Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post Bersih 2.0 & Continuous Follies

Malaysian Insider reported, "Censors have blacked out parts of an article in the latest edition of The Economist which had called Putrajaya’s handling of the Bersih rally overzealous, even as the Najib administration struggles to deflect the barrage of criticisms in the international media about the government crackdown.

Among the parts blacked out are mentions of the heavy-handedness of the police and the accusation that the government withdrew its offer to protesters to use a stadium for the rally.

The article titled “Taken to the cleaners — an overzealous government response to an opposition rally” chronicles the chaos on July 9 when police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the tens of thousands who took to the city’s streets here to demand electoral reforms.

Although the full article is available online, the Home Ministry still inked out four lines in the article, one of which notably reported on the death of one man during the rally."

This is not the only form of censorship I have experienced since Bersih 2.0. Telekom Malaysia's Hypp TV did the same to interrupt a segment of Channel News Asia coverage on Bersih 2.0 too.

Farish Noor is correct to express his disappointment and astonishment. Yes, there is a full online version available.

Instead of providing a full, credible and transparent report on possible police abuses during the demonstration, the government has chosen to protect and defend the men in blue entirely.

This is an example of another PR boo-boo and a lapse of concentration from the ruling government.

The right action is to engage and conduct a fair and open discourse with affected parties. What is there for the government/ruling coalition to lose by being democratic, civilised and engaging?

The manner some of the state apparatus are behaving, public institutions and media, is going to make the whole situation even worse.

I wonder if the government knows what really is good governance, PR and good political communications?

In fact, if the government is serious about repairing it's image it might want to consider releasing the PSM detainees. There is no reason whatsoever to prolong their detention without trial.


Anonymous said...

Those who read The Economist will most certainly have access to internet. Thus, with or without the online version of the article, they can see for themselves videos and stories posted. Blacking out parts of the article is an exercise in futility.


Anonymous said...

All are just still dreaming, the 9/7 was an ordinary day ...nothing happened. We were all fishing in the jungle, right ?

Wizzerd said...

What to expect from a govt that is regressing to Mahathirism-style of governance. Those days, govt suppressed the print and electronic media, no alternative news available.
Now, it only accentuates their stupidity trying to do a cover up like before.
But then again, why Economist? Those in Kampungs dont read this newsmagazine what and urban folk can get full version online.

Good for PR then.. and for the BN advisors, they are outsoing one another with another round of plain dumbness..

Anonymous said...

What a waste of manpower some people tasked with their markers to 'colour' in black thousands of economist magazines

Myvee said...

The officer who instructed to blacken the paper is a dumb fool.
The Economist is mostly read by the urbanites and they are also internet users.The full version is available on the internet,so what is use of the censor.
No wonder our country so much lag behind in development compared to neighbouring countries bcos we have all these dumb fools!
Kepala Otak punya pegawai!

bruno said...

This Umno GOM is filled with stupid Ministers with animal brains.In these modern days of the internet censored or unsensored news,everything will be on the internet.Why waste time censoring.Well,the only ones still reading the mainstream media are BN supporters.So they are afraid for their own supporters to know that they are in fact running a police state.

Even a toddler can tell these stupid animals to just behave and nothing negative will be written about them.If you want to be a crook never be afraid to get caught.Or try to lie your way out like LTL,CSL and the IGP.

Tangee88 said...

It is clear that the Govt is so used to ruling over us, it does not know how to listen to the people anymore. So don't expect the Govt to do the right thing- it simply does not know how!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to search any video uploads longer than 20 minutes of irregularities in the Bersih rally but I could not find any. Why the clip all edited to be very short. Show the whole thing eh.. right?