Thursday, July 28, 2011

Barisan Nasional Must Make a Hard Choice

Barisan top leadership must make a hard choice. It must decide to support Utusan's call to punish Bersih (and the newspaper's long list of controversial views) or to take side with moderation and to allow democracy to grow and flourish.

It must decide if it should continue to share the same podium with Perkasa or to walk with the moderate masses.

It must decide to support and promote the rule of law or to continue manipulating the instruments of power for its own political end.

It must make a hard choice to embrace change or to be made irrelevant by it and become a mere footnote of history.

The list of issues and controversies is getting longer for the coalition. Despite whatever the pundits believe, the coalition is losing more goodwill than winning more supporters and fence sitters to its side.

It is time for the coalition to take a pause and measure its own level of goodwill. It does not take forever for the reservoir dry up.

It makes no sense for the coalition to continue treating those with dissenting voices and views as enemies.

No modern government can survive without the popular support of its people unless it decides to rule by force and iron-fisted.

It is best for Barisan leaders to stay humble and practical. They should not continue to believe that Barisan would rule this country perpetually.

By allowing the hawks to dictate the coalition's direction is only going lead it towards swifter destruction.

Barisan leaders need to conduct serious self-introspection. It can continue to act tough, as preached by Utusan, to win a some hardcore votes or act tough and lose thousands of middle ground.

It is a hard choice the coalition must make and make it quick!


bruno said...

The Barisan leadership is like a backboneless creature which can be lead by a parasite like Utusan,a gutter sidestreet tabloid.This Umno leadership is the most pariah gutless,leaderless governments in our nation's history.

This GOM under Najib can do nothing right for even once in his lifetime.That is how rotten to the core it is.Under his watch we have racial and religious bigots running loose as in no man's lands.We have rapists and murderers in the GOM and Umno too.We even have porn actors and producers running loose in the red light districts of BB and CK.We even have 600 Umno youth mat rempits running loose and terrorising the people in the middle on busy PJ.

What the heck is happening to our once multi racial,loving and peaceful nation.Has it gone to the dogs and it is under the watch of a pariah dog's administration.All this have the signs of a lawless country.Are we heading backwards towards cowboy country as in Haadyai and Medan in the sixties and seventies where thugs,robbers,rapists and murderers run loose as of nobody's business.

What happen in Haadyai and Medan happened under different circumstances as what is happening in Malaysia now.There their local governments were not able to crontrol crimes as most of the police force are corrupted.That is what forced the Jarkarta Federal Government to formed the infamous "death squads".

But what happened in Malaysia is totally different.Our Umno GOM condoned all these criminal acts.They are the ones who backed these groups.Or else how come people wearing yellow can be arrested.How come civil activists are placed under the EO.Then how come these Umno backed trouble makers are running loose free as horny mongrels chasing after pariah bitches on heat.

The Penquin said...

They have enjoyed the people's power 'for' them but now they may have to taste the people's power 'against' them if they continue with this path.

najib manaukau said...

Even if they do to decide to support Utusan call
to punish Bersih for their controversial views. Nothing much will change I will not believe one word of the deceitful and corrupted Umno/BN promises
The records will show most of the promises they made are never fulfilled or sidelined. So much for their promises !

Anonymous said...

No modern government can survive without the popular support of its people unless it decides to rule by force and iron-fisted.

Got to change that statement. Not "unless" but "if".

If Barisan still wins the next elections, then I have nothing else to say about our populace. Everything they did (and still doing) at this point of time is disastrous!

Anonymous said...

You are talking to s stone-deaf BN?
The police have already sent its IP to the AG for action against Ambiga, Anwar and company.

Utusan is UMNO's voice. Let UMNO hang itself.

Anonymous said...

Mr khoo- all malaysians know the answer , BN will win again as their stronghold are in the rural n interior seats in West n east malaysia, there are sufficient seats in these rural areas to give BN a simple majority of 115 seats to get to putrajaya. 56 seats from east malaysia is 50 5 won - the rest comes from west malaysia kampong seats. PR can forget putrajaya as BN have too many tricks

bruno said...

Does Utusan Malaysia a sewerage publication thinks that the lameduck GOM is going to pay any attention to its foolish advice.Just look at it daily circulation.It has been dropping month to month for years now.Even Malays shunned this pariah publication.Without Umno throwing good money after bad,its doors would have been shuttered long ago.Now they are trying to teach their mothers how to suck eggs.

bruno said...

Now lets look at what is happening to Najib and the rest of his pariahs doing.It has been more than a month now that they have detained the EO6 and they still are unable to come up with any firm charges.So what the hell is so damned difficult.No charges means that they are innocent.

So what does any fool with some sane mind says.If they are innocent then just let them go.Why have all these unwanted media circus attraction for.After the Bersih fiasco now this circus clown act.

Najib after spending over 100 million dollars to get the best of consultants and this is all Apco can do.No wonder the country has gone to the wolves.I think that what Najib,Muhyidin,Hisham,Patail and the IGP should do.They should all stick their heads back into the holes from where they came from.Our peace loving nation and the world won't missed these damned parasites.

bruno said...

Now the sit and do nothing Jibby finally released the EO6.After getting all the curses serves him right.A useless and gutless good for nothing leader.

Anonymous said...

With the grand idea of transformation for the nation going on, the GOMAN is practicially in the clutches of UMNO, who cannot change.

It has grown into a kind of madussa with many heads, out to fight the enemy within and without the party, including simple folks from the populace, who just want a clean efficient and corruptless GOMAN.

Perhaps something from within will be able to change and cause an implosion so great that it is horay for the entire nation.

Is that going to happen in the coming 13GE?

Anonymous said...

Jibby has no backbone. In the first instance he should ban Utusan for questioning the rights of Malays when everyone has no time for such issues with the rising petrol prices and living cost and crime. Why UMNO show double standards? The writers should be charged for seditious for inciting racial division in the country. Utusan should be like Rebecca the editor of UK News of the World becoming end of the Utusan