Saturday, February 26, 2011

Penang Truly Asia

Dawn Jeremiah wrote:

This statement alone reminded me of the question I was asked by Sham (Hisham Hamzah), then a DJ with MixFM during the grand finals of Miss Malaysia World back in 2007.

He asked me “Among all the tourist destinations in Malaysia, which would you recommend most to tourists and why?”.

The answer was so simple. Of course I would say Penang! And no, it’s not only because it’s where I’m from, but more so because of a major keyword: variety.

Penang can have everything and anything to make everyone and anyone happy.

I forgot the exact answer which I gave on stage, but this is the gist of it: If you want a city, you’ll get a city. If you want the beach, you’ll get a beach. If you want to explore the jungles and forests, there’s plenty to choose from. If you want the hustle and bustle or quiet time being one with nature, you have it all in this idlyllic little Pearl of the Orient.

Not forgetting the fact that it’s the food capital of Malaysia, with choices that range from hawker centres to fine dining.

Heck, even my Convent Green Lane Secondary School canteen has better food than most shops by my office! Penangites are very protective and defensive about their cuisine (more about that another day!).

Come celebrate with us the beauty of Penang on 5th March, 9pm at the Dewan Sri Pinang. Get your tickets to the MACC: Internal Affairs (Penang Edition) Stand Up Comedy in English. Tickets (RM35 & RM50) are available at the Red Rock Hotel, Jalan Macalister.


Anonymous said...

Would not recommend to anyone especially when UMNO plays the religious and racial games. In fact would highlight the racist and religious divisions that are used by BN. Also tell them to BOYCOTT nasi kandar as all the commotions are strongly supporte by these group of people

Tim said...

I prefer that you do not use my photograph without my permission.