Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Malaysian Dilemma - Mindset & a Lack of Finesse

It is a shame to note that Malaysians, from both sides of the political divide, are not able to engage in a meaningful and civilised debate.

Some Malaysians tend to equate name calling/harsh language/profanity to a discourse/debate. If we cannot even learn how to agree or disagree rationally how are going to expect this nation to progress or move forward even if there is a regime change?

A Pakatan Rakyat blog, which is probably run by a supporter, has reacted harshly to both Dr Malcolm Puthucherry and my post defending Malcolm's right to criticize PR's defacto leader on his less than convincing justification for not establishing a showdow cabinet.

The post called Malcolm a "smelly drunken beggar" and me a "prostitute" for giving Malaysian voters nightmares.

First, the voters are not stupid and they are not the ones having nightmares but the same cannot be said for PR leaders/candidates if their supporters continue to behave this way.

I expect the blog to take down the post as a courtesy and a good example.


Anonymous said...

Dear KKP,

I thought this is already the culture of the day in blogs and other social networks...it's all over the place, (in fact all over the world)

Anonymous said...

That is the reason why we opting for MCLM.

Glad that you are highlighting this.

Anonymous said...

When one enters into debate in a public domain and wants his views to be heard then he has to expect both bouquets and brickbats.
Take it as a 'professional hazard' and move on.

Rightways said...


Hope we could link with each others:


don said...

just got to know yr blogger web thru yr net radio talk show. thx