Monday, February 21, 2011

Teoh RCI a Test for Malaysia's Institutional Credibility & Integrity

From the commission earlier failure to include a critical witness, chemist who refuses to answer questions to cops who gave conflicting statements, the Teoh RCI is a real test for Malaysia's institutional credibility and integrity.

It is unprecedented anywhere in the world where a government spends so much effort to protect and shield the integrity and a possible breach of ethics of an independent anti-corruption body which had resulted in a death of a witness in its custody.

It is also malicious for any top politician to suggest that Teoh's family is trying to slow down the RCI investigation until the next general election and hoping to turn it into a political issue. Like other families, I am sure the Teohs would appreciate and welcome a quick justice for their loved one.

However, in the run up to the RCI the public institutions in the country had created more doubt than confidence of their ability and sincerity to seek justice for the Teoh's family members.

I am sure many of us had viewed with disbelief the attitude of a federal counsel representing the MACC and his conduct during the inquest. The purported 'suicide note' had created more public anguish and anger.

We do not need hard facts to understand why the Malaysian democracy is being looked down by foreigners including the former US ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott.

If the Teoh RCI continues to disappoint, there is nothing probably nothing royal and respect left in any future RCIs.

What the Malaysia government need to do is not to give an impression that it is trying to protect any recalcitrant or disgraced institutions in the country. Otherwise, it would be a joke trying to suggest that there is democracy - separation of power, rule of law & humanity - in Malaysia. It must deliver justice to the Teohs.

It does not take any rocket science to understand why this country continues to embrace the ranks of mediocrity if such incredulous things continue to happen.

Malaysians must really move beyond puppetry and blind loyalty to self-appointed race defenders. The biggest problem with this society is the mindset. Any political leader or party hoping to carry out meaningful reforms in the country must first address the mindset issue. Otherwise, Malaysia will continue slipping down the slippery slop into oblivion.

In no time, we may be trailing countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and others.

Malaysia must get away and rise above its fixation with race, religion and royalty/feudalism.


Anonymous said...

Why should anyone want to protect wrong doing?
The police can do no wrong.
The doctors can do no wrong.
The contractor can do no wrong.
The teacher can do no wrong.
Is that the Malaysian story?

Bolehlander said...

I have yet to see public servants or politicians who graciously resign due to their mismanagement or oversights or some immoral involvement,not like what happened in Japan,Korea and USA.
But in this Bolehland,the wrongdoers will try to defense themself and you will see and heard a lot of half-truths or stories or flimsy excuses.
Truly Malaysia apa pun boleh!

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian gomen has hijacked RCI's sole purpose and manipulated it to give cred to the wrongdoers and not with the intention to seek justice and truth.
Just another wayang kulit to shut up the detractors out there and show that the gomen upholds truth & justice which is a joke.