Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tan Keng Liang's Act of Studipity

Some selfless acts, e.g. Mother Theresa's act of love and sacrifice to uplift thousands of kids from the streets, danger and hunger are heroic and should be repeated and retold so that our society will remember, appreciate and emulate them.

Some acts and their actors should be condemned as selfish, stupid, gullible and irresponsible. Unfortunately, Gerakan Tan Keng Liang's action today belonged to the second category.

Kedah Gerakan youth chief Tan Keng Liang drank a mug of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) chocolate malt after Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua agreed to donate RM1,000 to charity for the stunt.

Tan Keng Liang KR1m milk challengeTan (right) who had participated in a debate at the Pusat Rakyat in Bangsar immediately whipped a mug of chocolate malt which he had purchased from a KR1M outlet in Alor Setar for RM4.80, after the event concluded.

He said this was to put an end to the myth that the quality of KR1M products were inferior.

What is Tan trying to prove by gulping down a mug of chocolate malt he purchased from a KR1M? Is this a scientific way of proving that the product is really safe and nutritious enough to be consumed by children without harming their health later? 

If the product is indeed harmful and lacked the basic nutritional content, can a single mug drank by Tan be able to bring out any indisputable outcome? 

Is Tan a human scientific apparatus? Or purely an egoistic and arrogant politician who is bend to defend any weakness or discrepancy from his party and coalition.

His action is unbecoming of a new generation of Gerakan leaders who are supposed to renew voters' faith in them for being pragmatic, wise and reasonable.

Finally, is Tan going to be personally responsible for any death or sickness arising from consuming the product in the future?

As a responsible leader, he should recommend an independent test to verify the safety of the product and not drag politics into consumerism and health.

If Tan wants to prove his libido, he should just stand against Tony Pua in Petaling Jaya Utara and find out who is going to emerge victorious.


Anonymous said...

If just one mug of such a drink is going to produce immediate visible harm, then it isn't a milk drink anymore! It must be a poison or near poison that is being sold!

Anonymous said...

Stupid,brainless that is all I can describe this fler who is trying to advertise himself to his party for some favour(may be a candidacy in the coming GE).

Anonymous said...

typical UMNO sycophant.

afterall, the crumbs from UMNO are inviting enough for him to engage in such stupid act.

an IDIOT, PERIOD. Gerakan, is that your best?

Tony will know who Jerry is said...

Come on fellas!!! Why are u all soOoOoOoOo IGNORANT & DUMB of which made you all CAN'T see the actual side of the story??? Are you dudes really so BODOH ar???

OK, OK, OK...I doubt you dudes with such LOW MENTALITY will NEVER understand why TAN KENG LIANG drank that cuppa choco-malt. Kindly allow me to explain here...

Hmmm, it's NOT becos he wanna prove KRM1 products are hazardous, it's NOT becos he wanna earn a ticket for the coming G.E., it's NOT becos he love drinking choco-malt.

"It's becos he simply wants TONY PUA to donate the money to charity. Does anyone know that TONY PUA is indeed a very 'kiamsap' (stingy) kind of guy. I know TONY PUA well & we have gone back a long time. I don't think it's necessary to speak it out here but one thing I dare say is...TRUST ME...this PUA fella is the most 'kiamsap' fella I ever knew"

TAN KENG LIANG just wanna help the charity by making TONY PUA fork out that money of which TONY PUA is ever reluctant to. I applaud TAN KENG LIANG's brilliant becos if wasn't for TAN KENG LIANG, Tony Pua would have still save up that money & continue talking rubbish.

Ask any TONY PUA school mates & I bet they will agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Look at that fark-face. Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Silly and ludicrous stunt. lol!

najib manaukau said...

What wouldn't the lackey from the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons do just to gain some political mileage ? The next thing is to offer to sell his mother or sisters just to achieve that !

niakong said...

When i read this news, the first thing that came to my mind was "STUPID"!!! You've summarised it all well. What is this guy trying to proof with just one pack of the chocolate malt when i can take packs of junk food every now & then? He is clearly missing the point.

But thanks to him that the people are getting clearer pictures by the day that these people have always missed the points all this while and should pack & go.

i've made my mind up, have u, u & u?

Anonymous said...

This nut should join pekasa which is the headquaters for nuts,clowns,hypocrites.It's really sad to see that so many many of our bn politicians still think we rakyat are stupid enough to believe their simple idiotic tricks all the time.

fatcat said...

you are absolutely right
the milk powder scandal in China, disastrous consequences are only shown after sometimes

Jackie said...

I think Tan Keng Liang did the right thing. He accepted a challenge from DAP's Tony Pua.
And RM1000 donation is to charity.
What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...


telur dua said...

What else can we expect from a simpleton like this Tan fellow?

It doesn't need a lot from his political masters to convince him to eat shit next.

Anonymous said...

To prove that the content is not harmful and indeed true to the labelling, it doesn't need a clown to consume the product, he can offer to take it to the lab for testing. It is as simple as that, don't need to act like an idiot in front of everyone. LMAO!

niakong said...

Ha... ha... we've got some supporters of Tan Keng Liang here, saying he did what he did as noble, ie getting RM1,000 from Tony to donate to the charities. Really?

I'm always for worthy causes. Now, if Tan Keng Liang go & lick Najib's toes, i'll donate 10 times that figure. Deal or no deal? (It's really killing 2 birds with 1 stone for him!)

TOKZ said...

Tony Pua initially thought his RM 1,000 would be safe because Tony NEVER expected Tan Keng Liang to take up the challenge. When Tan Keng Liang did what Tony NEVER expected, I bet Tony's heart & wallet is crying "hurt, hurt, hurt".

Tony shouldn't be so arrogant & under estimate any challenge given out in future. Luckily it's only RM 1,000. If it's anything more, you can bet Tony & family will surely "Chao Low" (run away) as if Ah Long is coming for him.

Friends of DAP said...

Don't think it was an act of stupidity.
He kept his word to Tony Pua to try out the choco drink. Plus he got Tony to give RM1,000 to charity

Anonymous said...

This bum Tan is downright brainless like his cohorts in Gerakan. A exemplary by-product of the present nothing-to-do chief. What he has just done is real stupid to the core and has made Gerakan a further laughing stock to the rakyat. God help Bolehland if it continue to churn out idiotic bum like him in Penang. Just kick his stupid bum out this coming GE13.

Anonymous said...

Ah Ber!! (TKL high school nick name) What is it with all this nonsense? Have you forgotten in form 5 you were rude to teacher and got yourself in trouble? I remember vividly we shoo you to shut up and apologise but you keep on yupping.

You were odd and eccentric (I suspect you still are). You were always delusional to think that you are some kind of smooth talker that can talk your way out of any situation (remember we called you ahber becaue you stammer when panic, you went into ber ber ber ber ber trance…). You have a long history of putting your own boot in your mouth. Every time you yup, you only shove your boot further down your throat.

17 years onward, older but obviously non the wiser. You are a lawyer now because your lawyer dad put you through Sunway College then send you to UK to study law, and now you return to your comfy dad’s law practice in Jalan Kanchut. You have everything going for you. Perhaps you should use your special privilege to help the less fortunate.

Now go apologise to Tony Pua and that nice lady you insulted before I tell on your mother and ask her to come pick you up in her retro limousine proton. Grow up or shut up!