Friday, February 18, 2011

Malaysia A Police State?

Mahathir wanted to abolish the ISA but the police said NO:

"I suggested scrapping of the ISA, but I depended on national security advice from the police and they said 'cannot' (because) there still are threats,” he said.

BUT Hanif Omar said his duty at the time was to uphold the law and that amending or abolishing the ISA was the duty of the Parliament.

Mahathir did not want to use the ISA BUT the police made him do so.

Mahathir did not want to sign the extension of detention order BUT the police made him do so.

He wanted to shorten the detention to a year BUT the police wanted it to be extended to 2 years.

So, who was the head of government? PM or IGP?

Abdullah Badawi wanted to implement the IPCMC BUT the police said NO.

The public/Anti-ISA activists/pro-democracy activists/Bersih/Hindraf wanted to gather peacefully, a right which is guaranteed by the federal constitution, BUT the police said NO.

So, which is the highest authority of the land? Police or Federal constitution?

We need to get it right and clarified once and for all. Is Malaysia a democratic country or a police state?

Who is providing a check-and-balance on the police if they are so powerful?

Imagine Mahathir being led by the nose by the police, or so he claimed. This is a serious matter. The police image is being tarnished by Mahathir's revelation.

Or Mahathir is turning into a forgetful stand up comedian?


pinsysu said...

TDM's revelation confirms Msia is a police state. May be the nxt revelation he'll make is that he's under house arrest ...

najib manaukau said...

Typical of the shenanigan Mahathir, the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala, will give all kind of excuses and his selective memory when the real answers will no doubt show what a thief he is.
Whatever stupid excuses the shenanigan gives is only further reflections of a truly shenanigan and if the recent publication that his elder son is now a billionaire is not even proof enough. What more do you the stubborn Malay supporters need to proof what a corrupted shenanigan he is ? It is so obvious that he has stolen the 30% share of the nation's wealth meant for the Malays to himself ,his family, his proxies and his supporters in Umno to keep him as President of Umno and thus as P.M. of Malaysia. and most all to distract everyone especially the Malays from looking into his ill gotten gains with all his 'fight' for the Malays. Why now ? he had 22 years to do whatever he wanted when he was the P.M.. Who could have stopped him ?
Together they stole more than the 30% wealth of the nation in his early years as P.M. The worse of all he stole them in the name of the Malays. This is also proof that he was not the peoples' popular choice as P.M. of Malaysia but only by his evil means. WAke up you poor Malay supporters.
When will his Malay supporters, wake up from his the many distractions he is pretending to be doing for the Malays. No doubt he will continue to be visiting many foreign countries for whatever the reasons but one thing for sure he will always go on transit to London to audit 'his investments'. If you think Bill Gates' fortune of more 50 billions is making him to be the richest man in the world think again ? Even Mobarak has amassed more than 90 billions. One wonders how much has the shenanigan has stacked up all over the world ?

Patrick said...

Mahathir is nothing but a deceitful,lying,vengeful SOB!And he calls himself a muslim!

Anonymous said...

What the Chinese used to say...."If u can believe in what he says, shit also can be eaten"

Anonymous said...

Dr.M is trying very hard to regain his lost ground on his legacy but the more he tried, the more deeper he falls into the quick sand of bad history. Dr. M, can you override IGP's suggestion? Yes you can! Can you do what's right at that time? Yes, you can! Dr. M, can you consult with other advisors so that you can prevent it from happening? Yes, you can!

You can only bluff ignorant and children on this one. Not the majority.

Anonymous said...

Aiya Khoo,must excuse TDM lah.
He "always cannot remember" ma!!!

najib manaukau said...

So the shenanigan Mahathir, the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala is saying that it was the police that had him implemented all the atrocities he committed.
Since when did he would permit himself to submit to any body ? Or was it the police who made him to steal from the people or may be he was trying to please them so that they will not look or investigate into his corruption. Or was it another case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours ?
Shenanigan Mahathir the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala ,please don't treat us like the Umno morons are. You were the P.M. the buck stops at your feet and be a man , even though you are also a bloody thief,
especially you are at your twilight years admit the atrocities you committed and may you then die a peaceful death. I am not sure a heart attack is one !

K L said...

Alzheimers Disease !

K L said...

Alzheimers' Disease ! or
Challenging the Rakyat's intelligence !

Anonymous said...

As usual, this Indian is making a mockery of the malaysian public again, thinking that they could believe in whatever crap he says!
Why are still so many Malays and UMNO-Baru men still beholden to him? How long more will they believe in all his lies which has been his trade-marks for all these years??
How would others see us in being so simplistic and so easily taken in by his deceit????
Oh, stop being a clown and spare us from embrassment of having him in our midst??

Anonymous said...

when an old senile man talk to you
you just ignore him

mouleiyeaw u argue with him

clk said...

As the leader of a Nation, the final call is his.

Any advice or "threat" from his subordinates is merely that, the final call is still made by the leader.

Politicians still think we are idiots!

CremeBrulee said...

Whoa! Easy on the ad-hominem attack, boys. You might give people the impression that you're not being objective.