Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's ex-Tony Blair's PR Team?

Why pay Tony Blair's PR Team millions of RM to polish up the administration image when it can just send a notice to the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin to shut up?

Khairy Jamaluddin suggested today there was nothing wrong with his remarks about allegations involving Lim Guan Eng’s teenage son, and called his critics hypocrites for pointing out that he was perpetrating lies about a member of a political rival’s family.

Responding via his Twitter account to the criticisms, the Umno Youth chief said Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians and their families had been on the receiving end of even worse insults from the Opposition in the last.

The sorry part is Khairy is supposed to be one of the smartest leaders in Umno. This episode has proven that Khairy may be book smart but not street smart. His statement is going to win Lim Guan Eng and his family more sympathy.

A tit for a tat here is going to cause Khairy and his party a lost of respect from the middle ground whom to their horror may find that their young children may not be free and safe from the ugly side of politicking in Malaysia.

Lim's young son has been dragged into Khairy's political game despite being just 16 years old. Leave the young man alone. He is only in his puberty.

Khairy should be reminded of a picture of him holding a can of beer circulating around on the Internet. It hurts. I did not think it was big deal. So what if even Khairy were to drink a bit. At least he was not a hypocrite.

Those high fliers who were recently hired into the PM's office as his PR backbone should learn the art of using stick and carrot to maintain decorum in the party. Otherwise months of solid PR work can be destroyed by a minute of 'shiok' statement like one just made by Khairy against Lim's young son.


bruno said...

First of all Khairy has shown that he is not of leadership material.Just imagined Umno youth having its national youth head out attacking a school kid.Is this a new national trend.Politicians going after school children,instead of their parent or parents,who happened to be politicians.

By showing that he can only picked on LGE's school going teenage son but not LGE himself speaks wonders of Khairy.Khairy should appologised to LGE and family and let the matter go to rest.If Khairy has no bolas to offer an apology for his childish antics,then he should forever be branded a political coward.

charleskiwi said...

KJ is doing all that for political reasons as he is just trying to score some political points. Other than the storm in the tea cup he has nothing else to do.
As far as this one eye amongst the blind he is politically finished, just like a drowning man he too is trying to clinch on to the 'straw' before the coming GE.

TK said...

No single political party is perfect, but each individual decides his own moral position. Those who choose to benchmark irresponsible behavior instead of model the right ones do not deserve to leaders.