Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Better a 'Prostitute' Than a Racist: Say No to Racism!

Perkasa, ex-PKR Zahrain and Hishammuddin have criticized both Anwar and Wan Azizah for rejecting the 'ketuanan Melayu' concept. Perkasa Youth chief even went a step ahead by calling the PKR president a political 'prostitute'.

If Wan Azizah is being verbally abused and ostracised for rejecting institutional racism and mega hypocrisy, I would like to tell her critics that we would prefer to embrace a leader like than racial bigots like Perkasa leaders, Zahrain and Hishammuddin.

These bigots are certainly serving their own political interest and personal interest by claiming skin deep supremacy over other non-Malay Malaysians. The federal constitution is clear about equal rights for all citizens. What is the use of citizenship if all Malaysians are not legally, politically and socially equal?

Hishammuddin said PKR president Wan Azizah's statement on the subject clearly had political motives and was aimed at causing unease among the various races in the country.

"I would like to ask Wan Azizah and the PKR leadership, are they also rejecting the institution of the Malay rulers? What is being raised by PKR is clearly an attempt to belittle the Malays. We do not want the institution of the Malay rulers to be also belittled," he said in a statement.

Hishammuddin should not try to divert the whole attention and debate away from how Umno was trying to frame 'ketuanan Melayu'. It was not about the royalty. Their role has been clearly defined in the constitution. Malay rulers are respected for their symbolic prominence, reverence, and co-existence within the larger framework of a parliamentary democracy.

Wan Azizah and her party rejected the Umno version of 'ketuanan Melayu' which aims at deceiving the Malays about an imaginary supremacy. The truth is more than 96% of the poor are made up of Malays. Malays have problem holding on to the 30% equity since the NEP was implemented in 1970. Malays are still considered lagging behind the others in economic development and knowledge acquisition. Even Dr Mahathir conceeded that he was not qualified to study medicine.

Similarly, for the good of our Malay friends, we should reject the Umno's version of Malay supremacy too. They are merely using the special privileges, granted through a perceived constitutional supremacy, to enrich themselves and their relatives. Evidence are aplenty in Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Meanwhile, the common Malays are left hoping for some crumbs from their 'Bapaks' (read Umno/BN).

It is a shame that some Malays and 'celup' Malays (e.g. Ridhuan Tee) have continued to blame the Chinese for all their miseries. They should remember majority of the Chinese do not have any blood relations with YTL, Berjaya, Genting, Malton, Public Bank or some other rich corporate founders.

Umno has an uninterrupted rule and dominance in the Malaysian politics since the independence. If it cannot help the Malays through the NEP despite being a self-proclaimed Malay champion, it is right time for the community to find a better champion. A true champion should be able to alleviate more Malays out from poverty and help them to acquire real knowledge and skills. Malays, under Umno rule, are merely 'jaguh kampung' (local hero).

Perhaps PKR Wan Azizah has a better plan for her own community. It is time we see more world-class Malay intellectuals and leaders.

Umno's 'ketuanan Melayu' is like smoking opium. It brings temporary ecstasy and joy but long term damage to the brain and body. It is time to treat the disease.


CITIZEN said...

That PERKASA fler said Wan Azizah a political prostitute bcos PKR collaborate with the non-malays for political support.Likewise I can also label the UMNO leaders as political prostitutes as they also collaborate with the non-malays(MCA,MIC,etc..)for political support.So PERKASA,think before you speak out and don't just shout(your lung out)!
On the other hand,PERKASA's action just show that they are a bunch of parasites(feeding on govt handouts for survival and not contributing to racial harmony in the country)or rather pimps(feeding on the blood and sweat of the political 'prostitutes')

Anonymous said...

Let discard 'Ketuanan Melayu' once and for all! I respect the monarch but totally disgusted with politicians using that phrase to con the Rakyat to continue staying in power!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Khoo, nowadays Umno also learn tai-chi lah.Tolak issue to involve the Rulers....

Anonymous said...

Almost every watchman/security guard is a Malay. Almost every gabbage collector is a Malay. Almost every telekom/tenaga/jkr blue collar worker is a Malay.
Almost every bus driver is a Malay.
And some 96% of the poor are Malays!

Now what does Malay Superiority (MS) mean to them?
What is MS when there is no food on the table and no money to service loans.

Can UMNO fool them all the time?

Anonymous said...

orang yang takde otak macam perkosa, zahrain aka no brain and hisap puting..

Anonymous said...

Well said, better post than your previous one which have a compliment to the current PM. The legacy of the present UMNO is more like good cop bad cop, where the leader said nice to hear things for selective audience. I completely reject these retheoric unlike you who can compliment from hypocrites like them.

Anonymous said...

Some power of the Rulers were removed by UMNO during the time of Dr.M. If this is not beliteling the Rulers,what is. PKR is against politicians who use the phrase 'Ketuanan Melayu' for political gain and self-interest, when after more than 50 years after independence the majority of the Malays are still poor. They are against corruptions that make the masses poor, all Malaysian inclusive. I don't think they are against our rulers in any way.

Anonymous said...

One solution - all the ultra rich chinese ( the yeohs of YTL, the lims of Genting, the Liew of Setia, etc etc ) which constitutes only 1% of the population should migrate for good and just leave the lower middle class chinese who could not afford to go anywhere.

And i mean leave TOGETHER within a specific time frame. So what's the result ? Almost immediately, the bogeymen/whipping boy will have disappeared and the real thieves and robbers will be apparent to the malay heartlanders. With the ultra rich gone, gone too are the envy, the jealousy, the anger, the murderous rage that's now consuming these people, which is actually the harbinger for a volconic explosion which is now being fanned almost on a daily basis.

If these ultra rich chinese have even a spark of conscience, they should get together their own kinds (cronies of Umno) and discuss a time frame to leave this nation all together to save the rest of the chinese from the almost predictable on-slaught that's round the corner.

Note - they should leave TOGETHER to have the right impact and be meaningful. Afterall, they have eaten to the fullest and should be able to remove their snouts from the trough and think for once for the safety of the rest of the unfortunate chinese.

Anonymous said...

Send in the clowns. Perkasa beats anyone hands down!

Anonymous said...

Yo khoo khoo,
to those Malaysian Chinese, SHUT THE F*CK UP! There're lazy and stupid chinese that only knows to gamble, the youngsters only know to play game, they don't even want to study, does that mean all Chinese are lazy and stupid? It is sad that there's a lot of Malaysian Chinese that could not speak fluently in bahasa, some don't even understand bahasa.

kilroy said...

It is laughable that they claim that they are supreme but they still have to depend on government handouts,subsidies and aid.Just today the PM said that the NEP,although long expired,is still needed by the bumis.They won't need any help if they are willing to work harder and not whine about the situation that they in.Can't they see that it's the BN ploy to remain in power by telling them that they need BN to protect them.