Monday, January 09, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim's Acquittal and Politics in Malaysia

This is my first blog post since my year end holiday break. I was interviewed by both our local media and the Australian radio network on the Anwar's case and acquittal. It was a pleasant surprise for all of us. I had expected him to be found guilty but released on bail pending an appeal.

However, I did maintain in my radio interview (an hour before the verdict) that Anwar should be acquitted if the case is purely judged on the content and reliability of evidence tendered by the complainant and the prosecution.

As a Malaysian, we should take cognizance of this sodomy saga as a lesson for the nation. I was asked if the ruling regime is set to restore its image as pro-reform with the acquittal. I said there are better ways to strengthen its reform agenda and credentials rather than doing it this way.

Anwar's sodomy trail II was marred with too many political conspiracy and interference from the start. The trial process was tainted by possible political manipulation and interference. The 'victim's' choice of action was too suspicious. If it was a matter of personal honour, the alleged victim would have gone straight to the police and not running to the Prime Minister!

I hope that the ruling regime, Barisan Nasional, has learned a painful lesson too for being too eager to cast a destruction on Anwar Ibrahim. It is obvious that the verdict did nothing to benefit the coalition. It is not overboard to say that Barisan's image has been further tarnished and soiled by Saiful, the complainant.

As a voter, I sincerely hope the two coalitions shall now focus their competition on pure policy issues and good governance. I know this is a tall order and a miracle if it happens. But miracle can happen and it was proven today at the Anwar's sodomy trial.

It is time for whoever aspire to govern and lead the country to focus on what they can do for the people and not washing dirty linen in the public.

However, I expect personal attacks to continue because there are still a number of cases which have not found any viable closure yet and they are as hot and lucid as this one.

God help Malaysians!


Anonymous said...

Never in the history of Malaysia had a man being hunted down so mercilessly like Anwar from so many interested parties - Anwar has suffered enough while these hunters have enjoyed enough.It's time to let Anwar lead and see what so bad he will do to the country as these hunters always speculated to the rakyat.

najib manaukau said...

I hate to say this Najib and all the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras have in fact score a big victory insofar as the coming GE is concerned.
They now have the whole world including the lusty Anwar say positive things about them, like how fair their judiciary is. Needless to say that would have won them a lot of votes as a consequent of this, but the real show has just begun. Just like when the verdict was that Anwar is found guilty he would have appealed. The prosecution too will file their appeal in due course and this time round Anwar will no doubt be found guilty.
I thought the people of Malaysia would have learnt by now the race is far from over.
The deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra is using this not guilty to their advantage to win more votes. How naive are the oppositions !
As sure as the sun will rise from the East every morning the prosecution will appeal and at the end Anwar will end up in jail for more than the one year needed to prevent him from participating in politics. Frankly that will be the end of his dream and illusion to become the first opposition P.M..
Even though anyone replacing the present regime is seen to be better, but remember this lusty Anwar is every bit as bad as the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras, he was brought up and trained by Umno and he became the blue eye boy of shenanigan Mahathir and made the former DPM because of his anti Chinese believe. Just like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, his former boss, the shenanigan Mahathir. Anwar hasn't changed a bit since he became the opposition leader, he has never shown any remorse for the clarion calls he made for the Chinese to return to China.
He just wanted to become the P.M. of Malaysia and I might add it is with any cost. Can the leopard change its spots ?

Anonymous said...

For BN it was choosing which would cause less damage.For PR it was a win win anyway.Anwar reputation cleaned up.But there is the court of appeal.We all know this familiar storyline.

conscience said...

Would sanity be restored finally? I would like to believe and hope so but we know that that's unlikely to happen as long as BN is in power. Greed can rob a person's soul, morality, ethics, conscience and all the good virtues leaders should possess. Without such human values, we will be ruled and ruined by tyrants and monsters. Yes, God please have mercy on us, your innocent children, who are trying hard to live a decent life and working hard to make ends meet.

bruno said...

Khoo,the reason Anwar was charged with this sodomy 2 was to rendered him politically irrelevant.With the public backlash and Umno/BN having tons of problems with relevations of corruption by Umnoputras,they found themselves losing public support rapidly.

Umnoputras having found themselves
painted into a tight corner,reluctantly having to make an 180 degrees u-turn.Therefore we have the aquittal verdict.If Umno was not this weak at present,Anwar would have been sent to the cooler.This is gutter politics at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking there are parties who could have betted their entire wealth, the outcome of the verdict! There must be people in the government who very much want the verdict to go this way because it is best for them, as an after thought. Doesn't take too much brain to think like that, only some lateral thinking. I wonder how the police has got it so right that they suddenly gave so much latitude for the gathering. This is one incident in the country in which I see so many winners and they are: 1-the COURT, to have chosen the most appropriate reason for the verdict.But I give no point for the correctness of the verdict though I congratulate the judge. 2- the GOVERNMENT, for somehow managed to anticipate the verdict so correctly and benefiting from it too! Betapa tidak, otherwise they would not be called Barisan Nasional government! There could be some wayang after this, I don't know la! 3- ZAID IBRAHIM. Amazing how timely he so sincerely apologised to Anwar. 4-ANWAR played his cards at the occasion very well, his appearance of spontaneity looks convincing, though I am not so convinced that he was not betting his life that the game would come out this way. He is in a little dilema now because having been pronounced innocent, the other side is capitalising on a judiciary that appears not to be influenced by the Barisan government 5-the POLICE for 'acting' well and in so doing redeem some of their damaged reputation. It's not all that easy to be the Police chief with so many parties to be 'fair' to and still to want to think about his own professionalism of supposed 'without fear or favour.' 6- SAIFUL. The court verdict and rationale somehow protects him from any legal claim for remedies. The court did not say he made wrongful allegation or he committed perjury by lying anywhere. But I think he will live a very comfortably for the rest of his life. They wouldn't dunk him, would they?
1.MALAYSIA. Sangat memalukan di pandang dari kacamata masyarakat antarabangsa. Ini satu negara sekular dengan sisten undang undang dan nilai nilai sekular dan barat yang buruk yang tak bawa kemana mana dalam apa jua bidang. 2.ORANG KAMPUNG. Dengan drama yang memakan begitu banyak tenaga dan sumber kewangan negara yang sepatutnya digunakan untuk mempertingkatkan taraf hidup mereka sebaliknya dipergunakan dengan cara yang tidak berhati-hati maka sia sia lah. Pihak yang berkuasa gagal melihat relevance dakwaan Saiful dalam kontek kepentingan negara maka headlong plunge kedalam agenda yang dari mula lagi tidak ternampak indulgent for the simple pursuit of justice secara keseluruhan, 'across the board' dengan terusnya berlaku dan peningkatan terlalu banyak kes jenayah seks dan lain lain dalam negara yang dikatakan Negara Islam ini.3-SETERU ANWAR. Merekan ini, for whatever reasons would want to see Anwar locked up for the rest of his life if they can, no matter what it takes.Maybe they donot feel safe with Anwar outside as they had never felt safe even with Anwar inside. 4. THE PROSECUTION. Most unfortunate for them that no matter how serious or appear serious in their job, they will be the weeping boy for the occasion. That is the problem with secular and selected justice. Nobody apprecia

ismapedia 2012 said...

One unsung incidence from this episode is the statement from Anwar Ibrahim that Najib Government free him due to international pressure. This statement is backfiring and somewhat detrimental to Anwar Himself.

Anonymous said...

This man is being hunted down by the racist political elites and his powerful political opponent relentlessly in the past and present in order to break his political career hence reduce his chance of a life time shot on PM office in Putrajaya after last election, it is time to leave him alone; free him and his family all these anguishes leveling at him. The justice for him is long overdue. Time for our judiciary system to put a stop on all these political shenanigan and move our nation forward.

rpremkumar2u said...

"If it was a matter of personal honour, the alleged victim would have gone straight to the police and not running to the Prime Minister!"

From the perspective of a senior cop who has served for 20 years, I agree with you. Saiful inadvertently lent himself to unnecessary speculation. Both sides of the divide viewed each other with contempt and suspicion. Evidently he opened a can of worms.

Najib may be a dirty politician but he is hardly a messy one.