Sunday, May 08, 2011

Real Threats to Islam, 1Malaysia & the Making of Polarized Malaysia

The NGO Muslim Organisation in Defence of Islam (Pembela) has blamed Christianity as one of the biggest contributing factor to their alleged decline of Islam in Malaysia.

"It is clear for all to see, of the aggressiveness and confrontational ways of Christians in bringing cases to court, their police reports all over the country and their press statements whether on the Allah or Al-Kitab issue.

"They all have something to do with their movement in spreading Christianity amongst the people," said Pembela president Yusri Mohamad.

Adding that Christians are on a mission to convert Muslims in the country, he said that it all starts with “confusing” Muslims by using Islamic terms.

"It is their strategy to confuse Muslims by using terms and phrases which the Muslims commonly use," he said.

I feel sorry for Pembela president Yusri Mohamad, whom I had met years ago when I was running a policy think tank, and his desperation to find some recognition and fame for his little known movement.

If Christians are behaving aggressively they would not have referred their grouses to the relevant authorities including the judiciary and the police. There are many examples of groups behaving aggressively in the name of protecting their god and religion by resorting to violent struggle and suicide killing.

Yusri and his movement illogical allegations and attacks against Christians are a far larger threat against 1Malaysia and the spirit of multiculturalism.

It is a fact that Yusri, as a Muslim intellectual, should admit and acknowledge. The use of a common term "Allah" is not enough to confuse the Muslims into believing that Christian and Islam are the same religion. There are many other relics, rituals and prayers which clearly set apart and differentiated both religions.

Yusri, as a responsible Muslim activist, should assist to help bridge the misunderstanding and help to restore confidence within the Muslim community that they should not be afraid of something which had been practiced and used in the Middle East where the term of "Allah" has been shared by both Christians and Muslims for centuries.

Did Yusri attempt to do anything of the above? No, but members of his movement went even further by saying that globalisation, liberalisation and pluralism are threats to Islam. If Muslims cannot accept globalisaton and pluralism, they might find themselves being disconnected from the global society.

Islam, as a great religion, is far more diverse than what Pembela members thought. Malays are not the only Muslims in the world. There are more Chinese Muslims that the whole Malaysian population.

Christianity, globalisation, pluralism and liberalisation do not find Islam being a threat. Real Islam does not find them as threats as well.

What is threatening us and Islam are people who are determined to create conflict between us such as the allegations of parties trying to supplant Islam by amending the federal constitution in order to appoint a Christian PM.

Yusri and Pembela members cannot be so stupid to be taken by such senseless and brainless allegations. Who can amend the federal constitution especially on the position of Islam as the official religion? Barisan Nasional parliamentarians would need to support the move assuming that all Pakatan MPs agree to the resolution. The latter is already a tall order!

Next, we need the Council of Malay Rulers to approve and pass the resolution. This is almost next to impossible.

By alleging that there is such a move to usurp the position of Islam through a constitution amendment, is Pembela questioning the integrity of the Rulers and Members of Parliament in defending and protecting the sanctity of Islam in the federal constitution?

How many Christians are in the Council and Parliament?

If Yusri and Pembela members cannot answer such a simple question, they are not fit to call themselves the defenders of Islam.

Pembela, Yusri, Bigdog, Marahku and all other nameless and faceless bloggers taking an advantage of their anonymity to spread lies and malice are the real threats to 1Malaysia, the federation and Islam by peddling something dangerous and irresponsible. If Minister Hishammudin is calling for an investigation into these allegations, he must be prepared to be investigated too since he is a MP.

PM Najib must not take these threats lightly or he might face an unprecedented challenge to his leadership.


Anonymous said...

You referred to Yusri, as a Muslim intellectual and as a responsible Muslim activist.

OMG!! This guy, to me is an idiot!! If this guy can become a Muslim intellectual, then I wonder what would a stupid Muslim look like. Maybe a worm.
He spoke like a SPM dropout on Aljazeera the other day.
How can a man without a brain become an intellectual?
Tomorrow he will announce that Japan will declare itself a Muslim country and its PM a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

pembela, bigdog, marah....all these are paid bloggers of UMNO. and by extension, its the usual ploy employed by UMNO with election around the corner. Be very wary of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

our written media is the best n of world class standards. our journalists has integrity n ethics of the highest degree. so please respect these world class writers as they are out to please their masters n keep their salaries n job

lettruthprevail said...

You say they cannot be so stupid .. Well isn't it clear that either they are that stupid or they are wickedly banking on the stupidity of their own people?

It is not the other people who insult them. It is they themselves who are an insult to themselves.

Dr. Amir said...

Dear Khoo,

It is not christainity that is a threat to Islamist of Malaysia but the government of the day policy that enhance the malays to drop their ancestorial faith. It is the fundimental freedom of many open cultures that the malays are facing due to the seeping into Malaysia, the western cultures of 'Imagine" concept of living that has been popularised by John Lenon, is the factor. The lack of religious practises amongsts the Malay family is the next fundimental reasons behind the disintergration of muslim faith amongst the malays. The teaching of islam in schools are too bacis and leave no indepth value of islam in their young and rebalious hearts. If you want your kid to deepen the islamic principals you must send your kids to the religious schools, where many muslim parents are doing now, realising the threat and destruction of morale values amongst malay muslim or malay so called muslims. In the west, Christainity has been rejected by the young genertions as early as 1980s. Celebrating Christmas is only for the kids, whilist the adults are keen to celebrate New Year's Eve. The education policy pertaining to islamic teachings in schools must be reviewed seriously if the government is feeling the threat of malays dedouncing their islamic faith. I have heard of piles and piles of files in the magistrate couts awaiting hearing for many malays wanting to denounce Islam, due to marriage, lack of freedom and so forth. Christianity is finding its way in the rural areas and to those muslim malays with loose faith in Islamic understandings. Who should we balme? After all in our consitution we declare Malaysia as a free nation with religious freedom. Arent we?

Anonymous said...

Najib does not have much leadership to begin with. He is like a lalang, seen to be bending in any direction according to the wind direction but all for his own political survival. He is not interested to defend anyone's interest, only his own

Anonymous said...

Najib, take note, Muhidin and toonkuty Mamaktir is breathing on your neck now.

China has 200 Million Muslim and Malaysian Muslim are not even 1/10 of their number and never feel threatened by the Christian around the World. It seem the Chinese Muslim of China are having more better value than these Pembela Muslim of Malaysia. What a craps thinking these Moron Yusri is made of?. Muka tak malu, macam penyanga dan penchuri laknat takde otak.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, Yusri is no intellectual. An intellectual will not make baseless accusations. An intellectual will most of the time act responsibly when making comments. This is not an intellectual but obviously and IDIOT! A brainless IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pembela,Utusan,Perkasa,
We Christians are not like you who love spreading hatred,lies,provocation.We are answerable to God, not to any political masters.If we do like what you did our souls are to be condemned forever.We tell nothing but the truth whether you like it or not...nobody ever bother to evanglise to muslims here,period.So stop this monkey trick and learn to love another fellow human being regardless his background.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,We all know that Pembela,Perkasa,Utusan and Big Dog etc. are howling dogs of Umnoputras.Hishamuddin shouldn't have jump the gun.He is telling us that that a kindergardeger would have better judgement than him.Shame on him.PM Najib should fire him immediately,because a Home Minister should not be nervous and panicked.He could have his blood vessels burst or had a heart attack,all because some Umnoputra paid idiotic bloggers got him exited by writing their daydreaming fantasies on the internet.Figure it out.How can a minority Chirstian group threaten the majority Muslim population?Even Christians,Buddhists,Hindus and the Natives together cannot upsurped the Muslims.It's time a Minister acts as a Minister.Grow up Hisham.Time to love your fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

This 'kepala otak' Yusri is an intellectual' in misguidance' so that he can 'rule over' the innocent muslims.He is doing injustice to his fellow muslims by instilling inferiority complex into them so that they(the fellow muslims) will depend on him.

Anonymous said...

Its all a big game played by UMNO. Don't play their game, thats all. Najib is busily fanning the flames of racial hatred with one hand while his eyes are darting left and right to see if any fire has broken out anywhere. Meanwhile, his other hand is on the alarm button ready to call in the police, the army, RELA and all kinds of goons to enter the fray should a single idiot show his anger. And all the while his lips are mouthing 'relax' to gullible types who want his leadership as its the only way they can feel safe while they are getting high smoking the dried dung from UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,Indonesia is one of the world's largest Muslim populated country.Many of the Malays and Bataks are born Christians.Did any Muslim politicians,government broadcasting stations and the media scream about Malays being Christians.Indonesia,being a military government transformed to a democratic government and they tolerate their Malays being Christians and other religions.It's time Najib sent his ministers,Ibrahim Ali,Yusri and all their running dogs with tails in between to learn some manners and discipline from our neighbours.Najib has to show that he is the strong hand calling the shots.Instead he is letting his boys running loose like cattle.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:29 p.m. is probably one of more perceptive commentators.

I see this as one in a continuing series of instigating and creating a situation which Najib hopes will start violent reactions, so that he can declare an Emergency, suspend Parliament, and rule indefinitely, as he is certain that if elections are held, he will no longer be in power.

Anonymous said...

Sporadic issues like this will continue to surface either from facts or from imaginative creations by groups of specific interests to protect their own skins. We may be frustrated by these premeditated mens rea of these groups,but meager issues like these will continue to surface to incite the targeted ethnic and religious groups. More and more of The Rakyat will eventually come to a point with frustrations, disappointments,and anger, if not already, that they will surely make their unwavering choices known in the coming GE13. A Change Shall Come!! So, It Is! So, It Is! So, It Is!

quran reading said...

my head gets spinnig when i come to know shuch stuff. why everyone is against islam just why

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pinsysu said...

yusri chicken little: "the sky is falling!! the sky is falling!!". only the naive ones will be manipulated by politicians for their hidden agenda. we all know all these preliminaries will be orchestrated to the hilt right before najib calls for GE13.

Anonymous said...

Perharps it is interesting to read this old article:
for a different view.

Anonymous said...

I stress again, that the cheap talk on 1Malaysia by our PM is just talk and talk only. So far he has been “dudok diam diam” and dare not say or take actions against Utusan, Perkasa…the list goes on and on. Why? simple, he needs their support and votes.
This one bum, Ibrahim Ali is answering the call by Najib to protect PutraJaya falling into traitors hands. Perkasa is also supported strongly by that now half dead mamak kutty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,What's happening at your end.Are you on vacation or been busy with your work.Get back to blogging soon.Okay,cheers.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste space on Ibrahim Ali. Ask him about his father-in-law's auto business and the london bank acount.

Anonymous said...

And one interesting story for you all!
Idris was trying to sell government spending as a form of subdidy. Idris knows that in order to make space for one form of government spending, one is forced not to spend on another spending.

In short, in order to continue spending RM40 billion on healthcare and spending, the government will have to cut spending on other items. Naturally, this will upset the UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRAs because it will definitely result in the rapid deflation of their respective wallets.

So, the ingenious way of cutting this item is masking it as subsidy and tell the people that subsidy is bad.

Another good point made by Subramaniam is the subsidy on fossil fuel. THe total subsidy spent on Fossil Fuel is RMRM23.5bil.

What Idris Jala conveniently left out is the one little detail about the majority of this subsidy going to the IPP. Out ofg RM23.5 billion, only RM7billion goes to the people. The rest goes to UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRA in the form of Independent Power Producers(IPP).

Idris also fail to mention the fact that ALL of the RM4.6billion subsidy for infrastructure goes to HIGHWAY CONCESSIONAIRES. It's not a secret that ALL HIGHWAY concessionaires are UMNO's CRONIES. So, essentially, UMNO is subsidizing their cronies.

In short, the bulk of the actual subsidies goes to UMNO's cronies in the form of Highway concessionaires and IPP Producers. We, the people, only get sa small portion of the subsidies which has to be shared among the 27 million people.

Idris Jala is nothing more than a con-men, doing the bidding of his master, Najib TUn Razak, of course for a hefty rewards.

Thank god we have the internet, for the internet helped us to see lies like this very quickly.

Tulang Besi.Read more!(Selanjutnya)
Read more in here:
Why are we so gullible???