either they are selfish or just plain dirty. They have atrocious driving and parking habits. I have seen them parked in the middle of the road to buy food at a hawker stall. When I told one of them off he told me not to be stupid.

I was very surprised by the comments of some people who think that the Penang government is too strict because some motorbikes parked at 5 foot ways were hauled off by the police. One even commented the LGE cannot prevent the rising cost of food even though he is in power. They need help to look at the bigger picture and to cast their votes intelligently.

FED-UP said...

The politician(especially from BN)where got time for all these issues.They are more interested in how to 'cari lubang'and 'makan sana sini'and karaoke with their own members. Just look around,rubbish are thrown about everywhere.I am sure the elected representative would have noticed and ask their boys(the local councillors)to bring to the attention of the respective local council for action.They are more interested to show themselves in big functions to officiate this and that.

Anonymous said...

Khoo,I have to disagree with you here.Malaysia USED TO BE a paradise place to live and golfing.Not now anymore.Yes,you are correct that the social,community,environment is pathetic and is getting worst by the day.Politicians in Malaysia is engrossed in racial disputes,personal agendas and power.Take a lesson from our Red Dot neighbor.Ten men in Ten years created the foundation to power the country from rag to riches.
Half of these Ten Men are Malaysians!!

Anonymous said...

Problem has been getting worst since BN/UMNO has in power. How can BN/UMNO lead us when they are not showing examples. They are telling how to "Kau tim" method, people bochoh and squat.They set up complain departments and the person running the section looks like an angel. So why we have to learn? Tolong? Just run to MCA/Gerakan MP. They are lokang and jalan MPs and they are very professional on it. Mata2 and Council Officers who wants to go near them? We have to give them kopi money or under the table. So in the end, this UMNO Government aided by MCA/Gerakan is teaching people to be independent and SELFISH. No one will help you. You have to take care of YOURSELF!