Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ridhuan Tee, Hudud & Malaysia's Academic Integrity

The only way to implement the Islamic hudud law is by implementing it "by force", said Malaysian National Defence University lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah said today.

NONE"To implement Islamic law and to educate non-Muslims (on Islam) can only be done by force," the associate professor told a forum entitled 'Hudud: Its dilemma and implementation' organised by Malay-language daily Sinar Harian in Shah Alam.

Qualifying his assertion, Ridhuan (right) said this is because the "negative attitude" of non-Muslims towards Islamic law makes it unlikely that they will voluntarily accept its implementation.

He related his own experience as being an ethnic Chinese from a staunchly Chinese family and observations and studies of non-Muslims and their perception of Malaysia's federal religion.

Ridhuan is again trying to use his "experience being an ethnic Chinese" to qualify and justify his observation on the reaction and reception of the community towards ethnic politics and Islam. 

First, what does it means by being a 'staunch Chinese'? As an ethnic Chinese myself, I find it difficult to explain what is it like being a 'staunch Chinese'. 

Being Chinese is not a religion or a cult. The community is never known for it's uniformity or homogeneity. That's why Ridhuan and millions of other ethnic Chinese had embraced Islam, Christianity and other religions.  

Moreover, there is little correlation between being a 'staunch Chinese' and being receptive to Hudud law. Hudud law is conceived from Islamic value system and religious ethical code. This is the main reason why non-Muslim are skeptical about accepting something which is alien to their own value system. Similarly, Muslim being a minority in other societies should not be forced to follow any other religious law and conduct too. 

Logic should explain the apprehension especially when Hudud has a clear religious connotation and it's implementation in a religiously and ethnically diverse society is going to cause discomfort and distrust. 

Hudud has a bad image in modern jurisprudence and justice system. It's methods of punishment e.g. stoning to death, cutting hands, decapitating etc. have been widely publicized and depicted as gory, uncivilized and brutal. 

In an age where the world is trying to get rid of death penalty completely, it is difficult to see how hudud can fit into the modern justice system unless there are efforts to show that the Islamic law is consistent with modern jurisprudence and fairness. 

Non-Muslim is not the main obstacle or problem. Ridhuan mentioned the use of force. This is precisely the problem. The fact that Ridhuan suggested the use of force proved that he is not a suitable spokesman for Islam. The use of force is going to give Islam and Hudud a bad name.

He should propose a national referendum on the implementation of Hudud. He should find out what the Malay Muslim think of Hudud too.

He was wrong to suggest that the Chinese community would have preferred a corrupt Umno to a holy Pas which is dead set to implement the Hudud law. His anology reflects a serious problem in Malaysia which an academic like himself should have contributed to help us find a remedy.

It merely means there is a serious lack of choice in the Malay leadership. Give us a good, responsible, professional, progressive and democratic third force and find out which one we would prefer. 

Ridhuan's attempt to use his own personal experience and a few non-authoritative studies to justify the use of force to push through the implementation of Hudud is most unfortunate and a serious challenge to the academic integrity of the Defence University and his own credential. 

He should first answer this question, "what is wrong with Malaysia's civil law?" 

Islam is not the problem but the practitioners and so-called spokespersons of the religion are sending out too many mixed signals which jeopardized our willingness to engage with them and to understand the religion. 


Anonymous said...

This new Islamic convert is trying to show that he is more Islamic that other Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Ridhuan Tee is a result of that force or someone somewhere forced him

Anonymous said...

he should show an example; force his parents to convert and if they refuse punish them.

Anonymous said...

Ya betul sebulat suara! We agree totally with the distinguished view of our beloved learned Islamic scholar YB Ridhuan that Hudud law should be forced upon non-muslims especially the moderate Muslims,Chniese,indians,Europeans,
Americans,Japanese,Koreans etc who are living here.Great suggestion from a great holy scholar.

Anonymous said...

Tee should ask Libya and Tunsia to have Huduh laws to be forcefully imposed upon its citizens too

Leithaisor said...

That Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is still Associate Professor in the Defence University, and Utusan columnist speaks volumes about the abysmal standards of these establishments.

And Sinar Harian still saw it fit to invite him to be a panellist for that forum.

Just what has Ridhuan Tee said or written which is worth giving some attention to?

Essentially nothing in the positive sense. In the most negative way, truckloads of cow-dung .

Is he simply someone who makes the right noises and is rewarded handsomely for that?

bruno said...

This Ridhuan Tee was born a Chinese.But he came out the wrong hole.The same hole as Saiful flavors.No wonder he is such an asshole.

najib manaukau said...

He too must be met with force !
Any wonder why the varsity he is with has such bad rating ? All he is trying to do is to be like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala , the shenanigan Mahathir. Both of them are for sure not Malays who are trying to impress everyone they are.

bruno said...

This Ridzuan Tee whenever he opens his mouth or write on his weekly column in Utusan,it is always about the non Muslims.If he feels inferior to the Malay Muslims,then maybe he should paint himself black and become a Mamak.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ridhuan Tee's ramblings inevitably forced his ancestors to turn in their graves, and their spirits to haunt him invaribly.

What a muddle-headed extreme blasphemer!

Anonymous said...

Islam was forced onto conquered people by Mohammad, Caliph Abu Bakar, Umar, Othman, Ali, Khalid Walid the SWORD OF ALLAH.
They killed millions of Persians, Afghans, Tajiks etc.
They were SAVAGES.
They committed GENOCIDE.
Read about the brutalities.

Ann Coulter an American Republican commenting on 9/11 said,
"USA should kill the Muslim leaders and convert the Muslims to Christianity by force."

najib manaukau said...

It is even better for this Ridhuan to propose that force be used to have every one in Malaysia to become muslim.
With everyone as muslims then there is no need to compel anyone to convert and also was this Ridhuan forced to become a muslim himself ?
Why is it that Indonesia became the biggest muslim nation in the world do not need a law to compel the people to accept Islam ?
Ridhuan, are you suggesting it is even better for Malaysia to have a nation with fake muslims ? Already are you sure how many of those who became muslims when they were compel to convert because of their marriages to muslims are really muslims ?
You are just like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir who is claiming to be a Malay when he is only a mamak or at best an Umno made Malay. Even the shenanigan is beginning to trace his root now that age is catching up with him. He recently went to Kerala in doing so !

Anonymous said...

Enough from these so called idiotic religious converts.

This ass hole chinese convert is not only trying to be more holier than thou but also trying to portray his “cina” shit face as a malay. What a real dumbass. Anyway most converts in Bolehland seems to behave like him.
Is the opinion of this bum not more objectionable than the views expressed by Universiti Islam Antarabangsa law professor Abdul Aziz Bari?

Aziz Bari has the academic credentials. What is this man’s credentials? That he is a Chinese Muslim convert?

Is that why he enjoys some credibility in some section of the Malay/Muslim community? It is interesting that a Chinese Muslim convert has such radical views on what should be done about the enforcement of hudud law.

He has the effrontery to suggest that the hudud should have been forced on non-Muslims after the 1969 racial riots. What exactly is he suggesting? Is he seriously suggesting that the hudud should be forced on non-Muslims, even if that force entailed violence?

Should this man not be suspended, sacked, prosecuted, or dip in boiling oil until his balls? The Malay community should be careful about letting people like this bum take them, and the country, in a direction that could be disastrous

Anonymous said...

All the comments are so funny, thumb up for everyone. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

It is either R.Tee has forgotten his roots, or religion has blinded him into a threacherous, terrible, and tyrannical person.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the Kerala Indian Mahatir went back to trace his root!
He has to do that as come GE13, he will have his mask removed and all his evil doings will be exposed! Where is he going to run? Fiji? As a Consultant to the Fijian Government?
I bet he and his children will organise a mass exdus and return to Kerala for fear of retributions that will befall on them.
I hope the Fijian Indians will not be there with him, else, we will see another fireworks between them there too!
Serve him right.

Anonymous said...

dear non-muslims ignorant is bad,you can only live for so long with your aspirations

Glam said...

This Chinese is ashamed of his Chinese-ness and he's got to prove to felow Muslims he is more Muslim than everybody else!

Good postings. I am also blogging at this address:

Anonymous said...

You want people to respect muslim but amazingly you behave like this and expect people to respect you and follow your way of life ?

Curry neh

Anonymous said...

Since he want to shove that sickening stuff on our throat, then one day, someone will look for him one day and shove their judgement on him down his throat! Watchout Tee and all others who has absolutely no consideration that other people do not want that.

Anonymous said...

most people convert for $$$$$$$ (plain and simple - either hardcash in terms of spouses are monied or for reasons of promotion, obtaining licenses and etc). Only a very minute percentage do it for religious beliefs.

Poon Poi Ming said...

If Malaysia were to impose hudud laws on non-Muslims, does it then mean that the government will support the Christians in Philippines to impose their own religious beliefs on the Muslims in Mindanao? Why all these hypocrisies and double standards? It is best that Muslims speak out against corruption and racial discrimination first because I think this is the most serious problem in Malaysia. Why pretend to be holy when you are not even complying with basic Islamic teachings?