Friday, November 26, 2010

Conflict of Two Koreas

The latest Yeonpyeong island conflict between the South and North Korean armies is an unfortunate event. I have been working closely with the Korea Tourism Organization in Kuala Lumpur for the last three years. I have personally visited South Korea five times and would cherish a trip to North Korea in the future.

Koreans on the both sides enjoy strong family and cultural ties. There is little which separate them when comes to commitment and determination. Koreans are very inventive, determined and creative people. It is sad to see what this country achieve united rather than divided. It could be the new Asia's Germans if a peaceful and mutual reunification can be achieved in the future.

Meanwhile, the city of Seoul has been considered as one of most vibrant world cultural cities. You should visit it for the splendour, energy and cultural richness.

Like I have said, both Koreas enjoy good family ties. It is inconceivable for the two regimes to go to war at this point in time. Malaysians who are going there should not be overly worried by the situation. Both China (a key ally to North Korea) and US (a key ally to South Korea) would not want the conflict to turn into a serious matter because both countries are working on their own economy recovery.

Hopefully a quick calm down can be achieved to put senses back into the leadership of North Korea.


We Are The World said...

It is always a sad story that the people suffered whenever two personalities of the opposing sides are in conflict.Taking the example of the unification of East and West Germany in the past,I thing the North Korean side should heed this history.However,I also like to highten the fact that USA and China should not interfere and should try to work towards the unification of the Koreans.This conflict is giving the world and particularly in this region,a cold shoulder and both these countries(USA and China)should see that this solution is the best for the benefits of everybody.

Anonymous said...

China will be very happy because USA has been supporting Taiwan and show its naval power in the Taiwan Straits.

China will be in fear if North Korea is overtaken by the South. This means American troops can next door like Sungai Golok to China.

Since the conflict ended in the 50's the ties between the North and South is becoming less because the older generations have pass away. The life style between North and South are different. Those from the north coming to South have to do orientation and jump into the rat race - study mad like Singaporeans as compare to easy going Malaysians

Anonymous said...

If you read "Future Fast Forward - by Mathias Chiang" you will see that USA is the real threat to the Koreans as they are the instigator because of the war-weapon manufacturers. They are the ones who causes so many world unrest and destruction we have seen in the past.
I hope someone some day would fight a war inside USA or near their borders and cause many deads there; only then they will feel the pains of war that they have caused others to suffer.
When are they going to stop playing two-headed snake act? The world should have learnt and seen through them clarly by now.

Anonymous said...

Both the Koreas actually have a lot of similarities in cultures, social and ethnicity.

But due to ideologies, they are like brothers brought up by different parents. However, they share the same ancestry. Hopefully, their conflict will not be long ;turning to understanding, brotherhood and reconciliation. That is what the world community wants. But this takes time, tolerance, and transformation.

If Germany can do it, so can they.