Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hanif Omar Defends Mahathir Only Partially

Hanif backs Mahathir's claim on Operasi Lalang:

"You can't blame him. He is right. As a matter of fact, it was entirely the police's decision. It was not his (Mahathir's) decision. Mahathir was actually opposed to it... He was against Ops Lalang," said Hanif.

In the 1987 crackdown on Oct 27, 106 people - mostly opposition and a handful of MCA and Umno politicians - were arrested under the Internal Security Act while the publishing permits for The Star and Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan were revoked.

However, Hanif added that it was Mahathir's responsibility as the home minister to sign the detention orders once the first 60-day detention provided for under the Internal Security Act expired.

While most of the detainees in the Ops Lalang were released either conditionally or unconditionally, 40 were issued two-year detention orders, including then DAP secretary-general Lim Kit Siang and party deputy chairman Karpal Singh.

Mahathir did not order the crackdown but he did sign the 2-year detention orders to keep a few top opposition leaders including the opposition leader Lim Kit Siang in Kamunting.

Second, it is near impossible for Mahathir to completely wash off his hands because it was him who revoked the permits for several local newspapers.

Hanif may be one of the most respected and credible IGPs in the country but his argument that the police force were independent of political influence is rather unconvincing. If so, why didn't the police arrest some UMNO youth leaders including the current PM Najib? In response, Umno held a counter protest, where notably then-Youth chief Najib Abdul Razak led a mammoth rally in Kampung Baru days prior to the arrests.

Both Mahathir and Hanif's statements cemented the need to abolish the ISA to avoid it being abused as a political tool to detain detractors and to implement the IPCMC to monitor the police force conduct.


najib manaukau said...

Typical of this shenanigan Mahathir, he will deny not only this but over time he will deny all the atrocities he had committed. While this ex-IGP is very afraid of being kicked out of Genting and hence the gravy train and needs the support of this bloody racist to remain in the board.
Now you know why Umno need to have laws to compel non believers muslims to remain as muslim with muslims like the shenanigan and the ex-IGP foe living off the gambling money of the non muslims.

najib manaukau said...

So this descendant of the untouchable pariah did not do it ! Yes, just I did not eat for the last few years to survival till this day.Yes he did not take any action pertaining to the arrest physically.
He only signed and gave the order to the IGP to it as the Home MInister and above all as P.M. do you believe the shenanigan Mahathir would allow the police force to override him ? It has to be the joke of 2011 plus he will have to go and tell the marine this event or tell that to a three years old kid.

A Malaysian said...

I tell you,if non-malays demonstrate,the police consider it as dangerous and say may cause racial tension(ya, racial tension is bcos the UMNO's followers will take the opportunity to create unrest).
But if UMNO's members(or malays) demonstrate,the police sees it as legitimate(as if they are being victimised).
Recalled also when Teresa Kok was dragged into the controversal issue of azan prayer and the Sin Chew reporter's reporting on the news,both of them were detained under ISA.But Utusan's Awang Selamat and Ridzuan Tee spewing racial hatred,no actions were taken.
This is clearly double standards and can Mr.Najib explain what is this 1Malaysia slogan about?

CITIZEN said...

This mamak senile oldman(I wont call him a stateman)is a real hypocrite.
When will he tell the real truth and apologise once for the mistakes he make during his premiership?
And now trying to be popular by telling half-truth stories.

Anonymous said...

That's the easiest way and the most expedient way. Power in the hands of corrupt minds destroys. You can take politics from Dr. M but definitely can't take Dr.M from the slyiest politics!

Jerry Chin said...

Hi Khoo,

1) Whether MAHATHIR is responsible for OPS LALANG is "NOT" important. More over, it's already HISTORY.

2) Every country require some sort of CONTROL. During OPS LALANG era, there were ABUNDANCE of BIADAP WANKERS of whom posed extreme danger to national security. Thus, I sincerely support the use of OPS LALANG in 1987.

3) LIM KIT SIANG, LIM GUAN ENG & KARPAL SINGH were the 3 most notorious local PEST back in 1987. Thus, what's so wrong to have these 3 dudes stored in Kamunting Resort??? These 3 dudes should be LUCKY they weren't HANG TILL DEATH. Having the privilege to stay in KAMUNTING RESORT is deem LUCKY for these 3 donkeys.

3) MAHATHIR was a GREAT LEADER. He almost single handedly carried MALAYSIA to new frontiers. He too have put MALAYSIA in the world map with his BRILLIANT plans & visions.

4) ISA should NOT be abolished!!! There are still ABUNDANCE of MONKEYS who need to be thrown into KAMUNTING RESORT. Wankers such as KIT SIANG, GUAN ENG & KARPAL should be sent back there again. After all, I bet they MISS that place. 1 NEW RECRUIT is none other than the MALE ARSE LOVING dude name "ANWAR IBRAHIM"

Now, Khoo.....go get a life or do you want to visit KAMUNTING RESORT as well???

Anonymous said...

Beware Mr. KKP,

There is an UMNO guy (aka Jerry Chin) infiltrating your blog and he is assigned to mock every thing you wrote. Perhaps, getting a cut from the RM6 billion deal?


To Jerry Chin,you are either an UMNO member(using chinese name)or a running dog for UMNO.
The words you use sound unfriendly and threatening!
A rational guy will not defend such way!

najib manaukau said...

Jerry Chin,

You are obviously are not a Chinese disguised as one. Short of saying you will lick the ass hole of the shenanigan Mahathir after he gone to the loo
you have the audacity to call this untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahthir a great leader. He is indeed a great 'commission taker' when he implemented the many white elephants without ever considering if Malaysia needed them. His main purpose building the unneeded white elephants was that they can then give him the opportunities to get his '10% commission' that he is so famous for plus also they would allow him to bribe his cronies, may be it included you, the shares of the loots. That was how the most hated and corrupted man remained in power as President of Umno as as P.M. of Malaysia. Not because he was the most popular guy around and as a matter of fact he was there as P.M. because he had the most number of votes in the country but the most number of 'yes' men in Umno and the running dogs in the component parties. Truthfully these 'yes men' and the running dogs did not represent the majority people of Malaysia. This shenanigan knows that but because of his evil tactics he remain as P.M. for 22 years. He is now still appealing to the Malays just to ensure his ill gotten gains are protected and not because he cares for them. He never did and never will because he has never deemed himself or his family as Malay or even Indonesian. His grand father came from Kerala and in case you don't know where that is, it is in southern India where all the untouchable pariahs are from.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Don't worry folks. The more people like 'Jerry Chin' opens his mouth the more rot he brings to himself

Anonymous said...

Now we know the reason why THE DIVINE Allows mahakutty apanama to live longer than as expected - to make a fool of himself to churn out more nonsense and hypocricy to disclose his trueself.......

He cud have blessed with Hero "departure" if he knows how to close his big mouth shut after retirement.

Now the damage he had done to himself is beyond reparable...

Dirty. O.. M..

Anonymous said...

Jerry Chin is the Jerry Lewis - stupid actor always depends on the singer Dean Martin.

He knows nuts about Op Lalang. At that time, MCA Lim Kim Sai and another UMNO guy like Jerry Chin are having a quarrel to the point of cutting a cockle throat. Lim Kim Sai was told by this knutty togo to Down Under for holidays. This knutty was speaking to a group but to Lim Kim Sai and and Lim kit Siang. So Lim Kim Sai went Down Under to escape the Op Lalang.

BN is telling all lies yet claiming to be a religious nation

Anonymous said...

And the mamak TDM will always use the words "I cannot remember" !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mamakutty is forever a snake, a liar and a hypocrite of the highest honour in this world. What can we expect from a despicable person who openly denied his root and be what he claims to be of what he is not?

Anonymous said...

Who would believe Hanif, a Muslim who survives on 'gambling income'. He lives in sin. Ignore him as his words are not worth 2 sen.
As for Mahathir, a keling who converted to Malay, is a devil's advocate. Wait for him to burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Chin is an UMNO Malay masquerading as a Chinese.
Any man with Chinese blood will not think or write like a moron.
Even MCA (UMNO dogs) will not write like that.

Anonymous said...

85% of the malays respect him.You nonmalays dont be foolled by 15% of pengkianat melayu to hentam TDM so you take the opportunity to hentam UMNO .This is what you did to the Seenivasigam brothers at first the chinese dare not say anything bad about UMNO.After the Seenivasigam brothers conqer Ipoh Dap kikcked them Off.That is why the indians support UMNO/BN now.