Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is Mahathir a Racist? Or Simply a Big Bully?

Mahathir is attempting his usual gimmick again. He is trying to push the entire blame of what had gone wrong in the country over the last 3 decades to his self-appointed successor and ex-PM Abdullah Badawi.

Why is Mahathir trying so hard to demonize Abdullah? Is Mahathir afraid that history might judge if he was mostly responsible for what had gone wrong in this country? No wonder his party is talking about a review of the history subject in schools. Is Umno, like Mahathir, is also worried about its legacy and credibility?

Mahathir is trying very hard to establish these fallacies:

1) He (Mahathir) had done no wrong. Everything that was wrong was committed/contributed by Abdullah.

2) Abdullah was a weak leader. Hence, he was disliked and hated by the Malays who needed a strong leader to safeguard their interest and special position.

3) Because Abdullah was weak, the other races started to make demands and asked for the Malay special rights to be abolished. He was trying to justify the existence of Perkasa by creating imaginary 'extremists'.

4) Abdullah had detained opposition members under ISA.

5) Abdullah flip-flopped on policies.

His real target is actually not Abdullah. The latter was merely a distraction and a sacrificial lamb for Mahathir. Mahathir needed a person to push all the responsibilities to. Abdullah was not nasty. He was meek and weak, yes.

If he was nasty, he would have done something terribly bad to Mahathir for bad mouthing him and plotted for his downfall. To him, Mahathir is simply a big bully. Mahathir was acting like a spoilt brat who had set Abdullah up for stealing the ice cream when he had actually ate it himself.

Second, did Mahathir protect the interest of the poor Malays? Mahathir had created a new class of Malay cronies during his rule. His action had distorted the main focus of NEP from poverty alleviation to 30% equity. Would it be right if the 30% Bumiputera equity was held in the hands of a few super rich businessmen?

Malays need a leader who can focus on a bottom's up approach to socio-economic restructuring. No extremist would argue against the need to help the poor regardless of race. But Mahathir was more keen to protect the interest of super rich. Who created and promoted the APs, negotiated contracts, nepotism, corruption, money politics, racial politics and cronyism if not Mahathir?

Who muzzled the judiciary and ripped the credibility of the once independent civil service and public institutions?

Did Mahathir flip-flop on policies? Yes, many e.g. education, economics, NEP and many more. In fact, policy inconsistency was the main reason why investors avoided coming to Malaysia since the mid-90's.

Did Mahathir put any opposition members under ISA arrest? Truck loads of them. It is hilarious for him to accuse Abdullah for doing the same.

Mahathir's political career has come through a full circle. He had started as a racist politician, became a PM, promoted unity through Bangsa Malaysia and had gone back to his racist past by championing race supremacy and dominance. There is nothing wrong to defend his race. What is wrong is Mahathir had manipulated race to protect the interest of a few selected elites in the ruling regime.

Does Mahathir care about the poor Malay? If he was, why are Malays still form the largest percentage of the poorest in this country? Why was the government willing to waste billions on PKFZ, Bakun Dam, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, corruption, wastage, new palaces, and a few newly proposed multi billions projects but peanuts for the poor?

History will judge if Mahathir is a racist and a bully or a true statesman.


VP said...

He is a manipulative racist rascal!

Kok Keong said...

It has been seven years already since M stepped down as PM, enough time to make up history. And that judgment is already loud and clear: he was and is nothing more than a racist and big bully. He was racist before he became PM, and after. When he was PM he played the race card to the hilt to hang on to power. He pretended to be sympathetic to non-Malays when Malays had a falling out with him. He chastised non-Malays when he had Malay backing. And this included taking swipes at Singapore to whip up more Malay support for himself. All that is the measure of the man.

Is it not already glaringly obvious that his template for politics has been emulated over and over again in UMNO. Before any UMNO member becomes PM, they would not hesitate to play up race above all else a la Mahathir. And this has been especially true of the Deputy PM (waiting to be PM).

Academics should stop analyzing him to ridiculous length in the name of "scholarship" just because he was a former PM.

Anonymous said...

This time you gave me a big 'LOL'.
Mahathir was correct... correct ....correct from point 1 to 5 (but im not too sure on point no 4 though)

Anyway the big question is - did Mahathir protect the interest of the poor Malays?

Man... He created more middle class malays leeee. What do you expect? every single poor malays holding let's say 1 unit of UEM shares per person? so all the poor Malays have a direct possession of the 30% equity? adoii......

Obviously the system with all of the APs, negotiated contracts, nepotism, corruption, money politics, racial politics and cronyism created more Malay Car dealers, Class-F contractors, more jobs for malay's engineers, architects, technicians, toilet cleaner, lawyers, tongkat ali suppliers, garbage collector (the Alam Flora CEO has cousins too).

Sometimes the system has gone bad. Think of Suharto - too little middle class people. and sometimes it has done good like well whatdayya know .. Mahathir and Malaysia.

The system made common folks like let's say Mak Kiah the nasi lemak seller and not so common folks like Mr Tan Ah Soon the towkay prosper in the process.

Mak Kiah was glad. Halim Saad the Ceo the crony of Mahathir and the caretaker a part of Malay 30% equityship have many Malay workers and her nasi lemak business was good.If the Ceo UEM was Mr Tan, many of the worker will eat Chee Cheong Fun for breakfast.

if Mr Tan was the Ceo of UEM her neighbour's daughter's husband's cousin' twice removed would still be a jobless civil engineer because Mr Tan said aaaa donch wan UITM graduate one laaa... vely difficult one if dunno mandarin and other local dialect one. English also so bad people from UITM. Me ..Mr Tan speak good good english. but dont despair Mak Kiah's son Ahmad should be very happy. He can always work as the driver.

But since the UEM CEO was Halim Saad Mak Kiah will always think that Dr M is a hero and a true statesman. Why not if her Nasi Lemak business was good, her neighbour's daughter's husband's cousin' twice removed was the Chief civil engineer of UEM and his son Ahmad well.... even a mere driver he was but hey at least Mr Halim Saad wont sound so bad singing in the car.

Mr Tan the towkay should be glad too. Ka-Chingg!!!! After all he has spent too much money to be'sub-contractor' of the negotiated contract and buying 'Hadiah' for that (ehem clear throat.)pegawai.

and to Mr Tan no matter what history say the system made him wealthier than ever and Mahathir will always be a statesman a good one. After all Mr Tan is not good in history anyway particularly events circa 1940s-1960s. What social contract? Dunno ooo making roads contract i know la he said..

Anonymous said...

He is both but he plays these two roles at different time and place but he can also simultaneously play these 2 roles at the same time and place. That is his secret of success in playing racial politics. A man of great expediency.

najib manaukau said...

Not a slightest doubt this shenanigan Mahathir is more than a racist, he is an evil man, a nature mistake !
He does not want to accept these and is making up all kind of excuses for the many atrocities he committed during the 22 years tenure of his rule as P.M.. To begin with the percentages of the non Malay population he gave were anything but true.
To justify the figures he gave he allowed millions of Indonesian immigrants to become Malaysians citizens in record times just to be accounted for and also to come up with the figures he come up with in the census. When Malaysian born non Malays have to wait for years, in some cases for decades or even after their death, to be given their approval. What a bloody joke ! All these were done to justify all his pro Malay policies he implemented.
He has the civil service filled up with more than 94% Malay when the population of the country is, according to his figures he came up with is only 65% Malay. Why is it the population of the non Malays percentages not reflected in the civi service ? Not even a small percentage of the population and if that is not being a racist what is ?
This is also not reflected in the appointment of DGs in all the ministries ? This is to name just a few of his pro Malay policies, to him you have to be an Umno made Malay before getting an appointment in the civil service
as a second or even a third class civil servants. Every government department is headed by a Malay, what about the non Malays are they not Malaysians ?
Any wonder why the pleas for the oversea based ex-Malaysian professionals to return to serve Malaysia are hardly taken up ? I can write hundred of pages on these to show what a bloody racist he is.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate judgment would be GOD! One ancient scripture said this, "It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!"

Anonymous said...

Both racist and big bully. In fact, he is an accomplished actor who dances to the tune.

Pre-election, stroked racial sentiment.

Post-election, practised nepotism and cronism.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is still looked upon as a demigod by the ill-informed, misinformed and gullible Malays.
If only they sit to think critically and find out why the vast majority of Malays are still poor after UMNO's 53 year old rule.
Let them vote UMNO and suffer.

Malaysian said...

This fler is a mamak and for what I have encountered,this mamak is a hypocrite just as the mamaks of Penang(most of them are members of UMNO and rich bussinessmen which tried to create unrest in Penang).Do you think this mamak will champion for the benefits of the malay populace at large?Nay!
They are not even 'son of soil'and after converted to muslim,claimed themselves to be one and making use of this 'special position' to enrich themselves.

Anonymous said...

he should just shut up, enjoy his remaining golden years with his grandkids.

the more he opens his mouth, the worse it becomes....

may god/allah/guanyin/shiva have mercies on him.

The Penquin said...

He is the one that started the cancer in our country. The growth and developments that he initiated were cancerous and which has led to our country's poor health.

Anonymous said...

He has an agenda. He must show and throw his support for the Malay no 1. because he was the prime minister by virtue of being UMNO president, the Malay party and no 2. because he is being stigmatized as being an Indian. So in order for him wants to undo that is to throw his whole being into it not without an agenda.
No 3. is he want to put his son up there too. So I am sure you can draw your own conclusion as well.
He is not thinking of better the Malay people except his own selfish ambition. He wants to be idolized by the Malay people as their saviour or champion. I can go on but I am afraid you puke.

TOKZ said...


A coin have 2 FACES. No doubt, I agree with you on the BAD POINTS of MAHATHIR but pls. note he also had DONE/CONTRIBUTED a lot to both Malaysia & Malaysians. Nobody is PERFECT after all & everybody have their respective GOOD & BAD, correct???

It's way TOO UNFAIR to judge & harp on a persons' BAD POINTS only. We ought to give COMPLIMENTS to a persons' GOOD POINTS as well. This is something I realized many BLOGGERS & POLITICAL ANALYSTS lacks in their work. Sadly, they're ONLY capable in seeing ONE SIDE of the story (Narrow sighted I would classify them).

Below are some GREAT deeds MAHATHIR had brought to the country:

1) Mega Infrastructure Developments of which had helped Malaysia being put in the international map. MAHATHIR helped Malaysia to come out from its TURTLE SHELL. Prior to this, many people thought Malaysians actually lived in tree houses. Salute to MAHATHIR for this!!!

2) Pegging of RINGGIT vs USD
Brilliant move by MAHATHIR!!! Many experts/researchers labelled MAHATHIR as CRAZY to even implement such a move but look who ended up as the CRAZY ONES now??? MAHATHIR knew exactly what he was doing despite STRONG criticisms from many quarters. MAHATHIR is certainly a TRUE LEADER with BRIGHT VISION.

3) Avoided IMF borrowing.
MAHATHIR steer the country away from IMF borrowing. Economic experts called him INSANE but only to end-up being INSANE themselves. If wasn't for MAHATHIR, our beloved country would probably be BANKRUPT by now. You & me are probably living in the streets with NO FOOD & SHELTER if wasn't for a GREAT LEADER called MAHATHIR.

4) And list goes on........

Hey KHOO, spare a FAIR THOUGHT, will ya??? Writing RUBBISH just to gain popularity WOULDN'T bring you far except for reaching TIMBUKTU.

Use something WONDERFUL God gave you called "BRAINS", ya???


Anonymous said...

Mahathir is an expert 'tai-chi' exponent! He believes he can do no wrong.

kkchong said...

Dear Mr. Khoo,
It looks like you know very little about TDM. He is a man who will not admit any mistake he made and will blame every body but himself. Look, what had he did to our country and yet he still want to destroy the country further.What can we rakyat do to TDM? I ask you.
Just ignore him?

Khoo Kay Peng said...


1) Mega development projects? Like Cyberjaya & Putrajaya, Bakun Dam, PKFZ, KLCC, LRT, Proton, Perwaja - how many are successful? or a world untold success story?

2) On RM peg, there was a debate on his decision. Some said he closed the barn doors only when the horses had bolted? Like you said, two sides of a coin. Pros & Cons

3) Institutions he had destroyed e.g. judiciary, police, abuse detention without trial laws, free media, etc.

4) Education is in a mess - policy flip flop during his tenure

Guess who should be buying a one way ticket to Timbuktu?

TOKZ said...


Some like it HOT,
Some like COLD,
Some like it in a pot 9 days OLD.

I can't say you're TOTALLY wrong neither can you say I'm TOTALLY wrong. Everybody have their GOOD & BAD & when someone HATE a person....there bound to be someone LIKING that respective person.

No wonder you only know how to BUY a ONE WAY ticket to Timbuktu. You DON'T believe in TWO WAYS, do ya??? Ironic, huh???

Anonymous said...


where were u in another blog. i waited for your answers. anyway, i found you here. ok, i just want to add to khoo's rebuttal to your points. particularly, point#3.

korea, indonesia and thailand - all customers of imf during the crisis. malaysia didnt'. u say great? where is malaysia now, stacked against the aforementioned 3 countries?

dont chicken away like u did in the other blog.


Anonymous said...

khoo, mahathir did not jibe sleepyhead for using the isa. he not too subtly lamented that sleepyhead should keep teresa and that sinchew reporter in LONGER.

mahathir is one to show that, apparently, might is right. sleepyhead was not good for the country. and mahathir's good points pale in comparison to his bad points. way way to much bad points. his misdeeds are legendary.

p/s: tokz, dont run away. answer my post here.

Anonymous said...

Apart from being a supremely cunning person Mahathir is also a cheat,liar and thief.

Anonymous said...

Tokz, your name should be tokcock!

HalfCenturian said...

When I was in school in the 70s, the atmosphere of racial relation is indelible. Though we called names at each other and made fun of each others religion, we still mingled amicably. When Mahatir became Prime Minister drastic changes took place at fast pace. A lot of people got displaced especially the poor due to the shift in the country's development momentum. Prices of essential goods escalated by leaps and bounds but the ringgit depreciated fast compared to Singapore's dollar which was once at par value. Salaries didn't rise, companies resticted giving more bonuses but pay tax. The worse destructive measure silently executed was the erosion of "muhibbah" spirit among the various races. The Malays were indoctrinated via BTN. Even newly joined government servants were separated by races and given talks. The nons were told to accept the NEP and not to question it. Intake of non-malays into government jobs dwindled rapidly to the extent less than 10 to showcase mutliracialism. Malays further distant themselves from the nons via Islamic teachings when government employed religious scholars who spewed rhetorics of hatred towards infidels (read non-muslim, ie Chinese, Indian , etc) via ceramah and Friday prayers. Then all of sudden everthing became religious and racial. Time and time again, simple issues were classified as sensitive and Malay rights. The Malays realised the unsolicited backing of the government, began to make demand and formulated thieving policies to milk the business circles. One famous policy is the birth of Halal certification, even for vegetarian products. The Halal certification is a master thieving plan to suck the profits of companies by enforcing employment of Malays, percentage in company share and ad-hoc donation. Non-compliance will result in insurmountable obstacles in the form of raids, licence blockage, business premises sealed and much more creative disruption akin to PIRATE ATTACK. This is a classic example absue of religion. Without much effort, capital or knowledge some of them became filthy rich. Before Mahatir there was no quota system in education, employment, businesses, shares and much more. Before Mahatir there was no "Bumiputera" term, no discount of 7% and no allocation of 30% of property purchases. There was simply no 30%! But all changed when Mahatir the RACIST came to lead Malaysia to mediocrity, laze and corruption. The building of mega structures only symbolises Mahatir's alter ego which some blindly think that he brought prosperity. Think and look back at all his pet projects, one by one crumbling and require public fund to bail them. If he is truly an intelligent leader we would have attained 1st world standard even in the 90s, but the DARK side of him did a good job of negating his efforts which we are witnessing now. To me, Mahatir is FATHER OF RACISM.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


some like it hot and some like it cold...please save this for teh tarik.

the one way ticket was not for me. i am happy to be living in Malaysia and would work hard to contribute for a change.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the movie, The Good, Bad and the Ugly. But I don't know I should take away the Good and exchange it for No-Good.

Hence, you have No-Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, all-in-one for the man who reigned over this beautiful land for more than 20 years, and now we are in such a sorry state.

He started off as a time-changer for the nation; even Spore had to follow suit. Then changed his deputies like he changed his clothes. From then on, cronyism spread like wild fire, not to mention corruption and corporate incompetencies.

Having taken center state for so long, he decided to step off the stage and let his sleepy deputy take over; only to pull him down the stage shortly thereafter.

Still harboring the overweening desire to rule, he opened his mouth at various issues only to create and drum up racism, hatred, and disharmony. He is still working from the background hoping to take the stage again or at least by remote control.

So, what kind of person is he? Please tell me.

Anonymous said...

A man of many faces who would go to great length at all cost to achieve his goal.

HIs sins can be forgiven and washed away but the consequences is his to pay.

Under his regin we are stangers to
Integrity and rotten to the core.

Can you see thru his disguise ?


najib manaukau said...


You must be one of his corrupted cronies, you talk about his mega developments without pointing out the 'big commission' that go with it which he famous for.
Where is the 30% meant for the poor Malay ?
Also how his decision not to borrow from the IMF has got all Malaysians money devalued by half we all ended up paying for it and not him. Use your head and nothing else if you have a head with grey matter. Ever heard of the saying that if you don't know anything don't open your mouth and no one would say you are stupid.

TOKZ said...


Teh tarik??? Sure (why not?). Give me a call, ya??? Noted you're NOT a 1 WAY TICKET flyer & you rather stay put in Malaysia. Hmm...then START to LOVE the country, will ya??? Don't only know how to GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE like a OLD MAN complaining the price of teh tarik that had increased.

Hi Anon 1:08PM,

How to ANSWER you when you DON'T even dare to put a NAME (let alone a simple NICKNAME). Well, I wouldn't say you have NO BALLS but I would rather pity you. Why ar??? Hmmm...cos' you CAN'T even think of a NAME (true or fake) to identify yaself??? Sad case, bro!!!

OK, back to your question. No doubt KOREA, THAILAND & INDONESIA are all IMF borrowers but these countries are NOT far better than Malaysia. These country have its' GOOD in certain ways & they too have BAD in its' own way (same goes to M'sia & every country on this planet). Only NARROW SIGHTED individuals like you happens to see things from only 1 ANGLE (you COCK-EYE ar???). Man, you need to see EYE SPECIALIST urgently. please go get a NAME & go see a EYE doctor 1st. Upon finishing these 2 important tasks only we start discussing, ya???


Anonymous said...

He likes to criticize and retaliate people and countries not in his favour. George Soros and the USA administration got ear-fulls from him. The British did not escape either, when he introduced the "Buy-British-Last" slogan.

He also make popular the word "reculcitrant" and named a politician down under as one.

He forced a nation down the border to amend their legal records to suit his whims and fancies. A part-time designer, he also designed the world's first crooked bridge to reflect a benkok mentality.

SetiaSelalu said...

D eceitful
MaHATEthir or MahaTHIEF
Anyway you spelt this Fake Malay Mamak name it will spelt out his very cunning manipulative ways to achieve his personal agenda of Enriching himself and family (stealing when he was PM & Fianance Minister) from the Rakyat and Petronas.
D eceitful R acist M ...Dr. M
NO the Rakyat of all races are sick of his poisonous medicine of destroying National & Malay Unity, our Police, Anti corruption agency and the Judiciary.
MahaTHIEF should be charged for all the looting and also for framing Anwar Ibrahim....a really good hearted & able Leader.

Anonymous said...

This moron (mamak kutti mahthir) want to see the demise of BN.He is insane ("nyanyuk").Day to day his legacy is numbered.He's panicking.By GOD's grace he will be there to answer all the 'sins he has done to this country and the people.

Anonymous said...

mahathir is a true hero!!!! woooooohooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Anonymous said...

dare to change??? or still considering to vote BN ???

Anonymous said...

people, get it...'Mahathir was NEVER wrong', never and never wrooooooong !!

Omar Goh Wei Liang

Khoo Kay Peng said...


Some of you might have noted that your comments were not published on this post. I may disagree with Mahathir but I will not allow any personal attack against him. Please stick to the issue. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Listen people....Mahathir aka Tokz aka Tokcock one and the same!!

Anonymous said...

That bloody piece of SHIT...used our money for his personal inferiority and racist attitude towards the West. He squandered our nation's welth with "BIG PROJECTS". Mandala of foot! He can NEVER be an Elder Statesman like President Lee Kwan Yew. He is just a bitter old fart and wicked man he is who divided the people of our dear country!