Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Ship is Right, Your Ship is Wrong! Please Don't Shit on Us...

DAP's Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentarian Tony Pua was making unreasonable comparisons when he claimed that the Defence Ministry is going to pay up to 8.7 times more for the warships it is proposing to buy, a defence analyst says.

According to Dzirhan Mahadzir, correspondent for noted defence magazine Jane's Defence Weekly, this is because the specifications of the vessels mentioned by Pua vary.

“Some warships he compared are less in tonnage and size than the (vessels proposed for purchase)… so it is like comparing a Mini Cooper with a four-wheel drive in price,” he said in a lengthy commentary on his Facebook page.

It is also very difficult to make comparisons by dividing price by tonnage as even similar sized ships can come in very different specifications, he said.

The rest of Dzirhan's comment can be read from the article. Maybe Dzirhan is right about Tony's over simplistic comparison.

However, this is not the most contentious point. The point is why is the government spending so much money (RM6 billion) on OPVs? What is the purpose of this expenditure? To enlarge and renew our armoury or to help build the local defence industry?

On Saturday, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that the government has agreed to allocate RM6 billion to purchase six OPVs from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd.

Ahmad Zahid said the deal would give the local defence industry a boost as at least RM2 billion of the allocation would benefit the 632 vendor companies partnering with Boustead Naval Shipyard.

As a defence commentator, it is important for Dzirhan to also analyse the capability of our local defence industry to build the OPVs. As taxpayers, we need to know what has happened to the last batch of orders from PSCI? Is Boustead Naval Shipyard resurrected from the ashes of PSCI?

If the main purpose is to strengthen our sea defence, why didn't the government call for an open tender? Shouldn't the government be accountable for such a large expenditure? The last thing we need is a government acting like a sugar daddy to the local industry. Granted that the intention is right but will it really help?

Tony's comparative analysis may not be that accurate but it does not make Dzirhan's justification reasonable enough for us, taxpayers, to accept the RM6 billion bill.


Anonymous said...

Every right frame of mind RAKYAT will disagree with the
RM6,000,000,000.00 bill for six ships where no one is at war with us. Please justify six billion times for us. The poor people demand that transparent answer.

Jerry Chin said...

Hi Khoo,

"GONG XI FA CAI" but sadly in less than 10 days of RABBIT year, there you go asking & writing PATHETIC ARTICLES again.

Hmmm...OK, OK, since you are the type of whom need HARD KNOCKS in ya head to get SIMPLE ANSWERS, pls. find below my clarifications:

1) Procurement for Military vehicles, equipments, software systems & so on should "NOT" be done via OPEN TENDER. Conducting OPEN TENDER for such purposes will only EXPOSE our country's military strength & weaknesses. This kind of PROCUREMENT ought to be kept as QUIET as possible. What's the point of PUBLICLY telling the world what our Military Defense have & lack, right???

2) You asked "Granted that the intention is right but will it really help?"
MY ANSWER: You will only understand the IMPORTANCE of this should our country be attacked one unfortunate day. After all, what the HELL do you really understand???

3) The Govt. of the day has every right to spend taxpayers money without elaborating too much. You either "SHUT THE FARK UP & ACCEPT IT" or just STOP paying TAX anymore, get it??? Stop complaining & get real!!!

4) Don't rope TONY PUA into your SILLY ARTICLE. Tony Pua talk PURE SHIT & by you roping TONY into the picture will only make 2 CLOWNS in your article (Clown #1: Tony Pua & Clown #2: Khoo Kay Peng)

Now having explained all the above, kindly remove your UNDERWEAR & slap yaself 60 times hard with it until you faint.

It's ironic to see how DUMB a person like you can really be. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

are you sure that government buy OPV?
don't be so stupid for not make a full analysis.

Anonymous said...

so you want an open tender for military equipment supplier?

then other country will know what our military equipment and they will be more prepare

i wonder if other country such as britain,japan,US or any country in the world use open tender for their military equipment and make it to public knowledge.

hey,british submarine can't use its toilet and need to repair first.why their opposition never make it an issues to fire back their government like malaysia opposition does?

Anonymous said...

As expected by UMNO (Untuk Monyet No Otak)..... REINVENTING THE WHEEL. No wonder this country sliding backwards

clear conscience said...

Do we, or rather Malaysia need such big defense expenditure at the expense of so many poor Malaysians who are unseen, unknown, and all the "un"s?

How much help this amount to be spent on naval ships be of use to this group of poor Malaysians?

Are we in a state of war with any neighborer or are we threatened by any? Why are we using so much public funds to benefit 632 vendors? Is this prudent to manipulate RM6 billion?

How many more billions are going to be wasted?

I am afraid our future generations are going to suffer....look at the prices of houses skyrocketing beyond one generation repayment capability. I am afraid with our depleted oil reserves, many more price increases will be the norm. Look at the inflation rate that is ongoing. Look at the cost of a cup of iced-Nescafe which now cost RM2.20 as against RM1.70 end of Dec 2010.

Zahid Hamidi does not know all these, so does the Najib government. Why? Bcoz, they are not poor enough to see that is affecting the ordinary Malaysian. When one is rich, what is another 30% increase?

Viva Malaysia & only God can save Malaysia

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Jerry Chin

What credentials has Boustead got in building sophisicated naval vessels ???? Only UMNO (Untuk MonyetNo Otak) loves to reinvent the wheel.

Are they at par with the superpowers shipbuilding capabilities? Even those offered by the superpowers are much cheaper, better firepower and surely can sail !!!

This is a program strictly to enrich cronies. Prove us wrong that our forthcoming vessels are better than the American/European/Russian ones.

Anonymous said...

6 ship worth 6 billions.

Well... if war really occur...all the enemy need is RM 60 millions (missile) to sink RM 6 billions (ship).

IF war do occur ... 6 Patrol boat won't safe Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Which cost more; to build small ships - made in Malaysia ship build using Indon/Nepal/Burmese cheap labour like the construction industry or its weaponary to be supplied and installed by foreigners.

Our Jerry Lewis or Jerry the cat should protest when Mindef invite tender to supply helicopters - from USA, Europe and other countries

Anonymous said...

This jerry chin must be an UMNO cyber trooper putting on fake name. No one sane Chinese will defend UMNO as he is. He better bury his head in his own asshole. A disgrace!