Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Subtle Insults & Serious Comments

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi was rather upset that the media had failed to discern between his “subtle insults” and serious comments over the Penang free WiFi issue which recently caused a storm in Penang.

Ooi, who is state telecommunications task force chairperson, refused to clarify the matter further when asked how the media had twisted his words as he claimed.

Malaysiakini had obtained the audio recording of the press conference where Ooi made the controversial statement.

Ooi was found to have indeed uttered those words when he explained the difficulties of implementing access points in Penang.

At the end of the media event, a reporter was heard asking Ooi to clarify his comment about WiFi coverage in non-Pakatan constituencies.

“It is not even considered for (the) second phase... no resources, if (they) want WiFi then vote PR (Pakatan Rakyat),” Ooi had replied.

Yes, it is subtle insult. It is an insult for Jeff Ooi to suggest that he media needs to be able to discern between his insult and serious comment. Why is there a need to insult in the first place? His party used to criticize the Barisan for saying or doing the same thing.

Second, the media did take him seriously because it is the role of the media to do so. If Jeff wants to insult or tell a joke, he should do a stand up comedy show like what we did in Penang, the MACC: Internal Affairs.

Jeff's attitude and reaction towards the media is not going to make him the same 'superstar blogger' like in 2008 when he stood for his maiden parliamentary election.

It is best for Jeff to wipe his arrogance and serve all Penangites.

For a record, he has yet to apologize for his accusation again me and my company in 2008 when he mistook us for another company which had helped the state government to organize a merdeka celebration. What can we expect from Jeff? - This is a subtle insult.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, eat the humble pie and move on! You will be honoured for that!

Anonymous said...

Greenhorn politician with so much pent-up venom!

Anonymous said...

Even as a blogger in 2008 he was arrogant.
I hate those who refuse to apologise when they are wrong. It shows strength not weakness.

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem with these new faces in PR or DAP. Give them some power and you will see that they are no different than those in BN.

Jeff Ooi is indeed an arrogant man.

Anonymous said...

Hope that if Jeff made a mistake he apologises fast. He has done a lots of good work. Penang state government has done a fair job.

On the other hand the Selangor government is faring very badly. Lethargic leadership and insincerity with unqualified EXCO's exploiting the opportunity for personal benefits.

Cost increases compared to before for lower service levels and creative accounting hides all these abuses. Innocent people and companies are victimised based on false facts and bureaucracy.

Track record speaks for itself, now it is PR's turn in Selangor to hang itself.

How utterly frustrating to watch this happen.
It is too late for PR in Selangor now.Only grace that can save them is by next elections they have not pushed away too many voters yet.

alvin said...

Matters aside, the poor command of English used here would make any Englishman cringing his face

Geronimo said...

Jeff, I am a DAP member and I feel what you did was not right. Just apologise and you will sleep better. I don't believe 'arrogance' is going to be the hallmark of DAP?