Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, 1Malaysia Concept is Not a Failure But...

I concur with 1Malaysia Foundation chairman Chandra Muzaffar that the concept is not a failure or bad for the people.

What is lacking is the political will to implement the real spirit of 1Malaysia e.g. offering equality, sense of belonging, fairness, socio-economic justice and mutual respect to all Malaysians regardless of race or creed.

For the concept to be successful, the BN government must not continue to play its race supremacy game. If a particular race is seen as more supreme or privileged than others, the concept of 1Malaysia will remain a mere concept without a soul.

I agree with Chandra that a lack of understanding should not be construed as a failure, as portrayed by various quarters (chiefly Dr Mahathir).

Hence, his foundation should participate positively to ensure that all racist statements, unfair racial practices and policies are curbed and reduced.

As a respectable researcher, Chandra should refrain from comparing us to those countries at the bottom of the league. He said that "Malaysia's level of violence has been minimal and we should be proud of it. So much less than Sri Lanka, India, Kosovo, Bosnia, Ireland or Lebanon."

He should know that this is not a good yardstick to move this nation forward to become a fully developed country by 2020. We will not get there by benchmarking us with amongst the worse nations. Try Norway, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland and others.

For once, the government should prove that it is efficient and competent and should strive to make 1Malaysia a real success.



Anonymous said...

Honestly, you waste your space by commenting on Chandra Muzaffar, the chameleon.
This man will justify his stand on issues as he changes his caps and skin colour.
This man will call the zebra a horse just to make sure his bread is buttered on the right side.

He is not a respected researcher but an opportunist politician, social worker, justice seeker and academic - all in one.
I would shun this man as I would a leper.

Anonymous said...

As long as TDM is alive, 1Malaysia will not take off in total.He has said that he do not understand 1Malaysia and bumi's special previledges must stay! No one in Umno dares to tell him to fly kite.Not even Najib. So?????
Flip Flops & Yo Yos Lor!!!!