Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Malay Supremacy versus Malay Sovereignty

It is more appropriate for 'Malay supremacy' to be rephrased as 'Malay sovereignty' as the latter encompasses the position of the Malay rulers and their subjects and not just the purported master-slave relationship said the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

Sultan Ibrahim said that when the British gave independence to this country, they returned Malaya to the owners - the Malay rulers and their subjects.

He said this was because prior to the arrival of the British and the advent of the other races, the Malay states were owned by the Malay rulers and their subjects.

"Even before the Malay states were made a federation, the Malay rulers and their subjects have accepted outsiders as guests and given them the opportunity to earn a living and develop Malaya together.

"When the states became a federation, the rights of the other races were respected and safeguarded by the Federal Constitution," he said.

The rights of all Malaysians should not only be respected and safeguarded but they should regarded as equals without any prejudice.

It is important to note that a new nation was established after Malaya was granted its independence from the British colonial power in 1957 and when a nationhood, Malaysia, was created in 1963. Malaya was not returned to only to the Malay rulers and their subjects but to the people who had inhabited both Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak prior to independence.

The new nation was given a new form of governance based on parliamentary democracy. A federal constitution was drafted and adopted to recognize the formation of a federation, a modern nationhood and to formalize a legal status, citizenship, for all races who had pledged their loyalty to Malaysia.

Any politicians, individuals or persons who refused to accept the spirit of Malaysia's nationhood and the equal rights of all Malaysians accorded in the federal constitutions are the real traitors.

Within the federal constitution, the role of constitutional rulers, the status of Bahasa Malaysia and Islam as an official language and religion of the federation are undisputed. But the constitution is silence on the notion of Malay supremacy. There is no such thing as race supremacy in the constitution.

It is unfortunate that the current government which has ruled Malaysia since independence has refused to accept the original spirit of the constitution. The ruling regime has allowed its members and leaders to continue to misguide and misinterpret the constitution to create an imaginary two-tier citizenship.

The divisive categorisation of Malaysians into either non-Bumiputera or Bumiputera is politically motivated. As a result, Malaysia's social division has become more pronounced compared to the past. It is unfortunate that Malaysia's political development is lagging far behind its economic development. Racial politics and the divisive categorisation of Malaysians according to their skin colour is outdated and outmoded.

Any attempt to insist that the Malay is a far more superior race compared to others is going to jeopardize nation building.

Unbelievably, some in the ruling regime are still harping on race supremacy. In this era, skills and knowledge are the ones that determine superiority and supremacy. Not colour of the skin or heredity.

Why waste time on Malay supremacy or Malay sovereignty? We should be grateful of our Malaysian sovereignty and try to work together to build our Malaysian supremacy based on real skills and knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,

Supremacy of the country is measured by its economic progress; its progress in education; its progress in upholding its law; its progress in creating a civil society etc. Not mere

najib manaukau said...

For once I have to disagree with you !
The Malays were and still are not the natives of Malaysia the Orang Asli, meaning Original People, and the Head Hunters are.
The Malays really are Indonesian pirates and now are mostly half breeds of mixed races. And because of their political dominance are claiming Malaysia belongs to them. Even the shenanigan Mahathir once in recent times admitted that , just like the Brits, who came to Australia in search of a far away place to build a penal colony for their hard core prisoners were claiming Australia to be part of their country and not the natives.
Because of the Malay's political dominance the Malays, especially Umno the organisation belonging to the half breeds really. The Malays are claiming to be the natives of this land
from the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters.
Where did these people came from ? Why are they called the the original people ?

charleskiwi said...

The Malays claim to be supreme, supreme in what you forgot to mention they are supreme in robbing the non Malays to survive and to enrich themselves. Otherwise they are just stupid kampong folks and good for what good at nothing. Supreme my foot !
But not for long, in time to come when the black gold is gone the next thing they will do, when they are bankrupt, is to nationalise the assets of the non Malays. That will happen soon and very soon even according to the Malay Minister !

Anonymous said...

The sultans are speaking out rubbish these days.

When Mahathir was PM they were like featherless and shivering chickens.
Mahathir had them in his pocket. Now they want to exert their power. I hope they know that the rakyat know the type of unMalay/unIslamic life many of them lead.

What would the Malays be today had not the other races immigrated here.
In any case there are also many immigrant and fake Malays. One Ridzuan Tee. Mahathir is Indian. Many are mamaks.

CITIZEN said...

This term'Ketuanan Melayu'(Malay Supremacy) is being bastardised by those Umnoputras for their self benefits. They are the parasites,sucking on people's sweat and blood and causing our country to be looked bad in the international community and to be ranked unfavourably internationally and scaring away foreign investors(which brings employment)and cause the people to suffer as a result.
These parasites are the real traitors of the nation!!!

Anonymous said...

Rulers who venture to articulate their opinions in the public domain must be ready to have their opinions subjected to criticisms. If not its best to keep a majestic silence.

Zulkarnain said...

It is a fact that in respect to skills and knowledge the non Malays outshine the Malays.

It is a fact that in sports the non Malays is far superior than the Malays. (Sadly, even at "Sepak Takraw" the Malays are not the world's best).

It is a known fact that graduates of TAR college are better and marketable than UiTM graduates.

It is a fact that in commerce the non Malays are way way far ahead of the Malays.

In terms of buildings in the Golden triangle we can see that the individual non Malays owned most of the buildings.

The list can go on..

It is sad that after many years of independence the Malays are far from being supreme. The truth is that the Malays are not a supreme race. The Malays are indeed economically weak and as such they want to keep the special privilege provided for by the constitution. If you take that privilege away from them, it is possible that "Melayu Akan Hilang Di Dunia".

charleskiwi said...

Everyone knows when the head of a choke or a pig is cut it will come up with the loudest noise of their life. This is what is happening to the Ketuanan Melayu because of their inferiority complex they are demanding to be supreme.
One does not have to demand to be supreme if one is supreme, only those who are not will do so like the dying choke or the pigs I mentioned in the beginning.
My entire body is not supreme and only the part where I get rid off the 'unwanted goods' is supreme !

Anonymous said...

Zulkanain bro...and Umno did nothing about fact they made Malays even worst off by with this so called special privilege...and the other races got stronger too because of do you progress? if you keep getting spoon fed.

by the way i think special privileges should only be given orang cacat or kurang upaya cus they are the real ones who really need it.

the only way for the Malays to be great is let them grow up and fend for themselves...then only you can get the best out of them, to compete in the real world.

Anonymous said...

"Kedaulatan Melayu"? What about those states without royal houses? Don't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah ,, Malaysian still talking about race in the 21st century. And who are these people?
They are groups of racist who cannot see their daughter been bonk by another malaysia who don,t share the kulit. Maybe they want their son to bonk other,s kulit daugther.

These are selfish and self-centred hypocrite and worst human beings.
There is no superior race nor superior religion. There are superior individual.

Do you know why we alway takes a liking for celebrities. Because they always tend to represent a diverse breed with their charm of the best of their inheritance. And everyone want to be part of them..
Don,t you find our mixed breed of celebrites who represent neither or represent all are beautiful and charming.. Happy bonking Malaysian.

The most beautiful malaysian woman i ever seen was one from MIRI, She is neither Iban,, nor Melayu , nor indian , nor Chinese, but she is Mama Mia...

Anonymous said...

dear royals,
This is the 21st century, pls don't treat your subjects as idiots. we have read all these shenanegans in the news by the royals, pls earn our respects first before demanding for ketuanan. Really........

Anonymous said...

Everyone else are talking about globalization and borderless world. They are either way behind in time or trying to boost their own egos knowing well that they can't compete.


Anonymous said...

UMNO is Rubbish for 'One Malaysia'...! - The real supremacy is the unity of Malaysian people live and work together. Respect each other... That is what Islam teachs - Imam Masjid in Perak.

Anonymous said...

This malay supremacy thing is one of the silliest idea that has ever come out of the country.It is without doubt way ahead in terms of wishful thinking and its proponents are all living in a dream world.

Malays are supreme compared to other non-malay Malaysians? Malaysians are a funny people, but this malay supremacy idea does take the cake. Yes, even the more and more irrelevant institution has jump on this lousy excuse of a gravy train!


Anonymous said...

advocating racial supremacy?...Indonesian is the one with extremely hatred toward Chingchongs. Even to their own citizens with chinese origins, Indonesians wouldn't hesitate to rape and chop off Chinese heads on the streets. It happened not long ago in Indonesia. I feel bad for those innocent Chinese civilians......Ehem!