Monday, February 27, 2012

Anti-Lynas in Penang: Penang CPO is Arrogant!

State police chief officer Ayub Yaacob has described the organisers of the solidarity gathering Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Kuantan as 'arrogant' for not informing the police about the event, which ended up with two journalists hurt.

Ayub said as the organisers did not notify the police of the event held at 6pm at the Penang Esplanade yesterday, the force did not send a team to monitor the situation.

Ayub said that when a group expresses its support for an issue, others may oppose it.

"We want freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, are we prepared for it?" he queried.

When asked why the police did not take any action when the situation turned chaotic when they were there, he said his staff "must look and see first what is happening".

"We can't simply take action," he quipped.

Police only finally intervened in the fracas during the event at about 7pm, where they later sounded their siren and warned the crowd to disperse.

Ayub should not lecture us on freedom and rights if he cannot differentiate between hooliganism and democracy. 

Yes, pro-Lynas groups can voice out their support but it does not mean that they can go around to disrupt peace and physically assault journalists. 

Should we invite Ayub and his force to help monitor theft, robbery, snatch theft and public peace too?

Ayub is again sounding like a broken horn when he asked if we are prepared for freedom of speech and assembly. Freedom of speech and assembly can be successfully conducted if there's peace and mutual respect. 

Is Ayub going to allow the thugs from pariah organizations such as Perkasa and Penang UMNO Youth to resort to violence to disrupt future events? 

For Ayub to say that they 'cannot simply take action' is the biggest joke in the century. I remembered what the police did to us during Bersih 2.0.

Yes, I was a victim at the Tung Shin Hospital. Did we provoke the policy and did the police practice restrain then?

Ayub is the one being very arrogant here! I hope he will assume full responsibility if the people retaliate against these thugs and gangsters in the future.

MCA and Gerakan cannot keep their silence on this issue. It is a shame for these parties to claim representing the people but are not willing to stand up against injustices and bad governance. Lynas is one of them and the thuggish behavior of Penang Perkasa and UMNO leaders is the other. 

Both parties should stop trying to sell us something which is not acceptable - that there's a sense of justice and goodness in Barisan Nasional if they cannot stand up against injustices!


Anonymous said...

Under the Penal Code of Act 574, Laws of Malaysia, Ayub should has taken action against to those who have put up a fight and causing hurts against the public.

Its very clearly shown the faces of the hooligans in a lots of photos and videos posted up the net. Why is he still sitting down doing nothing and not performing the duties under his responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

PDRM - Polis Dibawah Rosmah Mansor. What do you expect ????

Anonymous said...

Sorry bro, your comments this time would not be published full page in the Star like today's article which you criticise on Bayan Mutiara!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Don't worry Anony, this blog is very generous. Let other news portal grab the content here. Many previous posts had appeared on various news portals and news print

Anonymous said...

Stop being a crook and stop writing nonsense. If you are paid to do so, then use your ethical brain to think again, are you against or support true democracy of Malaysia.

if you are penangite, then feel ashame of yourself and your family, and if you are not then stop being as smart arse writing about Penang as if you own it. You have zero idea about the true history of Penang after you expose yourself with the Bayan Mutiara article.

As a younger generation of Malaysian myself, I feel sad for you, willing to risk your own ethic and betray your readers for the fame of media columnist.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 12.45am,

The way you carry yourself does not carry much respect and hope too. You want to lecture me about democracy but choose to ignore my democratic rights to question and to speak up. Does this make you a lesser crook for disrespecting someone's democratic rights just because he spoke up against your preferred political parties or leaders?

As a young Malaysian, you should set a new standard for civilized debate. Accusing me of being a crook or being paid handsomely to write about something I believe in does not make you any more enlightened .

bruno said...

Khoo,this anon 12:45am is that blurdy coward TOKZ hiding under another anon.He is a real pain in the ass even to the lembus.I wonder how his immediate family members can tolerate a creep like him.

Anonymous said...

With a State police chief described holliganism in such a refine way, it is no doubt when he witness criminal activity like robbery and rape take place in his state, he will consider it is the people exercising their rights on freedom of speech and assembly. With such a person as police chief, we don't necessarily need any more thugs and samseng(gangster) around anymore.

Sigh!! God help us all!!

bruno said...

This stupid CPO Ayup Yaacop is a stupid moron borned out the wrong hole.It all over the net that the protest was at 6pm.All the events to take place was posted for all to see from Pahang to Sabah.

Do the Penang CPO Ayup knows what his duties are.To protect the people that is paying his salary and not to pay homage to his political masters.You idiot Ayup,don't you know that prevention is better than cure.

Even if you Arup is such an ignorant bitchy asshole and so out of touch,the special branch would have informed you anyway. And if you still cannot do your job after being advised you should at least have some dignity and principle left and hand in your letter to your boss the IGP.

And your boss the IGP and his deputy whom many Malaysians would agree with me are no much smarter than you.After you have handed in your letter,you should stick your moronic head into the lembu's ass and have a smelly and shitty retirement.

Anonymous said...

I salute you, Khoo Kay Peng, for calling a spade a spade, and not mincing your words. You are courageous in airing aloud what most people think but unwilling to say it for fear of reprisal. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"cannot differentiate between hooliganism and democracy", that must be the reason he is such a laughing stock, there is a huge difference between peaceful protest and group of gang attack on journalist and reporter. Such symptom usually reflected someone came out through the wrong exit at time of his birth, let's cut him a slack this time.