Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Another Death or 'Suicide' at the MACC?

Who said that it is impossible for lightning to strike twice and at the same place?

Customs Department Deputy Director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed was found sprawled on the first floor after falling from the third floor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building on Jalan Cochrane this morning. He was already dead when found.

Again friends and relatives could not believe that Sarbani may have taken his own life. This case is probably going to be a repeat of the Teoh Beng Hock saga. Again, the MACC would be blamed for causing another death of a suspect/witness. It may not be fair to blame the MACC without first conducting a thorough investigation.

Let's hope that the next investigation would not be embarrassing again for the commission when its officers are found to have committed gross misconduct. It looks like there is a W-I-P in the MACC despite the restructuring and rebranding exercise conducted two years ago.

TBH and now the Sarbani death in custody is going to put another nail on the commission coffin. The government must conduct a thorough study and review on the method, system and mindset of the officers and the organization. MACC is in a deep crisis at the moment.

Nothing less than a full transparent process to investigate the deaths is going to help the commission regain its relevance.


Anonymous said...

Suicide or not ,God knows.

The main issue is that did they learn from mistake on security matter ?

We are living now under Toon Kutty legacy ie- So What ? Not happy ? call for Another RCI loh...

Dont worry , it's just another RCI. Tips from Toon Kutty- Selective Amnesia ma and things will be alright.

Samore not satisty ? You can belah and go home.

Bang Ball.

Anonymous said...

Call it RCI or whatever you want.It will drag on and on like TBH's case.Looks like a similarity of Ahmad's case with the BMF's in Hong Kong.So, it is better to be a "gong gong"

Anonymous said...

Teoh Beng Hock's case RCI also is less than satisfactory, how the fuck they can clean all those shit ?

Anonymous said...

MACC: We didn't do it
BN: Open Verdict
Pakatan: Bring on Porntip!
RCI: Who done it?
Rakyat: More sh*t!

Anonymous said...

My take is another BMF Lorraine's case in HK!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking,I don't believe the suicidal cases that occurred within 2-3 years time at the MACC were coincidence... something was amiss!My hunch was that the MACC was the henchman of the ruling party who took people's life like executioner. Why are they so bold and cold-blooded? because they are bearing the master's ruthless character.I won't be surprised their arrogant and cold-blooded character will lead to further tragedy at the MACC building... MACC ( Men Addicted to Cold Carnage)Jack