Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malay Bible & Dirty Politics

The Malay bible controversy highlights a serious problem of deep social insecurity, unnecessary politicisation and political arrogance in this country.

It is sad to note that although a slew of feel good slogans had been introduce to promote Malaysia's ambition to become a fully developed country by 2020, this country is far from achieving this target.

It does not take rocket science to tell us that Malaysia embodies everything about a third world country. We are still bickering over something very basic - religion, race, constitutional rights and a host of other menial and petty political issues.

Our politicians are simply too good at setting targets they are not sure how to achieve. Politicians should start with some fundamental questions e.g. what does Malaysia need to become a true multiracial and progressive country? How can Malaysia compete and thrive in the ever changing global economy and market dynamics?

Zaid Ibrahim says “Different quarters have been allowed to abuse this issue for political gains. Must it come down to political parties fishing for votes based on promises of religious freedom? Isn't this already guaranteed in our constitution?”

Zaid is right to warn different parties not to abuse this issue for political gains. However, this is Barisan Nasional's self-inflicted damage. As the ruling regime, the leaders of Barisan Nasional should uphold the sanctity of federal constitution and not trying to impose their political will according to their own whim and fancy.

It is ridiculous for the Home Minister to suggest that their (Malay Bibles) release had been delayed pending advice from the Attorney-General.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein claimed the detention of 35,000 Malay-language bibles in Port Klang and Kuching port had been due to its pending court appeal over Catholic newspaper The Herald’s use of the word “Allah” in its publications.

In the first place, the government should not have restricted the use of the word "Allah" for fear of confusing Muslims in the country.

Abim demands PM Najib to clarify his stand on the Malay Bibles. PM Najib made the right decision to call for an immediate release of the bibles and all parties should respect his decision.

Abim's fear of apostasy among Muslims if Malay Bibles are made available is hilarious and shallow. It undermines the faith of Muslims of their Islamic faith. Many Malay Muslims are proficient in English too. How many have left the religion so far due to the Bible?

We should not succumb to our own inferiority complex and hurt the rights of others. Christians are Malaysians too. If the government and national language proponents are serious about their effort to encourage more to use the language they should act consistently.

Language alone cannot cause apostasy. It is not so simplistic.


najib manaukau said...

Have you never heard of empty balloon makes the most noise ?
May be Malaysia just passed a law patenting the word 'Allah' for the use of the word by the muslims only ?
I think enough is enough about time the citizens of Malaysia, especially the non Malays, are so used to being a bloody dictator. Soon they will even decide when the non Malays can go to the toilet to ease themselves. What kind of human being these Malay muslims are ? Just make sure you vote them out of their gravy train and their uneducated attitudes once and for all times. Before that why don't the non Malays just delay paying their taxes, they can't jail or shall I say they just don't have enough room in all their jails for so many millions of non Malay muslims ? Besides the it will also get the attention of the entire world not to mention the whole world will not just stand by and watch their how they treat the non Malays !

Anonymous said...

i can bet to my last rinngit that the Bibles will be released "with immediate effect" once the Sarawak election date is set. And the so-called 1Malaysia govt will remind all to be grateful and continue to vote for them...

Anonymous said...

Only good can eventually come out of the many recent examples of poor governance.The childish display of extreme narrow mindedness and insecurity of a faction of Muslims pretending to be even better defenders of their faith than others is quietly leading to their own exclusion. They are an embarrassment to true Muslims.

Anonymous said...

If I am a Malay I will be pretty confused. TDM stated that Malays are not competitive in the marketplace and need gomen support still. Then we have Muslim religious bodies say that Malays are weak in their religion and need protection. Hence, going by the above the Malays are scared of shadows and which is rubbish as they are as normal as the rest of us.

nono said...

Why is the Government delaying the release of the Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia's bible?

If they are worried about the contents of the bible. Why not ask a few Ulamas to read it?

The bible is not subversive.

It teaches christian to love people of different races and religion including muslim.

To love even those who hate you, your enemies and to forgive and pray for them.

Not to differentiate between rich and poor.

To respect and obey the Agong (King), Government and Authorities.

To worship God Almighty,the creator of heaven and earth.

Allah means God to both muslim and christian.

The analogy is like the word Malaysian. It does not belong to one particular group or race. The term Malaysian belongs to everybody.

As long as they are citizens of Malaysia irrespective of race whether Malay, Chinese, Indian etc., they can call themselves Malaysian.

Therefore the word Allah should similarly be seen from the same perspective.

If muslims accept the above mentioned logic, it would mean, there is no longer a point of contention - between christian and muslim.

Thus enabling christian to use the word Allah in their prayers and worship.

Anonymous said...

This guy is bullshit...please be rational about this issue...first of all...the government already issue that no ALLAH word to be used in non muslims publications without prior approval but it is still are trying to sow discord among the races in malaysia...other country like china also did dat

Anonymous said...

This guy is a sicko....your comments is clearly coming from a sick and racist person who try to sow discord among the malaysian races...Pls use your brain before you said all these nonsense shits....

Kok Ah Kow said...

I think the Muslims in Malaysia are shallow and easily led (or stupid, to be blunt) - this is not what I think and would like to think. This is what the authories implied when they denied Chrustians the use of "Allah" in their bible because they believe that this may confuse the Muslims and misled them. How stupid can this arguement be?
May be I should apply for a restraining order to stop my neighbours teaching their children to call them papa and mummy because that is what my children call me and my wife. My rationale is that my neighbours may confuse my children and they may grow up not knwing who their real parents are.
This is how stupid the Malaysian Muslims are as implied by the authorities.

Anonymous said...

as a senior citizen, i seen how our selfish leaders destroyed the future of this nation so many times. look at the English language issue- flip flop policy n they gambled away our children future . for 2 generations we lost out to our neighbors due to selfish leaders who pursued their own agenda at the expense of our children future. now you cant read the BIBLE in BAHASA MALAYSIA. no english, no Bahasa then wnat language can we used. BAHASA ZIMBABWE? this is a sad day in malaysia where politicins killed the future of her citizens

chicharito said...

hey khoo,i'm just wondering,why wouldn't they translate the word God into Tuhan,besides that's what its literal translation right? What's your opinion?

Joshua Thye said...

hi chicharito,

i am a man utd fan here, you seen the real good game on Sat? i am still feeling the excitement 2 days later!

now about "Tuhan", i am sure khoo won't mind me trying to enlighten you. ok huh khoo? hope u can see this after so many days.

the English word "Lord" is same as "Tuhan" while "God" is "Allah". of course English was not the original language of the Bible, just for illustration purpose. many a time you will find the Bible has this phrase like this "the Lord God". if we use the same word "Tuhan" then we will have "Tuhan Tuhan". In Bahasa Malaysia, this is a plural form. then we have a problem because according to the Christian Bible, there's only one God. this is the Christian understanding

this is only one interesting aspect to think about. there are others.

hope u r enlightened! pray chicharito scores more goals!!!