Sunday, May 01, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim & The Perfect Decoy

If the 1999 sodomy allegation & trial did not stop Anwar Ibrahim and his loosely assembled coalition from denying Barisan Nasional its two thirds majority in 2008, what makes the the ruling government think that it can end Anwar's political career with the current "hooker" sex video?

Anwar has provided a perfect decoy for the Pakatan coalition for some years now. It is Anwar who has diverted the Barisan's attention away from attacking the leaders of Dap and Pas. Dap leaders are able to continue working quietly and peacefully to strengthen their political base throughout major cities in Malaysia.

By continuing to attack Anwar on his recent sexual misconducts, the action helps to highlight and magnify the hypocrisy in Barisan's own camp when dealing with its own leaders' marital problems and sexual misconducts.

Without Anwar, the Barisan component parties would have stepped up worse racial pressure against the main benefactor of the growing discontent in cities, the Dap.

Meanwhile, Umno and its associated organizations/allies are expected to push the gas pedal on racial issues by claiming that the Chinese community aspires to take over the running of this country.

MCA has started the ball rolling by declaring that it will not seek positions in both federal and state governments should the party loses more seats than 2008. It means that the Chinese voters must vote for the party if they want Chinese representatives in the cabinet.

It is best for the party to quickly understand that the community wants more than mere representation. They wanted a voice and representatives who can help to carry their voices, concerns and aspirations into parliament and government.

MCA president Chua Soi Lek said that he supported Malay special rights enshrined in the federal constitution. It is pertinent for those promoting Malay special rights to fully understand the spirit of Article 153. The privileges are rooted in history.

Article 153 was intended to help create a fairer and just distribution of wealth and resources among Malaysians of all races. It was not intended to create a two-tier citizenship or to suppress the rights of other communities. It was not meant for those Malays who are more than capable to compete in the economy.

The founding fathers had understood that any policy which is implemented solely based on ethnicity, in the long run, will create social division in the society.

Today's political reality has proven the founding fathers right. The affirmative policy which was intended to correct the economic and social imbalances in the society has turned in a political tool to create and to embolden social division in the country. It is sad to note that Malaysians are permanently divided into two social classes - Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera.

MCA cannot issue such threat without understanding the socio-political history of this country.

The party wants to build a museum to highlight the achievements and contributions of Chinese community in the country. What is the point of celebrating the past if the party cannot assure the community of a better future? What is the use of the museum if the party cannot help to restore the facts and correct the discrepancies in history textbooks?

Anwar Ibrahim is a perfect decoy for the opposition and they should thank him for being a punching bag of the Barisan.

Meanwhile, the ruling government should know when to stop when it is obvious that the people's patience is growing thinner. It should spend more time trying to solve myriad of issues e.g. rising cost of living, lack of economic and job opportunities, access to affordable housing, education, public transport etc.

Barisan Nasional did not lose or win seats based solely on Anwar. Votes are lost when the coalition failed to deliver good governance and socio-economic progress.


Anonymous said...

tell it to the Minister who watched video while having a good time in a hotel room. and he has the temerity to speak about morality.
No shame MCA.

Anonymous said...

Well now that you have let the cat out of the bag, perhaps BN will focus its attention on the social woes affecting Malaysians. I for one have a lot of qualms which spread from the caliber of BN ministers, Mps and all the way down to the horror stories we are awakened to - for instance the MACC. To an ignorant layman like me, it's hard not to see the relevance of their creation of decoy investigations on matters that amount to RM 2,000 or so as in the Teoh BH case when we know that bigger sharks are left alone.

How can they pull the wool over our eyes. So people like me have lost even whatever little faith we had. Gone are the days of the "Kapal Layar" when we were living under coconut shells. It is long overdue that BN should resort to quality governance and not insult our integrity anymore. Time to get serious while social matters are light years away for them - if at all they are serious in tackling them. That's why we have had a brain drain and those that are still around are full of resentment. And now MCA dare to come and intimidate the Chinese - and with BN's support? It's a self-defacing move as far as I am concerned and they might pay dearly.

Anonymous said...

So basic, so fundamental ... understanding the real issues at hand of all rakyat Malaysia rather than sodomy here (I & II), sex there as if the BN politicians are Angels, so ultra pious by comparison.

Come on, we are not 3 or 5 year olds .... a lot of us are already grandfathers and grandmothers!!!

Hahaha said...

You r right my patience is running thin in this land run by JOKERS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So far, what has Najib deliver other then his slogans 1Malaysia, ETP, GTP, KPI, abc, xyz ....

najib manaukau said...

Unfortunately for Anwar Umno is able to use his lust to attack him. I must add that aside from that Umno has very little else on him.
Anwar is still unable to convince me that he is innocent because of Anwar's employment of his 'coffee boy' and took him abroad to make his daily cups of coffee. I cannot be convinced there is nothing sinister about the whole thing on Anwar's part. Also he has not, to date, apologize for his clarion calls for the Chinese to return to China when he was the DPM.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is terrified and he will be the first person to leave this country (and back to Kerala I supposed) if Anwar finds his way to Putrajaya. Last election, I voted for BN which I regretted deeply now.

Anonymous said...

"MCA has started the ball rolling by declaring that it will not seek positions in both federal and state governments should the party loses more seats than 2008."

What makes MCA think that BN will form the next government? It might be in the Opposition with UMNO and Najib its Opposition Leader.

Anonymous said...

When even educated Malays are starting to leave the country, UMNO is in big, big problem. The pen is way mightier than the sword and today, the pen is aided by the internet, with Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, etc as new platforms for transmission of information.
And with BN now pooh-pooh International Organisations such as World Bank, Malaysians now realised that their government is a self-interested party and will cross over to the other side in increasing numbers.


Anonymous said...

why is bn -umno trying so hard to totally destroy anwar? after all anwar is only an individual human being. is anwar such a big threat? why use all dirty tactics to kill him off politically.perkasaa said even malays are leaving malaysia. asked why did the former top ceo of PETRONAS left malaysia n is now working in singapore. why - is it true . this news never appeared in our media

Anonymous said...

Many of us would have give up and give in to these group of harassers but not DSAI.Never in the history of Malaysia had any man been hunted down so merciless as DSAI.Seems like he must be downed by all means.Whether he's gay,bisexual.transexual,heterosexual,CIA spy,Jews sympathiser, whatever labelled, he deserves our support for the pains he gone through.He will make a better PM.He 'll have to answer his own wrong doings to God,just like us all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't care two hoots about Chinese representatives in government, it means nothing to me.

MCA 'can go Holland' and I will celebrate their demise.

gadis melayu liberal said...

BN/UMNO is TERRIFIED of Anwar because he knows a lot of secrets that could destroy BN/UMNO altogether. Anwar has the smarts and charisma to propel this nation into a developed nation in every sense (political/socio-economic). It is sad how the politicians avoid tackling basic issues and resort to cheap dirty politics to garner votes for the upcoming elections.

I am tired of this b-s.

Malaysians are intelligent and we should not be treated like children. Politicians should address these issues (rising costs, min. wage, etc) and have us decide on who we should vote for.

BN has very little faith in Malaysians. This new porn scandal is ridiculous...Malaysians still REMEMBER the politicians within BN who has has a few scandals of their own..especially this loser Rahim Tambie..statutory rape is pretty bad, guys..the fact that the case was dropped doesn't make him innocent. Lawyers can be bought especially when you have close ties to Mahathir.

Let's vote BN OUT!!!!

samgoh88 said...


What's the use of showing your pretty face
Without the power that goes with the mace?
When you're certainly kept in your own place
And only allowed to see through the veiled lace

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 3rd May. 2011.

Anonymous said...

Good reasonable analysis.
But the opposition has also worked hard for the votes.
Their current administrative skills in Penang and Selangor are good testimony to the people of Sarawak too.
There will be more to see, watch and analyse.
May the people decide as the government serves its people.