Thursday, December 30, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup Win & Public Holiday

PM Najib Razak has declared a public holiday on 31st Dec (friday) to celebrate Malaysia’s first ever victory in the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup championship. His decision sounds rather outrageous to me.

Before I continue, I would like to congratulate the national team for winning the Asean cup for the first time in 21 years. It is an admirable performance. The national team should be encouraged to perform better in the future to recapture Malaysia's past glory.

Remember, the Malaysian national had achieved much more than this victory. We had won bronze medals at the Asian cup twice and qualified for the Olympics twice too! Our national team had made a mince meat of teams such as Japan and South Korea during their heydays.

The national team is doing a catch up now. We should celebrate their rise and hope that they could maintain their consistency to justify our investment and attention given to them.

However, the Asean cup is a good stepping stone but it is not an Asian cup or the World Cup. Is there a need to declare a public holiday?

My business contacts called me to voice their frustration. 31st Dec is a busy day for those in the events management, retail, F&B and service industry. Many companies are rushing for the financial year end closing. Most of them needed capacity manpower.

A public holiday is going to disrupt business operations and productivity. Those who wanted their staff to come back for work will have to pay triple for a day's work.

We should rejoice but not over doing it or doing it without understanding the full consequences. Is Najib implying that the national football team can now take a break too after winning the Asean cup?

It is just but a regional competition. True champions go back immediately to the training ground after a victory to ensure that they ironed out any remaining weakness in their game.

Najib should show a good example by urging Malaysians to strive harder to improve.

A public holiday? The Malaysian team lost 1-2 in Indonesia. An outright victory would have been more convincing for us.

Maybe we should declare more holidays too if Najib administration could bring several high profile corrupt culprits, murderers and rapists to face their punishment.

I would like to repeat again. It is good to encourage our boys in the national team to work harder and to win more honours but do not over do it.


Anonymous said...

I think announcing a Public Holiday for such kind of victory may not be wise.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the national team for winning the AFF Cup...not the World Cup though...!!!..We are no where near the top 5 ASIAN team yet..! Our hey days in the 70's & early 80's are yet to be seen repeated again...but due credit should be given to this team and the coach..but not to the extend of declaring a the 70's our level were against the S.Korean & Japanese ( now world class), whom we beat regularly..not the Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand...with all respect to this teams..we should not be gloating on the win over this teams...trying to score points with the rakyat with an impeding GE coming does not speak well ...We should win something at world level or at least Asian level first...!

Anonymous said...

Khoo, I agree 100% with your article here ... but a BIG let down indeed. Election must be coming soon for sure with this shiok feeling for the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

i pray the football team wins the Asiad cup. we will get one week's holiday, no?
Didnt know the country is so desperate in that a win against the football minnons deserves a public holdiay. Having said that, I agree Mr Khoo, a pat on the shoulders of the footballers for winning something after such a long long time. Hope its not a once-off achievement.

Gratitude said...

Najis is so desperate, he'll do anything to prop up his sagging whatevers.

chaelian said...

I cannot agree with you more! I can understand the exuberance if Malaysia had won BOTH matches but the truth is, we lost the 2nd one which means we only won on a technicality. Also, how can Najib declare this event as "the greatest night in Malaysian football"? Have the past achievements of being among the top teams in Asia and qualifying for the Olympic Games been erased?

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more. This kind of ad-hoc holidays are a source of frustration and at the expense of businesses trying to maximize capacity and productivity. As a nation, we are already having very high number of public holidays, sick leaves, etc.

Nirwana said...

I failed to understand why we need to have laws in Malaysia. The Employment Act 1965 S60D(1) and (3) clearly spells out the employer's obligation as far as public holidays are concerned. And here we have the government overriding the statute to require that public holiday rate be paid just because the politicians tried to gain popularity. Surely the law is above what the politicians like to declare. Please pardon my ignorance. What is the qualification of our learned Human Resource Minister ?
Datuk Kadir Jasin said it accurately - Menteri dapat gaji, Majikan boleh mati - literally translated is that Minister still get their salary, the employer can go to hell.
I do not think that the law is interpreted and there is no need to observe the public holiday if the employer has fulfilled the obligation as required under the law. The mainstream media ought to check on the law before publishing misinformation.

KY said...

A success indeed is a success, regardless whether it’s SUZUKI CUP, HONDA CUP or PROTON CUP. It’s worthy to CELEBRATE!!!

Moreover, tomorrow is the FINAL DAY of a BEAUTIFUL 2010 & most people are already in CELEBRATION MOOD. Most companies had made plans to declare a HALF DAY WORK prior to the HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT made by PM.

Hey KHOO, your business contact called you to vent their FRUSTRATION is NOT becos' of the HOLIDAY. Your business contact is a "BORN FRUSTRATED PERSON". Tell me who the HELL will be frustrated if New Year's EVE is declared a HOLIDAY. Grow up, KHOO!!!

Those who are in the event management biz & F&B biz already expected this regardless whether 31st Dec. is declared a HOLIDAY or not. Thus, please STOP giving LAME EXCUSES, my dear KHOO!!! Start growing up lah & hopefully you will start doing this come 2011.

So, what’s the BIG HOO-HA over the HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT???

Well, let me tell you this OPEN SECRET, ok??? It’s NOT whether NAJIB is trying to win brownie points or whatsoever but it’s more like PAKATAN RAKYAT is JEALOUS our dear PM is getting POPULAR by the days.

PAKATAN RAKYAT dread the feeling they are destined for 6 FEET UNDERGROUND by the minute & they had ran out of ideas on how to combat BARISAN NASIONAL. Thus, the last resort is to SPREAD & PROMOTE a simple word called “JEALOUSY”

What a SORE LOSER Pakatan Rakyat is, rite??? They SUCK big time lah.

"Happy New Year"!!!

Anonymous said...

Our PM can say he has the perogative to call a national holiday because of the stella performance of our boys in Jakarta. Then, again, he is a smart opportunist who takes advantage of the situation to rank up his public rating.

Forget about any business opportunities lost, in as much that he is enjoying one-up public approval. This character of him has been pointed out by a neighbouring country that our leader is an opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous , the word !!!

Dont be surprised one of these days you gonna have another national holiday for someone cat's birthday.

How about another national holiday for U help me , I help u.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

clk said...

The Country's desperate need for any victory no matter how small a win even at the Asean level would now justify a National Holiday.

At the Olympics, we'll have a full year holidays then for a handful of gold medal.

We have stooped so low!

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you. To declare a public holiday is over doing it.
There are many other creative ways to celebrate success.

Anyway, congrats to the national team.

Anonymous said...

To declare a public holiday at the very last days of the year is sheer stupidity. It's not like the PM died or something. Just a win and they are all agog. Wait till they lose their next match. Like everything else, Najib is trying to score brownie points with this. Or is he showing his middle finger to the Indonesians? It cost the private industry millions in overtime pay and loss of productivity.

Anonymous said...

Najib is very smart! Ride on the wave of popularity first.Or else is secondary lah.

Jong said...

Congratulations to our national team!

But to declare friday a national public holiday is an 'overdone'! May I ask what's the big deal, was that a display of world class football?

Will Najib declare a week's holiday if Malaysia comes winner in Asian or Commonwealth games?

What was Najib trying to do - campaigning for coming general election in 2011?

Was he aware by doing so(declare fri a public holiday), it has caused much confusion and complication that will result in employers of multi-national and private companies/factories having to pay out 'public holiday wages' thus resulting in losses?

How irresponsible can the Prime Minister get?!!

Anonymous said...

General election is near!! Votes are more important than any issues..Economy, corruption, murder,misuse of power etc are secondary or not relevant at the moment!!! High time to change government liao...

Anonymous said...

Don't see the need a logic of having/declaring a Public Holiday.

Happy New Year anyway and God Bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

@Ah Peng:
"A public holiday? The Malaysian team lost 1-2 in Indonesia. An outright victory would have been more convincing for us"

The Chinese eventually came to believe that their behavior was the only correct etiquette in the universe, that all who did not follow then same meticulous rules of conduct were uncivilized barbarians!

CK said...

very well said.
look at the badminton scene!

niakong said...

Totally agree.

In badminton, the big names would be like Thomas Cup and All England.

In football, the big names would be like World Cup and Euro. If the latter is not applicable, then an Asian Cup shld be.

So, this declaration of public holiday for a relatively small event is indeed very unbecoming. Furthermore, let's be honest and judge if the standard of our football is really there (as compared to our great heydays). Let's not syiok-sendiri and be in a state of denial.

Sigh ... this holiday thing happened just because GE is around the corner. Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Encouragement should be towards the players. But declare public holiday for whose benefit???? WHo is celebrating the victory nationwide? It's just another game only.

Anonymous said...

You ain't see nothing yet. Wait till Najib starts to parade and feat them all over the country and claim credit for their win. The circus just came to town.

Anonymous said...

Guys, lets be very clear here, shall we?

First of all, we are a 3rd world country with a 3rd world mindset.

Secondly, we dont have any standards nor class.

Lastly, for a nation that is into building the biggest, tallest, largest etc etc etc ... what do you expect?

BodohLand said...

What do you expect from the BodohLand?

K L said...

What a pity that there is no Honda Cup or Toyota Cup or Mercedes Cup ! More chances to have public holidays !

Anonymous said...

A holiday is a holiday. Who don't like holiday must be crazy.
But if you lose a lot of money while holidaying, you'll be upset too.
What if you have an important date eg. an appointment. An opportunity to make lots of money won't you be upset too ?

Yes, money isn't everything but won't your holiday be better if you have more cash and when it's better planned ?

Not only the boss were upset, those makan gaji people were also upset because cannot complete their work because month end.
Any responsible worker would be upset because cannot finish their work and enjoy new years day without worrying about work.
So while we are happy with the holiday, be more understanding to other people who don't benefit from the unplan holidaylah.

Anyhow, I had a great time but my brother was pissed. I felt sorry for him though.

Anonymous said...

Your friends said that, but my friends who are the manpower were very happy.

Anyway, have to go to work, as you said it's end year closing...
So the pay is triple. So what?

The problem is its year end closing so why give public holiday or "oh shit, now have to pay triple to make them come 2 work..."

U mentioned only about bosses, how about employees... come on la bro... look at both sides la..

The rule is simple...
>Government make decision
>people follow

However, some people neva understand and cant accept it. So what they do?
have a riot? No
Go house to house and have face to face talk with the public to get their opinions? NO
have a seminar about this? NO
What do they do?
Go and sit at a mamak shop and complain. Why they neva do any of the above mentioned? Becoz it will make no difference they say. No point they say. Then stop bickering. Do sumting to make a change.

The there are sum ppl who go and write in the blog la, we neva feel happy la...
Please la...
You don't like holiday you go open a company, and make the working days 7 days a week. tell your workers in ur company there are only mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays.
Afta that is monday again.

maybe if u working in a call centre sumwhere, everyday kena bambu wit angry customers, then u will learn to appreciate these kind of tokens of appreciation that the GOV gives us, and not komplen the "WHAT IF" talk.

By the way, thx for the chance 2 gv my opinion here.
Be happy, smile always.
Christopher Vijay from Kelana Jaya

I also wanna post a question here to the author.

If drinking and driving is illegal,
why do pubs and bars have parking spots?

Enjoy the week and belated CNY 2011wishes to all