Monday, November 08, 2010

Mockery of PKR & Zaid Ibrahim

PKR has failed to achieve what it set out to do by conducting direct party elections. It had wanted to expand democratic space within the party and curb political corruption by allowing members to vote directly for their leadership.

Second, the party had intended to promote a new political paradigm to Malaysians. Sadly, it has failed on both accounts.

First, there is a low turnout of voters which exposed a serious lack of grassroots awareness of what the party is trying to promote. Second, any systemic change requires the right mindset or the right leadership to do it. Positive change cannot be achieved if leaders within the political party is more interested in position and power.

Whatever the reason, the perception given to the public is PKR is full of leaders who are only keen to grab power and position for themselves. The quarrels and squabbles are not going to set PKR apart from any component parties in the old regime.

PKR cannot make a convincing sale pitch of a new political dawn and a new hope for Malaysia to us if it cannot even get its house in order. There are many role models of leaders who had made costly sacrifice for their people but PKR leaders are just not among them. It appears that PKR is more interested to grab power than to serve the people.

Zaid is another disappointment. Talking about fairness, he was given so many key positions in the party despite joining it only in 2009. Is it fair to many other capable leaders in PKR whom may have contributed to the party earlier than him?

Zaid should have focused on his role as the coordinator for Pakatan Rakyat and not burdening himself with a deputy president position. If Zaid wants to leave a lasting impression of his legacy on Malaysian politics, he should have taken his role as a coordinator seriously and work hard to establish a real alternative to the Barisan Nasional.

This role is far more important than a deputy president of PKR. Zaid could work hard to persuade other forces in both Peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak to join his newly minted coalition. It is a fact that without a solid, integrated and cohesive coalition, Pakatan cannot hope for their path to Putrajaya to be laid with roses and breeze.

But Zaid is an impatient man. Zaid has given us an impression that he has to be a somebody in PKR.

How can we convince the 4 million Malaysians to register as voters if we cannot provide them with a viable alternative?

PKR leaders should lose their selfish ambition quickly and focus on real political reform if it wants to survive beyond the 13th GE and hopefully to realize its march to Putrajaya.

It does not matter who is right or wrong in the party elections. Politics is about perception. PKR is being perceived badly at the moment.


Anonymous said...

this man is a real kiasu and cannot accept defeat graciously. why quit before the official results and start complaining about mal pratice and abuses of the election system. why didn't he complain when the papers was saying he was leading last week? he has never been really tested in fighting for his own position, got the NEP to help him estabished his career and invited into umno and was even made a mininster without having to stand in an election. he might project himself as a principled man and fighting for a better Malaysia but the question is, can he or does he knows how to fight his own battele?

The Penquin said...

Yes PKR is out of focus. Seems to have ran out of energy. The 'semangat' is already missing. Leaders seems only to be interested in gaining power for themselves. No coordination, mission is to 'march into Putrajaya' but their 'leaders' have different sets of 'goals and objectives'. If they don't change within how can they lead the change for a better Malaysia ?

A PKR Party Member, Kota Kinabalu said...

I disagree with your view of Zaid.

Zaid knew that PKR must be changed from within, to eliminate its crony organisational culture; for example, the virtual "anointment" of Azmin to the deputy presidency. The elections is seen as a sham by many because it has a designed outcome to ensure a certain result is achieved.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Zaid competing for the deputy presidency.

If the PKR party members want him badly enough to compete and they vote for him, it is all good. Isn't that justice and democracy?

Even if someone has been in PKR for many years, you DO NOT DESERVE to be a deputy president JUST BECAUSE you have been in PKR for donkey years.

IT IS UP TO THE PARTY MEMBERS TO ELECT whom they think should be their leader, NO MATTER WHETHER THEY JOINED IN 2009 OR IN 1999.

If you go by the outdated, inefficient, and corrupt-prone 'seniority' method, then PKR is bound to fail.

This is why Zaid has been such an important and principled personality and why his vision matters to the thousands who vote for him.

Anonymous said...

A popular Chinese saying goes like this: A long journey will test the power of a horse.

The journey has not even begun for PKR, and we can witness many fall-outs.

The route to Putrajaya is even longer. So, where does PKR stand?
Please do not blame the horse or the journey.

Anonymous said...

Khoo Kay Peng, you disappoint me. You are so horribly poisoned by the system (though you are a 'non'), that the best you can write is "Is it fair to many other capable leaders in PKR whom may have contributed to the party earlier than him?" and that already disqualifies you. You might consider yourself 'okay' (who of us doesn't?), but you're not.

elizabeth said...

Without position, do you think zaid can be effective in his role as a coordinator? I don follow pkr politics, but from alternative media. it puzzles me how out of the blue, azmin launched a public attack on the s'gor MB, and then he replaced the MB and gets himself elected as head of pkr selangor. While I don know what are the details, but one wonders about the role of azmin in the discord in the Sabah leadership problem a while ago. Azmin seems to be grabbing alot of power in pkr, do u think it is healthy? Imagine if Anwar is out, can u see Pakatan accepting Azmin as the coaltion's head? Besides years of faithfully standing by anwar, does he have anything to give as a national leader? Generally a party election need not be so important to non-party members, but considering the delicate balance that pkr plays in the coaltion, should pakatan marches on to putrajaya, the pkr deputy president need to be alot more, I think.

Anonymous said...

Why quit? Even if he wins the whole election was riddled with problems none of the management accepted. Had Zaid stayed and won, even the legality of his position would be suspect. Now Azmin can win the illegitimate and illegal victory.

Says much of the party that lauds all high and mighty values.

PKR's party President's comments on the resignation episode say much of the party, it's leadership and beliefs.

["...I just read Zaid's statement in his blog and I did not think that he would pull out. Prior to this, he did not voice out any of his grouses to me or the party leadership. But is his right either to contest or otherwise..."]

People come and go as all are mortal. The values frothed about on institutions will not be there when people die if you expect personal intervention!

The rest needs no further elaboration.

Malaysians cannot perceive anything anyway!

Anonymous said...

Zaid made a big mistake to join PKR. There were many dodgy leaders in PKR, he will not have chance to get his reform implemented. No point wasting time to stick to PKR now, just leave to join another opposition or form a new party. There are many supporters will follow and support you.

Anonymous said...

In the last election the people voted by their emotion due to UMNO's high-handedness and corrupt practices (which is still very fertile). So, the people just voted any Tom,Dick and Harry from the opposition without realising their credibility and integrity.

Pakatan managed to rob 2/3 majority from BN but as days passed the ills of Pakatan surfaced. PKR's untrustable politicians began to hop(majority Malays) out of the loose coalition of Pakatan.

The coalition existed just for the sake of defeating BN but there is no clear common ojectives. The promises to the people remained as unfulfilled promises. The selfishness, arrogance and extremism of each component parties of Pakatan were glaringly exposed.

What has PKR have to offer if not for frogs who are lacking in integrity and knowlegde. What has PAS to offer if not for their religious extremism. Just hold a concert, the PAS youth is the first to hold placards and protest demonstration. What has PAS to offer for economic progress of the country? What has DAP to offer other than meritocracy and economic developments? DAP has shown it is arrogant in the case of Pulau Pinang, where is the social obligation, where are the promises?

Just barking in the parliament doesn't prove the credibility of the opposition. WE WANT DELIVERABLES, MILESTONES ACHIEVED. All walk of lifes should be taken care not only the business segment.

Anonymous said...

Zaid is destined to lead the 3rd FORCE, and this new party is the nation's future forward.

Anonymous said...

When Anwar is out of the picture, the no 2 of PKR is in line to become Prime Minister when PR wins GE13. Azizah is not an MP. That is why the PKR no2 is very enticing. Imagine Azmin as PM of Malaysia? That alone will drive the voters to other alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Zaid was given positions, a member of the supreme council,and the powerful political bureau. He hardly participate in the meetings. Unable to accept the rule that we agree to disagree. But of course, you have to be heard. The media love stories and Zaid loves to be the darling of journalists.
Grow up man!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Zaid is just impatient, he is definitely not cut to be a leader anyway. So good riddance. Lets move on and get one that can go through the grill- not just talk and criticise

John S

Anonymous said...

If we continue to vote UMNO, then it is to say that we support their high handedness, corruption, pendatangs and recent arrivals can be considered as bumiputras whereas the orang asli are not and dragging non-bumis from East Malaysia into socail contract in 1957 when East Malaysia are still under the British.

You also rattle and expect State government and PR to perform and made changes when we have been enslaved for 50 years. Credit must be given to the 3 parties when they agreed to formed Government immediately. They are rookies like a recent graduate doctors and engineers and dump into the job. Look at the UMNO government - They received training like parliamentary secretary, deputy minister etc.

At least I know where am I if still under UMNO Government. We are still pendatangs, they give us $10 whereas they pocket in $100. We are still using Chip labour. They tell us to tighten our belts whereas they spend like drunken sailors and bailing crony companies. They play with race and religion and LKY see that when they were with Malaysia and today after 50 years, LKY see that it is getting worst.

That is the difference I see with PR where I have a chance. With UMNO, I have no chance after 50 years

Sang Kancil Guru said...

> Is it fair to many other capable
> leaders in PKR whom may have
> contributed to the party earlier
> than him


Anonymous said...

Is Nurrul Izzah selling sob stories NOW?

She's leading in the VP brawl and now wants to sell sob stories!?

Doesn't it occur to PKR royal family the BN gomen has been making many more "Nurruls" cry? There are 10 Malaysians disappearing daily. And Nurrul bleeds on the innocence of hero worshippers. What is the threshhold for these people?

There are spoils waiting for all political leaders, specially so now in Malaysia. If they just want the spoils and disregard the effects of their mistakes, it speaks much of Malaysia's future in the next decade or two!

Anonymous said...

Azmin - PM Malaysia; better than Muhyddin loh

Anonymous said...

zaid doesn't cut to be a leader. Man of principal my foot. He's opportunistic, selfish, kiasu and attention whore. He came from umno anyway. While in umno he made quite a story there and then continue the same in pkr. Why he always want to be someone anywhere he is? Is it not someone already with all the position and important role he held in pkr despite his little contribution? Good riddance, i say.

obidient nephew said...

my uncle never fails to remind me... "never trust politicians!"

zaid < anwar < najib

Jong said...

I agree with Anon5:59 100%!

# Zaid is another disappointment# - Khoo

- Is he a disappointment, how? his fault is by being too capable, too qualified, too forward looking and too confident, that peeved those insecured baboons in PKR?

You asked, "Is it fair to many other capable leaders in PKR whom may have contributed to the party earlier than him?"

Which capable leaders in PKR before him? Contributed what, as Anwar's faithful side-kicks and blabber-mouths that we have seen and heard so often?
If there is any qualified and 'capable leaders' within PKR who could have done the job, why do you think Zaid was tasked and not them? Comeon, it's all about self-interests, jealousy and pitting one against the other that they are capable of!

I'm surprised you didn't find it disturbing and unaware of concerted effort by certain quarters obviously on instructions(!!), to backstab Zaid, starting from Dr Syed Husin Ali, the out-going Deputy President before party nomination even began? For someone of his position(sad indeed), Dr Syed Husin certainly failed to conduct himself expected of a senior, an out-going deputy president who should have just shut up and stay neutral! He has indeed been one of disappointment, nyanyok lah. The truth hurts, huh?

Jong said...

Anon 9:45PM,

You are wrong here!
Even if Azmin takes over the PKR presidency, no big deal he has lost so much credibility.

Just in case he harbours any thoughts of taking the premiership when Pakatan Rakyat gets to Putra Jaya, this pretty-boy needs to get in the long queue behind capable Khalid Samad, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, Husam Samad, Nizar Jamaluddin and Tunku Aziz, to name a few.

Dream on, pretty-boy!!!

Jong said...

oops, my apologies - should read "Husam Musa".

Baha said...

The only difference I ever found between one party and another is that one of them is skinning you from the ankle up and the other, from the neck down.