Wednesday, May 04, 2011

MCA & A Statement of Fact

MCA's decision not to accept any posts in the Cabinet should its results at the next general election be poorer than that of the 2008 polls will truly embody the spirit of democracy, said party deputy president Liow Tiong Lai.

Whatever MCA decides to do after the next GE is a private business of the party. But the MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek obviously did not propose this action without a clear intention. The message is directed at the Chinese voters that they risk losing representation if they continue to vote for the opposition parties.

It is quite clear that Dr Chua was reacting to the outcome of Sarawak state elections where the Chinese voters, along with other urban voters, had ditched the ruling coalition and voted for the opposition. It is not clear if the outcome will be emulated in the Peninsula Malaysia.

If Chua's call was to help stem the further erosion of Chinese support for the party, it is without a doubt a poor political call. The call will not lead MCA anywhere. It is not going to help MCA restore or win back the support of Chinese voters.

This is a statement of fact. It is a fact that most Chinese voters do not think highly of MCA representatives in the government.

MCA needs to do more than just exercising its democratic rights to join the government or not. The party needs to work a lot harder to win back its credibility. MCA's representation in the Cabinet must be good for something. Good for what? This is a fundamental question the party must answer quickly.

Otherwise, Chua would have to brace for a potential sabotage from his own party members who may want to see zero MCA representatives, especially his allies, in the government. In the last party elections, Chua defeated his opponents by receiving less than 50% of popular support from the delegates.

To ensure its own survival, the party must move away from the practice of insider politics. The party must be willing to embrace and attract new and highly critical members into the party. The party needs to be revitalized with younger blood. This is something lacking in the party hierarchy.

Next, the party needs to engage the federal government like it is really in the government. Socio-economic policies which are not beneficial to the country must be contested and debated in the parliament and in the Cabinet. The party must be proactive trying to improve policy making and implementation at the federal level.

The party must argue against corruption, wastage of public funds, protectionist policies, racism, poor governance and others which are truly beneficial to the people.

It is a statement of fact that the MCA is not doing any of the above as part of the ruling coalition. As such, the party's intention to leave the government should it performs badly at the next GE will not attract any sympathy.

It is a statement of fact too that the party is going to suffer a possible political extinction if it really performs badly in the next GE and is not included in the Cabinet.

It is a risk I am not too sure if Dr Chua can personally justify as a president of MCA. He needs better advisers.


Anonymous said...

But what makes Chua think that BN is going to form the next government? He is so sure that BN will be the government and MCA will opt out.

I think MCA and BN will be in the Opposition and the party is surely not going to be in the government. I am afraid MCA may not even have an MP in the Opposition bench!!!

So threat or no threat MCA, will be dumped like a hot potato by the Chinese.

Jonathan Cheah said...


To put it simple:

A) If PKR & PAS do well in the next G.E., then, the 'CHINESE' interest & position will be safe.

B) If DAP does well but PKR & PAS falter, then, we can well consider the 'CHINESE' in this country as "FINISHED" or "DOOMED".

'CHINESE' have everything to lose at the moment. Unless, we are 100% sure PKR-PAS doesn't falter in the next G,E., then, it's still safe to vote for DAP.

However, if we are NOT TOO SURE whether PKR-PAS will do well in the next G.E., then, for the 'CHINESE' to vote back for MCA is of course the BEST option.

It's IMPOSSIBLE for DAP to fight for the 'Chinese' if their allies (PKR & PAS) doesn't do well. This would only make DAP (Chinese) ending up itself like a pinch of sand on the beach not able to do anything but merely for 'aesthetic' purpose only.

pinsysu said...

u can't return the balls to the eunuch & tell him to be a man again. times have changed as rakyat want responsible & accountable reps no matter what colour skin or what gender ... bottomline is malaysians for malaysia. we have to move on.

Chua Tee Yong said...

The advice is "NEVER PLAY WITH FIRE".

When one day the 'Chinese' eventually lose total representation in the Cabinet, then, it will all be too late to even cry (cry also got no tears come down).

Pls. DON'T gamble with our future. We gotta support MCA!!!

What can DAP genuinely do as compared to MCA??? Come 'on my fellow Chinese brothers-sisters!!! Pls. learn to look at long term effect & NOT be blinded by short term gains offered by DAP.

Anonymous said...

d move by d pc n cc of MCA r really stupit. it like a badly behave father who found 6 out of 10 kids walk out of d hse rather den change his life style 2 make himself a better person so tat d 6 kids will come 2 him , he is telling d other 4 kids 2 tell their bro n sis 2 come back or they shot also walk out wit dem. so wat d MCA r doing is jst like tis father blackmailling d 4 kid who stil support him n in tis case d MCA r blackmilling d chinese as a hole so i ting tis ass-0 president wil get back fire n loss all seat in d nx GE MCA BOLEH !!!!!!!!!

limml said...

It is possible that the urban voters may just want to reject CSL instead of the whole party? May be the urban voters feel that the party would not be able to represent them effectively if it's leader's vcd was in the hand of other political parties. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

how can the MCA argue against corruption when its leaders themselves have a share of the spoils.....

Anonymous said...

MCA reverse psychology threat only works on those old old uncles who live in deep villages, urbanites are asking them to get lost and better still merge with Perkasa.

samgoh88 said...

FACE THE FACT - 050511

Be brave enough to face the fact
That you need to do more to keep party intact Be sure to get rid of all forms of defect
Keep the party free from danger to infect

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thur. 5th May 2011.

kc khoo said...

MCA Youth Chief Datuk Wee says, the Chinese "又要马儿好,又要马儿不吃草" meaning you want the horse to perform, yet you doesnt want to feed the horse!

I would say, the chinese want the MCA to perform or else eat shit! Meaning Performance First! Talk later@

Anonymous said...

OMG, my toes are laughing.... at those here pleading for the voters to vote back MCA so that we chinese will have representation in the cabinet....hahahaha~

What representation? If MCA is so much as to be a wee bit out of line, there will be immediate smack down by its big boss Umno.

Anon 10:00 has hit the nail on the head...only those old uncles in the deep villages would buy this self-serving BS.

I have yet to meet one MCA leader who is not yet a millionaire after he/she joined MCA. This says it all. So just tell all these scumbags to shut their trap....the crap they are dishing out is getting increasingly nauseous.

charleskiwi said...

The Chinese Malaysian do not need a porn star artist to be their leader, in fact it is a bloody disgrace to have such an individual as one. There are millions of Chinese Malaysian to choose from.
Unfortunately those who did got to be blind or better still shall I say there was any one good enough to choose from when the whole bunch of them were and still are just lackeys. Or was it because the real decent Chinese have all immigrated or those who were still in the country were waiting to leave soon. Very unfortunately the country is left with people like LKS who is no better and is proud to run around and live a life of luxury, that he is telling every body to live while he goes round riding in limousine and staying in 5 star hotel.
So really he too does not represent the Chinese very well.

Anonymous said...

1st of all......

What's there to loose when there "was" nothing being done for the Chinese in the 1st place??????

Perhaps MCA is ok but not "the head"! Change "the head" & things can be better...!!!
Give it a go & see what happens.

DAP has been here for ages. Never a chance was given to them to govern. Who knows they'll represent the Chinese. Finally...!
Give it a go & see what happens.

Anyway, with all the current happenings & so-called "rep" still shining shoes....
We know how to compare la.....

Orang Tionghua said...

To Chua TEE Yong,we chinese are fedup bcos of the UMNO factor.
You see,if we vote you(MCA),it will make UMNO stronger in BN and they will be more arrogant(which means more corruption,less transparency and more abuse of power).
What have MCA really done(in macroscopic view)for the chinese in particular other than get involve with scandals and wrongdoings(like yr ex-president's son big time involvement in the corporate arena with his father blessing,the PKFZ scandal which everybody believed it involved UMNO behind the scene).
If you can convince UMNO to give the Finance Minister post to an MCA MP(if ever BN wins GE13),then I am sure you can get back the support of most of the chinese.

Anonymous said...

This threat may work for the older generation based on sentimental reasons alone. But people, ask yourselves this - What has MCA really done for the Chinese?

UEC still not recognised by OUR OWN govt though top universities around the world do. Isn't it ironic?

To MCA & CTY, keep your threat/bluff to yourselves. Under you, we have LOST OUR DIGNITY

Anonymous said...

i think csl has a point. i mean why still remain in the government when u have lost the support of the community whom you represent?

Anonymous said...

Don't threaten voters. Where there is a action there is always a reaction which will be will be greater. If you do not want to accept any post if the Chinese rejects you, you should not put your son in the cabinet. Do your work well and serve the constituency well, people will appreciate and will vote for you. The last election tsunami is also caused by the internal dispute among the UMNO where UMNO supporters ask the voters to vote for the sign UP.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese will lose all if MCA goes bust & there's no representation? So what? What has the last 50 years of supporting MCA and Gerakan done for the Chinese? What has supporting MIC done for the Indians?

The fact of the matter is that the rights of all who are not Muslims and not Malays have been eroded surely and steadily over the years. Look at the composition of the civil service, look at the ownership of the petrol stations, university placement, scholarship allocation; look at how the education system has been politicised and undermined by the mediocre technocrats; look at how non-muslims lose out whenever the civil court comes up against the syariah court -- if your spouse converts, you're immediate divorced and lose custody of your children; when someone deems a loved one who has passed on to have converted, what happens? Look at the funds allocated (or rather not) to Chinese and Tamil schools. Look at the GLCs control of the stock market; see who's controlling the shipping business and finance; see who are the principals and deans in the national schools and the universities.

Ask yourself why it's so difficult to build a church or a temple, or to build a vernacular school. Look in the mirror, and see if you see a Malaysian or a pendatang. They will happily collect taxes on your income but effectively, they treat you like second class citizens.

Can the MCA really tell us they have done their part in the so-called harmonious multiracial formula of BN? Have the stood up to ensure all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity get a fair treatment? We have lost so much, we might as well make a stand now because the way things are going, it's just a matter of time before we have nothing more to defend. What have so many Malaysians opted to leave the country? How many more will follow?

50 years of voting BN has brought us to this juncture. In for a penny, in for a pound? I think not.

Godless & Countryless

niakong said...

We're fed-up with corruption and racism plaguing the govn, and also not forgetting its bunch of incompetent MPs!

It's not that we don't want to continue supporting MCA and BN. It's just that if we continue doing what we're doing, we'll continue getting what we're getting!!!

Btw, i think OTK is a much better and responsible President as compared to the current one.

Ekompute said...

Most Chinese see MCA as an UMNO stooge and this is a statement of fact. As such, whether the MCA exist or not is not an issue at all as far as the Malaysian Chinese community is concerned and this is another statement of fact.

Anonymous said...

DeaR khoo,Dr Chua can say whatever he wants to say.Nobody will listen to his scare tactics and racial politics.After GE13 MCA will follow their 'Adek' Gerakan and ride into the sunset.When MCA members elected a porno star to be their president,that is the beginning of the end of MCA.Have a nice retirement Dr. Chua.Adio,s Amigo.