Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stop Gutter Politics!

It has been a long time since I updated my blog. My apology, to be honest I am getting very tired and sick of commenting on the Malaysian politics. In the upcoming Sarawak state elections, I hope that all parties can stay away from gutter politics and focus on real issues faced by the people of Sarawak.

Stay away from personal attacks e.g. sex video, DNA campaign and others which are going to make Malaysia a laughing stock on the century. With changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa, we might be the highlight of international press looking for some silly and humorous jokes about governance, society and politicians.

We have read and seen enough stupidity!

1) Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob told the Atomic Energy Licensing Board to set up an office at the side of the Lynas rare earth plant to allay fears. Why don't he set up his own office next to the plant to allay fears? It is not about fears or cosmetic steps but actual, factual and scientific data.

2) Nazri Aziz suggested a RCI to be set up to investigate the recent sex video controversy. What is the role of RCI? Punitive? A tool of the ruling regime to thumb down their opponents? What about RCIs for to investigate corruption in high profile cases involving PKFZ, Sime Darby and now Iskandar? Nazri said Wan Azizah is not qualified to judge the sex video. Who else if not a woman who is mother to six children with the accused? Who is better qualified? Actor/producer Yusry of KRU? Nazri should help the PM by keeping his mouth shut. He should look at his own backyard before talking about others.

3) Dr Chua Soi Lek wants the government to consider the use of dual language e.g. English & BM or mother tongue to teach Maths and Science. The whole discourse on education system should not be limited to just language of instruction but the quality of education to create skilled workers.

We have had enough of gutter politics. Stick to serious issues in Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

This country has sunk so low that it can be classified as a pariah state.

I use to wonder.
Would God bless a country which has leaders who are corrupt,who desecrate the Bible, who are themselves involved in rape and murder, who pit one religion against another, who practice racism?
If leaders are God-fearing, the country will be blessed.
I think God is telling us to kick out this immoral regime.

Anonymous said...

Dear Politicians,

When people reach a breaking point they will take to the strees. Look at what is happening at Middle East. The Governmet has to be transparent, clean, accountable and give independence to the judiciary. Otherwise there is nothing stopping from Malaysians in followng the footseps of our fellow brothers in Middle East.

Anonymous said...

What to do when most of the YBs are half past seven! (worst than six)