Monday, December 19, 2011

Where's the Art Scene? In Malaysia, Politics is Everything!

A friend, an expatriate, who has been living in Kuala Lumpur for the past two years lamented to me that there's hardly any art scene in Malaysia. She compared her stay in Beijing to Kuala Lumpur. She said you either loathe or love Beijing but at least there's a sign of progress and cultural development.

For a note, Beijing is fast becoming Asia's cultural city and a hub for International Chinese music and film production. There's a growing number of International artistes shifting their base from Taipei or Hong Kong to Beijing.

I told her in Kuala Lumpur, politics is everything. You can find drama, music, sitcom, stand-up comedy, X rated and thriller in Malaysian politics.

Why? Remember the Quran swearing tendency whenever politicians are caught in personal controversies? Malaysians surely believe more in Heaven intervention than facts. How to find out if the Malaysian government had taken any financial aid from World Bank? Go swear using a Quran...

How to confirm if someone had been sodomized? Go swear using a Quran...

Hopefully a convicted killer or rapist would not demand for the same method to prove his innocence. If only God can swear back. However, we trust His quiet wisdom and patience.

Remember the Datuk T sex video scandal? By the way, it does involve Quran swearing too. Sex and politics has caught major headlines for Malaysia worldwide. The gala is coming on the 9th January 2012. No wonder another prestigious event, the Anugerah Industri Muzik, is facing a bleak future and a sagging rating.

Malaysians have cleverly used music to spice up their politics too. Remember the catchy tune, 'Jom Ubah!"? Or Namewee's crude and cynical rap songs? Or those famous Malaysian Chinese artistes and sexy 'getai' girls performing at various MCA & SUPP political dinners and talks?

Dap has introduced their own version of stand-up comedy too featuring Dr Hew Kuan Yew, Nga Kor Ming and Jeff Ooi.

The list goes on and on...Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang's turning a guinea pig for 1Malaysia chocolate milk shake was streamed live on the Internet, allegations concerning Birkin bags and USD24 million diamond ring to the more serious cases of murder, brutality, homicide and a host of corruption scandals.

There's no where in the world where there's a political scene like Malaysia.

Looking for an art scene? There's no need to look very far. Just search from the Internet and you can find doctored pictures of politicians in various compromising positions and situations. Who said Malaysians are not artistic?

Too bad, I know what my Canadian friend is looking for but here our politics is both art and amusement.


Anonymous said...

Dear Reders,

Malaysia is famous for the wrong reason and we must thank TDM for the great work of art science. He must have adopted this unique technique from Mugabe. His work of art has made many malays go crazy for a wrong reason, some believed him totally, some with reservation and many too rejected it totally.

Now he was caught lying regarding the world bank loan and let us see how he is going to untangle this vicious lie without any scratch? After all he is the master of art science and idiocy science and other form of nonsense sciences.

This particular time he stooped too low and the longer he is seen and commenting in public the more moronic he is likely to exhibit himself.

His show is expected to end very soon and let us hope this version of popularity to Malaysia is put to a complete stop. A muslim heavily populated nation is famous for the wrong sex reason, and Islam is belittled by this special artwork of irresponsible leader.

Anonymous said...

Those who use god to make swear are hypocrites.We are living in the human world,so must use human standards to judge.
God come into our heart spiritually and we take god's teaching as guides to our daily living,and not to be used as a tool to proof one's innocense.

Ajib said...

couldn't agree more... well said, dude!! and for your information, swearing using Quran is NOT actually apart of our (Muslim) cultures. it has go beyond our (Islamic) teaching. and so you can ONLY see such scene in Malaysia (always done by UMNO people); hard to find in other Muslim countries. *sigh*

bruno said...

BN has brought Malaysian politics to a new low.It has become a trend for rapists,murderers,porn actors and producers to swear on the koran.Then they are perceived cleansed,innocent and pure as a virgin.

Anonymous said...

U R absolutely right there! All these scoundrels and moronic sociopaths will leap to swear on their holy books whenever they are caught in a tight spot.

Their favourite claim is that Tuhan is their witness and that they are pure and clean as the driven snow even when everyone else can see that they are covered with filth and slime from head to toe.

Anonymous said...

Swear by the Koran to claim innocent of all accusation is a trendy fashion among political elites. It is a genuine made in Malaysia 'political' product. LMAO!!