Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Musa Hassan on Interference of Police Work: Too Late, Too Little

Musa Hassan has regarded the Home Ministry to be "interfering" with police work. His outburst may not be well received by his critics. It is seen as a desperate attempt to clear his tarnished record as the Inspector-General of Police.

In his rare outburst at his final Press conference on Monday, he had named the home ministry as one of the "third parties" causing excessive interference in the police force.

"All kinds of people interfere. People from the ministry itself, outsiders and people with vested interests who want to do things that are not right," he was reported to have said.

Ironically, he has advised his men not to become 'yes men' and yet this is exactly how he was perceived during his tenure as the chief of police. Musa's thumb print can be found in almost all political disputes between BN and Pakatan.

Remember the fiasco in the Perak state assembly? Remember the arrests made against peaceful protesters? Remember how Musa was so eager and determined to defend and protect his political masters?

Why should Musa be surprised about these interference? Why would the Home Minister appoints a near retiring police officer to the top post each time?

The whole idea is to put the chief of police under their thumb. This is a classic case of "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". Musa got his contract despite being over his retirement age and the government got a chief of police who is willing to get his men to do the dirty job.

It is crap for Musa to suggest that he was not aware of instructions given to his men. If this is true, he should have used the stick if his men had acted without his instruction. Did he do anything? No.

Musa is desperate to repair his image by pointing his finger at the Home Ministry. Predictably, he only voiced out his frustration and unhappiness after his contract was not renewed. If he gets another two years, Musa would have been more than happy to play along.

Too bad, Musa's allegations do not help to convince us that he was a chief cop in distress. He was a willing party to whatever abuses and poor decisions made by the police force.


Anonymous said...

Spot on! I think his greatest fear now is that he has no more string to pull and no one is going to protect him. The local Mafia, the police and his political masters not touch him with a six-foot pole. His statement probably is a mild warning to his former political masters that if I fall I'll take you down with me. I don't believe we are seeing the last of him yet.

najib manaukau said...

The former IGP IGP Musa was promised the extension and for some reason or reasons did not get the extension and consequently was surprised when the new IGP was announced !
Why should he be surprised if his last extension was due to expire, just wait and see a lot will be revealed by Musa soon. Now he has no extension to look forward to and nothing to loose. May be Umno might give him a very senior posting here or overseas just to shut him up.
Just wait and see the show is just beginning !

niakong said...

Yeap, whatever he said came as no surprise to anyone coz it has been a well-known fact that the political masters are interfering in all these "supposed-to-be" independent institutions.

It's just that we got pissed-off whenever they deny it. Now, at least he is admitting it!

On a more serious note, with his admission, shouldn't MACC spring into action immediately to look into the irregularities??? Alamak, i've almost forgotten that MACC is also a GLC! Sigh!!!

Enough is Enough said...

This is just a sandiwara to clear his image of what he is in the past.There will be no concrete evidence of this interference and sure enough the home ministry has come out with a denial!So who is right? Enough of this bullshit unless the IGP can make a police report and pin-point the culprit!

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

The outgoing IGP's outburst is no new revelation of what the people perceived - that the PDRM has all along not acted in the best interest of the people it is supposed to protect!

His outburst only reinforced the people's perception that very often he and PDRM takes directive from the political masters, powerful vested-interest group and individuals, etc!

WKH said...

Sounds all too familiar ... bro

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha,these public statements from Musa only further strengthens the fact that he is a "good for nothing" guy.He was living with it, and play along with it for donkey years.Of course to his advantage! Why only bring out now??? Hmm smells a rat.Lets see what follows.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the UMNO government. They think the people are stupid. We all knew what Musa Hassan is talking about when he mentioned interference from Home Ministry. I am sure Home Minister Krishammuddin Hussein and Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam knew that too.Musa was referring to the Home Ministry interfering with the police doing their job. But that tail wagging Mahmood, thinking we are stupid, cleverly twisted the story as if the interference meant the Home Ministry not acceding to police's requests. Come on, learn to speak the truth.
Sometimes(if not all the time) their stupid racialistic head talk garbage and yet can put on a stupid grinning face. Do you expect this "kris" guy to say, "Yes, I did interfere"? Of course, he is going to deny it. That's what the BN/UMNO government is good at. All the major institutions in the country, including the judiciary and police, have lost the respect of the rakyat due to such interferences.

Anonymous said...

Previously, Musa was a pretender of CPO rather than a contender of CPO.

Mind you, Musa has won numerous acting award in his career as the Main SUPPORTING Actor to the 1Malaysia 2Standard government!!!

Anonymous said...

Its normal people at all levels will want to interfere. As the head you have control over the subordinates. So what's new?

Anonymous said...

Actually this has been a well known 'national secret'.
There is interference in the Judiciary, MACC, EC, universities, and even editors news room.

So what's the big deal. He is saying something we are well aware of.

Anonymous said...

Right man, its human nature to interfere such that the outcome will be in your favour. That includes you bloggers and me who pray in silence that things work out for me. How I wish all politicians and political bloggers be served with ISA and left there to rot, tthen we can have anarchy and start all over again pre-Merdeka - dream on man!!!!

Anonymous said...

Final words in the final act,
this IGP needs to say his final words.
Before he hops off the stage
Into the arms of reporters
Then he'll have a lot to answer

Anonymous said...

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Raja Petra said in an email from London,

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In the article, Raja Petra said he had been visited by Tajudin's lawyers in London, who told him that he (Tajudin) had only been a front man for UMNO and that :

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Anonymous said...

This IGP idf he wants to spill the beans, he can also forgo his perks and pension hahaha

ajoyly said...

Musa Hassan is the victim of the politization of the Civil Service - and the cost, Civil Servants cannot act freely.

Anonymous said...

I dont think he is a victim whichever way you look at - he is part of the system and he danced to the tune to enable him to be where he is. Of course he wants more like Haniff etc, who dont, and he is now trying to fall out of line. He must realise he is not invicible and may fall flat