Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Elections & Political Trap

Both the by-elections in Galas and Batu Sapi lead us to a sorry state of Malaysian politics. Our politicians are caught in a deep political trap. Most of the candidates and politicians who are involved in the campaign are not able to get out from the racial/religious mould.

Every candidate claims to be able to serve the people better but stop short of providing the details. One candidate running for a parliamentary seat said that she wanted to improve the hygiene level of her constituents if elected. She was more comfortable with a musical instrument than trying to become a health care practitioner. Does she even know the role and responsibility of a member of parliament?

Another candidate is trying to sell 'change' to the mostly poor voters. What is the meaning of change if these voters can barely afford to live decently?

Most of them would not know what an 'autonomy' means to them. Politicians must show more interest in working to improve the fundamental issues faced by the largely disenfranchised citizens.

Most of them have been neglected over the last 50 years and are barely living on the fringe of a not-so-decent life. Many barely earn enough to put food on the table. As a result, many of their children did not get a basic education.

Our politicians must understand their own role and responsibility as policy makers. They must understand how their leadership and representation can help to improve the life of these poor and often neglected voters.

Public office should not be used to satisfy a lust for power and fame.

Unfortunately, our politicians and elections are still caught in the same unhealthy and dangerous political trap. Politicians are only good at running their opponents down by attacking their personality. It is a shame that both by-elections did not feature even a lively and meaning debate between the candidates.

The only thing we know is money, lots of it, is being throw around. It will be very unfortunate if the rakyat allow some crumbs to influence their sense of justice and real choice.

It is highly like that we will observe similar trend in the next couple hundreds of election. When can Malaysia get free itself from the political trap?


Anonymous said...

Ethics and education play important roles in the field of politics. However, when politics are concerned, all cautions are thrown to the wind. That is why, we have flip-flopping, talking-but-no- walking, and poison-tongue politicians in our midst.

The people are the ones losing and suffering in pain because of PKFZ, TBH, social contract, corruptions, prejudice, injustice, wastages, wrong economic priorities, education policies, and racism.

Many politicians would have their ulterior motives, some are genuinely interested to serve the people of the nation. Even fewer are driven by unselfish ,holistic righteous visions of politicians in the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and even Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

Anonymous said...

Most of the voters(in these 2 areas)are mostly the rural folks and what do you expect them to know?They only want to know whether they can have better amenicities,more licenses,better health cares,etc.....rather than the larger issues of human rights,justices for all,national development.

Anonymous said...

So, KP, are you going to volunteer yourself to stand as a candidate with the 3rd force in the 13th GE?

Anonymous said...

2010- a new political landscape is emerging. stay in power at all costs.forget about ethics , values or principles. all election are BUY ELECTIONS.Goodies are dished out, this time in GALAS only low cost ppr flats of 700 sq ft or pigeon holes, POOR VOTER of GALAS. poverty is everywhere in GALAS. reason - corruption corruption n corruption . correct correct correct

Anonymous said...

sir- ethics, values n principles do not exists among BN politicians. Every election is a buy election with googies promised by BN. only low cost ppr flat 0f 700 sq ft call pigeon holes for GALAS voters. Thats all they deserve, POOR Malaysians stay in pigeon holes. Correct correct correct. Rampant corruption has destroyed this beautiful nation from 1982- from BMF to perwaja to PKFZ. this is the new Malaysia

Anonymous said...

BN can keep winning because Malaysian are stupid. If the voters have brains BN would have been thrown into the sea a long time ago.
How on earth could a government without a modicum of honesty, morality and integrity could win elections after elections unless the voters are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Some of our 'Khoos' are worth tens (or is it hundreds?) of millions and could single handedly sponsor the 3rd Force in it's entirity to end APARTHEID.

It may cost a few tens of millions, but apartheid would end by the next GE13, so those with the cash like our rejected 30 Million UTAR philanthropist, could give the critical funding and support that will end the miserable state that Malaysia/MCA/Gerakan is in right now.

Would Datuk Khoo Kay Peng be inclined to use his own vast network to pull together the '7 Clans' or any personalities known to himself, to start fielding ANTI-APARTHEID/PRO-EQUALITY candidates by GE13? Or will he cynically watch Malaysia slide into chaos doing nothing though he actually could?

Please act if you love your country. It is just money and when you pass on, instead of MAKING HISTORY, you will only leave behind a fat account that you cannot take along. Money is to be spent in this manner.

The onus is upon you and those mentioned above Datuk Dr.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 9.15am,

Let me know when you find out if Datuk Dr Khoo is willing to make a donation for common good. I might be able to help him to assemble an anti-apartheid team to contest in the next GE