Thursday, July 21, 2011

TBH Verdict: A New Low for MACC

A royal commission has ruled that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide as a result of pressure from aggressive and continuous questioning by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers.

The MACC officers had wanted to pressure Teoh to be a witness in their case against a DAP assemblyman for alleged abuse of public funds.

The royal commission of inquiry also found three MACC officers to have breached standard operating procedures.

It recommended that action be taken specifically against the three MACC officers.

Meanwhile, The Malaysian Insider has called for the resignation of Abu Kassim Mohamed, the chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Why wait? The government should sack him and put the entire MACC back on review and full transformation.

Note: TMI has posted an apology for their statement.

The problem does not lie in just 3-4 persons but the entire culture and mindset of the institution. What we have seen is something very familiar throughout other institutions. The head of civil service needs to do his part to inculcate responsibility, professionalism and check-and-balance into the whole civil service.

Abuse of power must be curbed before confidence for the public institutions melted completely.

Teoh Beng Hock's case is a new low for the MACC. Nothing less than a total revamp and a new leadership can help to restore the institution.

Again, Minister Nazri Aziz is passing the buck to the police. No wonder Barisan is losing it's credibility by the day.

The death of TBH is a tragedy for the country. The government owes his family an apology and due compensation. Efforts must be done to ensure his wife and child are taken care of financially.


bruno said...

The RCI's findings is no surprise to the public who have been following the corruption practices of the public institutions.All the public institutions from EC to the Judiciary are lapdogs at the disposure of the Umno GOM politicians.

Whether it is murder or suicide as they called it is that it happened under their watch.Those responsible should at least be charge of voluntary manslaughter.
The Umno GOM with its running dogs have been fixing cases as long as Malaysia has been in existence.The only thing is under Dr Mahathir it became widespread.

If TBH wasn't a political assistant to a politician this tragic incident would have been swept under the carpet like the tens of thousands of the rest of unaccounted deaths in police and Macc custody since Malaysia was formed.The Umno GOM must be held accountable for encouraging these babaric practices.

bruno said...

Khoo,if TBH's case is a new low for the MACC,than what about Ahmad Sabrani's.Ahmad Sabrani's case is a lower low for the MACC.A lower low means that the current behaviour(trend)of the MACC is down.In other words it has to go to the cleaners for a complete wash throughly before the public can even consider MACC as any respectable public institution.In fact all the public institutions have to go for a complete overhaul to regain the peoples trust.It can only be done if the present Umno GOM is given the big stick by the people.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance and Abuse of power is the 'hallmark' and culture of our institutions.
They pick up these from UMNO leaders who think they own this country.
They think the law protects them from even Murder!
Our civil servants believe like masters. They look upon the rakyat as nuisance who disturb them.

pinsysu said...

wat's the motif of such extreme measure to force TBH to turn against his boss? to discredit PR state gomen. now, who gave the instructions to execute this heinous plan? the BN_UMNO gomen shd resign, not juz the MACC head.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder how many Malaysians believe that aggressive or harsh interrogation methods alone can push a man to suicide when he's not guilty of any crime. Would a responsible adult such as Teoh, who knew his young wife-to-be was bearing his child and in need of his care and protection, commit suicide?

If TBH really committed suicide, the whole MACC need a major revamp, because we can expect more 'suicides'. For a start, we need a RCI comprising not just government appointees but also civil society/NGO representatives to look into MACC's modus operandi.
From day one, i never trusted the RCI set up.
Complete waste of rakyat money and time.

najib manaukau said...

Deceitful and corrupted Umno will never close MACC down it is part of them. Will you have your hands or legs amputated ? Unless of course it has turned so bad that in doing so will save your life.
But the whole of the deceitful and corrupted Umno has become so bad that the only thing left to do is just put them to 'sleep' for good.
Just come up to vote in the coming GE and kick the hell out of these deceitful and corrupted men from Umno once and for all time.
They are beyond salvation !

Anonymous said...

See you have liars, cheats and murderers in MACC and PDRM as Senior officers what a shame, you expect these people to uphold justices but just so much of the low culture standards brought in by the Kotor UMNO BN. There had been unwarranted tortures' deaths unaccounted for in PDRM and MACC's custody and the culprits' responsible are free and protected by lies, cheats, denials and spins by the suppressed Main Stream Medias. The RCI is set up as sandiwara to hoodwink the General Public on this case knowing that they can get away with murder under the present Kotor UMNO BN rule.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the death of TBH is a great tragedy. how can a witness be pushed to death by all sorts of interrogation by civilised officers. where is our human conscience n respect to the sanctity of life. how low can malyasian political leaders go.why the merry go around when a human life is lost. dont malaysian leaders have any guilt or consciene?

telur dua said...

What new low? They never left the bottom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all these shameless,stupid/corrupted Toxic -Umno -owned Police, MACC, AG running dogs !!!!

Anonymous said...

We all live in a yellow kangaroo court , kangaroo court , kangaroo cout...

bruno said...

PM Najib's stature has also hit a new low today.He had to cancelled his family's long planned vacation in Italy to rush back to KL.What life and death threatening matter would caused such a harsh decision.

Is it about the French lawyer's presence.But this Frenchie is already under immigration's custody waiting to be deported.How about Tengku Razaleigh's Amanah.Or maybe an internal coup in Umno.A possiblity.Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

You can change your looks but you are still what you are !

Anonymous said...

This clear shows UMNO is using all the taxpayers, judicial and government agencies to support and keep them in power. No money jack up the defence purchase. To make malaysia peacful - use mata2 to whack rakyat

samgoh88 said...


You can't play hide and seek with truth
For that will be considered as uncouth
without respecting the aged and the youth
By putting own foot in your mouth

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat.23rd Jul.2011.