Thursday, January 06, 2011

Male Chauvinism & Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang

Gerakan Kedah Youth leader Tan Keng Liang has accused Pakatan of politicizing his tweet on Hannah's pregnancy. It was Tan who had tried to turn Hannah's pregnancy into a political issue in the first place. The Sun's R Nadeswaran is not a politician.

Tan has been one of the better Gerakan youth leaders but his stubborn denial and refusal to apologize for his improper male chauvinistic mannerism is going to dig a deeper political pit for him and his party.

Tan clarified that during a twitter conversation, he had asked a voter in the constituency if he would choose MCA Beliawanis treasurer Jessica Lai or incumbent Hannah Yeoh (right), who will be on maternity leave soon, for the post.

When Yeoh asked him what he meant by "maternity leave", Tan clarified that it merely meant that the former would not be able to provide services to her constituents during her leave, which she was entitled to.

Any fair minded Malaysian should be able to read that Tan's response and intention is inappropriate. I am sure any right minded Subang voters would understand and appreciate Hannah's need and right for maternity leave.

Like Tan, Hannah is one of the better young leaders in her party. She has a good service record in the constituency. She has sacrificed immensely, personal time (not a mere 8 to 5 commitment) and financially, to serve the people. She is now making a personal sacrifice for her family and husband by bearing a child for him.

To insinuate that she would not be able to serve her constituents during her leave and voters should choose a single and unmarried woman to represent them is an insult of the highest order.

Tan should just apologize and move on. It is politically not correct to be labelled as a male chauvinist.


Joshua (ex DAP) said...

Why should Tan Keng Liang apologize for something he did not do? I just read again Malaysiakini + Freemalaysiatoday. He only suggest to his fren 2 female as candidate in Subang Jaya. He even suggest pregnant lady. So, what wrong with that? Clearly, this is just a ploy of PR to get him to say sorry (that's admission). And will use against him later.
Yes, I can see that Tan clearly is one of the better ones in Gerakan...perhaps one of the most outstanding BN Youth leader i see in the past year (at state level in Kedah). Even Teresa, Lim Guan Eng, Chong Eng, etc PR top leaders have to respond to him. But looks like Tan not so stupid to fall into the traps of PR.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to ridicule the DAP.
May I ask Tan if his mother had to become pregnant, do the housework and carry him for 9 months.
Did his wife get pregnant? Did she neglect the house and her work?
This man is an imbecile.

jackpot said...

Joshua (ex DAP) must be Tan Keng Liang in disguise. What was your memebrship number and in which branch if you are not in disguise?

Anonymous said...

He can take his apology and shove it up his arse. We, Subang Jaya voters will show who we want as our wakil rakyat come GE13.

Anonymous said...

Bung used to be a specialist in women's period, now Tan wants to specialise in women's pregnancy while utusan spend an awful lots of time scrutinising women's clothings.Can all these great warriors stop fantasizing on women bodies and offer a tip how to improve our economy instead?Sigh!

Fedup said...

Why the hell everyone so interested in this issue? What's wrong taling about maternity leave? damn. Something wrong with malaysia politician these days. Wakil rakyat suppose to work for people NOT argue everyday.

Anonymous said...

This already turn into a circus by this Tan & DAP .....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Being pregnant for 9 long months & not easy going for any women regardless of what they do & do not do is a gift from God, that men was not bestow with!!!!!

Hannah's job specs itself is "no walk in the park" & what about her area where she has to take care and look into????? How many thousands of people....?

Knowing very well Hannah "IS" pregnant and will eventually go on maternity leave when the time comes.....
WHY, of all things & so many other things to say & do, must Tan make & ask this particular question?

He could have asked... "Who are you (Hannah) gonna choose to replace when you go on maternity leave?"

Why bother to compare opposition camp? Why ask it out (twitter) for all to see?

If Tan was/is a better man in Gerakan, please ask :
"How 'more' can we serve you rakyat?"

Next time!

KY said...

1) HANNAH YEOH is indeed PREGNANT & NOT fit to serve as a 'wakil rakyat'. She ought to RELINQUISH all her political post with immediate effect until her MATERNITY LEAVE is over.

2) DAP need NOT give-up the SUBANG JAYA seat. However, DAP need to find a temporary SUBSTITUTE to replace the PREGNANT HANNAH. This will only be fair to all SUBANG JAYA voters.

3) It's near IMPOSSIBLE for a PREGNANT WOMAN to give 100% of HARD WORK.

4) Any DONKEY will tell you the MOST IMPORTANT thing for a PREGNANT LADY to do is to just REST, REST, REST & REST. This is GOOD for both the MOTHER & UNBORN BABY.

5) HANNAH YEOH should SURRENDER her 'POWER CRAZY' ambition for the time being. She can always adopt back her 'POWER CRAZY' ambition after her maternity leave. No point being POWER CARZY while she's PREGNANT. This will only harm her UNBORN BABY.

6) It's WRONG to say HANNAH is SACRIFICING herself just to bear a child for her HUSBAND. Getting PREGNANT is NOT a "SACRIFICE" but a "HONOUR" instead. Unless, HANNAH is born just to deliver BABIES for any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Muthu, then, it's CORRECT to say such a statement.

7) If HANNAH YEOH insist of HOLDING on to POWER during her PREGNANCY, then, the best option is for here to get a "MISCARRIAGE". This way, she would finally realize her own SELFISHNESS & the lesson of NOT getting adequate REST during PREGNANCY.

Now...."TOPIC CLOSED",. Will HANNAH YEOH please 'PODAH' & balik REHAT??? Time to HIBERNATE!!!

I think this is what TAN KENG LIANG was trying to say. Just a GUESS, though.

Anonymous said...

"Tan has been one of the better Gerakan youth leaders", if that is what Gerakan has to offer, the faster this party fades into history the better.

Veronica Adele Peter said...

I as a woman & I totally agree with what commentator KY wrote @ 10:36AM.

Hannah should indeed get as much as rest as possible for the sake of her unborn baby or at least for her own health sake. If Hannah chooses to risk & sacrifice her own health + the health of her unborn child, then, I don't call this "sacrifice". I would rather call this "stupidity for the sake of power crazy".

The problem with many of these young turks politicians from Pakatan Rakyat is that they had been too sucked-up by the craze of power ever since they are voted-in via the last Political Tsunami. Most of them had lost sense of family importance & health importance simply for the sake of being in power. How pathetic, right?

Come 'on, Hannah! Pls. do what a pregnant mother should do & that is to quit all your political post with immediate effect by handing the job to your fellow compatriot. Unless you really want to go thru' a "miscarriage" like what commentator KY had wrote, then, it will be all too late to even regret. Being blessed with a child is something more honorable than being a mere 'wakil rakyat'. There are some married couples who can't even bear a child & they crave dearly for it & now you are being blessed with it....please accept God's gift with sincerity. Do not let the devilish you take control over your mind & soul.

Hannah, pls. ask yourself which is more valuable...."Your family" or "Your YB title"? Use your brains, will you?

Anonymous said...

You really need to figure out why your dog is barking. That should keep you busy for a minute at least.Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Based on Veronica Adele Peter's comments. I suggest all bosses to give compulsory 9 months unpaid leaves to any female worker who conceive baby.For the sake of health, to avoid miscarriage,express gratitude to God's blessing,respect married couples who can't bear a child, family first not job... bla..bla..

Tan said...

People like Veronica are the truly pathetic ones. If they are truly caring for Hannah's health, they should not start by making all kinds of unfounded accusations about her integrity. Choosing to serve the community selflessly is letting the devil take control of our mind and soul? I am not sure whether they are measuring others by their own mental paradigms when they judge that all ADUNs and MPs are there just for the power or the YB title. Hannah Yeoh is a sincere and dedicated ADUN who has done a great job for her electorate. If this is what you call a "power-crazy young turk", then we need more of them.

elizabeth said...

The crux of the matter is prejudice against women. Many years ago, when women go for job interviews, they are prejudiced because the prospective employers are always thinking about the 2 mths paid maternity leave. I have always told them, is it better to have a competent and trustworthy staff 10 mths in a year, or a useless fella who is there the whole time? I am not being sexist, but really, one needs to look at performance, period. Compare Hannah with our Port Kelang Adun. Is he on maternity leave? But truth is, he never served his constituents, not even for a day!! I think people like KY are cypertrooper sent in by the Tan to hope to neutralise the angst. Tan, be a man and apologise!!

Anonymous said...

me thinks Veronica Adele Peter is another BN cyber-gangster hired to defend Tan Keng Liang, and probably male.