Friday, January 13, 2012

The Star Has Caught The Mahathir Bug?

Just when we thought that it was ridiculous enough to read Mahathir's illogical suggestion about Muslims should take up 'swearing' instead of suing on The Malaysian Insider, another mainstream newspaper The Star is trying to outdo the ex-premier with another piece of trash reporting.

The newspaper suggested that Penang CM Lim Guan Eng's new hairdo was bad fengshui. Star reported "Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng attracted attention last October when he sported a lighter brown hairdo with bangs but the new-look seemed to coincide with a spate of bad luck for the DAP secretary-general."

It went on to suggest that "Lim went back to his trademark Brylcreem-look and things seem to have improved for him."

Its journalist Joceline Tan was the first columnist to have commented on Lim's new hairdo. It is not clear if the article was contributed by her. What is certain is this is a piece of poor journalism which degrades the level of professional and ethical journalism which we would like to see being upheld by mainstream newspapers in the country.

In a situation where most of the mainstream newspapers are being ridiculed as mouth pieces of their politically linked bosses, The Star should show a good example by dedicating its editorial space to important and serious public discourse on multifarious economic, social and political issues griping this country. 

It should lead the way to promote healthy and intellectual debate and analysis on solutions, policies and good governance which will eventually benefit the country.

I am not defending the Dap leader but I am taking a stand against an abuse of editorial rights of editors and journalists who misuse their position to write and publish useless and sensational articles when many more serious contributors could only dream of being given similar access and space to share their views and opinions on a national newspaper. 

This article is not going to help our plea to get politicians, commentators and observers to stay away from personal attacks, sensationalism and false accusations.

Now, do you still wonder why there are so much crap on the mainstream media? Can we get on to some serious business, please? 


Anonymous said...

What ever hairdo someone want to have on his head, it is strictly his personal business, may be Star News reporter need to get a lesson on Malaysia's bill of rights before hand out such a ludicrous article. This government link newspaper company must be running out of ammunition that can be used to fire upon Penang Chief Minister. Have to resot to such a pathetic personal attack. Sigh!

charleskiwi said...

Can we ask the dog not to bark ?

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect from The Star and Joceline Tan? Both have always written their political pieces on the Opposition the way they generally speak and think, and that's through their Umno-BN money-lined asses.

Anonymous said...

Khoo,this article proves that you dont understand at all what's jornalism in Malaysia. You are old school, trying to write the obvious, the honest truth but if you dont bodek the powerful VIPs, Khoo you will remain a poor reporter struggling to feed your family.Great money,title,promotion will come your way Khoo if you are willing to over praise the well connected power as proven by 3 editors- a chinese lady, an indian man and a chinese man in a leading english newspaper.Go to the dark side Khoo and reap your reward.

genesispassion said...

that why we stop buying star since 2003. they are out of ideas and substance.

Susuteh 奶茶 said...

Brother Khoo,
if they can focus only on Saiful's butt, why they can't focus on LGE's hair-style ?

The only thing they forgot, CSL's bird in pussycat's mouth.

rpremkumar2u said...

Its not what is on the head; its what is between the ears that counts. LGE has both in good measure.

Anonymous said...

u should lighten up as it's just a light hearted piece and not written by joceline tan!!

Anonymous said...

why there are so much crap on the mainstream media? It had been going on for many years among main stream media in Malaysia, it is what they do best most of the time. The standard of 'journalism' is low here among those for profit press.

Anonymous said...

hello, she was voted as UMNO's best journalist friend. what do you expect from her? she is now praising of all people, Hassan Ali. what is next from her?