Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fool is a Fool, Selangor MCA

The Selangor MCA deputy head of public and services complaint bureau, Allan Liew Sin Kim, lodged a police report against the Penang chief minister, accompanied by five complainants at the Kajang police station.

According to the police report, Liew noted that Lim had uttered “PAS never killed a Chinese” during the wrap-up session of the head-to-head debate which was telecast live.

Liew said that the Chinese community did not understand the true meaning of this remark and felt worried and afraid as Lim was playing on a racial issue.

Thus, he wants the police to investigate Lim on whether he had violated “any racial issue laws”.

Allan Liew must be suffering from the same intellectually challenging illness like Jessie Ooi. Taking the CM's remark literally, it means PAS did not commit any serious offence against the Chinese. How can such a remark be deemed racist or dangerous?

This is the main problem with MCA. The party is acting and behaving in a weird and inconsistent manner. While it has a problem with Dap's partnership with Pas, it does not have any problem supporting Perkasa activities or UMNO's efforts to court Pas for a merger.

The party has a problem with corrupt allegations against Pakatan but it has tolerated corruption within its own coalition. 

If Allan is so keen to lodge a police report against Lim Guan Eng, he should lodge a report against the organizers of the event for allowing Lim to use the stage to commit his 'crime'. He should lodge a police report against those unscrupulous politicians who had bashed up Islam, Hudud and shown grievous disrespect towards Muslims. 

What about Hasan Ali and his wild imagination and allegations against the Christians? Or Ibrahim Ali's insult of the Chinese by handing out white envelopes (pak kam) during Chinese New Year? 

These actions far outweigh Lim's assertion on "Pas never killed a Chinese". I hope Alan will not issue an explanation that we have heard him wrongly again, ala Jessie Ooi, which he had mistaken Lim for saying " Pas did killed a Chinese!".

If MCA wants to claw back support, it has to do it through credible, responsible, clever and productive ways. 

What would the middle group think of a party whose leaders are acting like dumb-asses?


Anonymous said...

this allan from mca is areal CLOWN from MALAYSIAN CLOWN AGENCY??? why not see PKFZ n your x chiefs are involved??

TOKZ said...

Dear KHOO,

If you're HONEST & CLEAR HEADED enough, it's unfortunate to see MALAYSIANS are indeed a "Racist" lot.

Although there are some of whom claimed to be a fair & non-racist individual but deep down inside they are indeed a "Racist' in 1 way or another. We have to be HONEST to admit this.

Malaysia is NOT mature enough to talk & tackle "RACISM" simply because I dare say almost 99.9%" of Malaysians are indeed 'racist'. Had we ever regard someone as a Malay, a Chinese or a Indian in any topic? If yes, then, it's enough of an evidence to say we're a "racist".

Put it straight, DAP can NEVER work with PAS. They tried this partnership way back in the late 90's & it failed miserably. Should PAS be an alliance of DAP, it's the CHINESE & INDIANS who would bound to suffer big time. We have to take note that PAS is unlike UMNO although many might HATE the shit out of UMNO.

PAS is an 'Islamic' political party & they are anxious to impose/implement all sorts of ridiculous Islamic rules/law upon the citizens regardless if you're a Chinese or Iban. Where else, UMNO is a more of a modern thinking kind of political party & of course would NOT implement ridiculous Islamic rules/law upon the citizens.

Thus if you're a CHINESE, unless you want to have ABSOLUTELY ZERO.....

1) 'Bak Kut Teh' eateries around,

2) No more 4D or Toto shops to buy a miracle dream,

3) Witnessing Genting Highland turning into a ghost town,

4) 'Hudud' law being imposed upon all Malaysians regardless of race/religion,

5) No more BEERS & BOOZE available unless you cross border to Thailand/Singapore

6) Witnessing our street signs, children school books & other mediums into 100% 'Jawi' writings/language

then, by all means, please vote for DAP because PAS will eventually DOOM you hard via making use of DAP.

Whether you want a AFGHANISTAN MALAYSIA or MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA...the choice is yours!!!

Good Luck, fellow Malaysian Chinese!!!

Anonymous said...

TOKZ,you are a real numbskull with brains like a lembu.Didn't you get f..ked off so many blogs already.You moron born through the ass of a camel.Why don't you get the hell back where you came from.

Anonymous said...

MCA is just a midget compared to Abrahim and Hassan Ali.This running dog Allan Liew Sin Kim would dare not even wink an eye when Abrahim and Hassan uttered racial remarks,because his bolas shrinked to mini asprin pills when he sees them.Coward.

Anonymous said...

Dr. told me there is no medicine for those people..they are gone case..why put so much attention to them?

Anonymous said...

TOKZ - Talk is cheap. What is your proposal? What is the best option available now? Continue to be "rape" by BN? Your mental capacity is no different from Jessie Ooi (MCA) - Blindsided. It is a long process for society to reach a mature level looking beyond religion and race. But we have to start somewhere.

bruno said...

This Allan Liew does the talking for his political masters.He is a nobody when Abrahim Ali and Hassan Ali are standing next to him.When Abrahim was sprewing racial slurs around and Hassan Ali was busy raiding the churches,this chicken Allan Liew was quite as a tikus.A political coward,I might call this guy.

bruno said...

TOKZ is back.The last time he paid a visit to this blog was sometime last year.He is a real pain for the NFC lembus asses..

Anonymous said...

Blantant display of stupidity by this MCA public relation clown. He may well doesn't has a clue what is "racism" means. LMAO!!!

vinnan said...


1. Bak Kut Teh eateries can still be found in Kelantan. Go find out for yourself. In Johor the bastion of BN ALL so-called non-halal eateries are no where allowed near any Malay majority area or government built retail centres like those of MARA not to mention setting up a non-halal in the MARA centres which are also built with 'pork' money.

2. If you think gambling is great you can always turn to the illegal operators thanks to the 'cooperation' of the PDRM. Let me tell you a secret here. Nowhere in Chinese or Indian culture is gambling considered good. By the way gamblers are also the biggest client base of the Ah Longs.

3. Genting is not just about casinos. Go see for yourself the many thousands from outside and within the country who enjoy the weather and theme parks with the casino being the last thing on their minds.

4. Why are you afraid of 'Hudud' law when you are not a thief? Or are you one?

5. The sale of Beer and booze is very heavily regulated in liberal countries like Canada and the results are good. Alcohol is a poison. You deem it good that it is easily available? Falling to the floor drunk is stupid and detrimental to the ones you love. Kelantan has never imposed a total ban on alcohol.

6. Come to Johor and you can find street signs which are already entirely in Jawi.

The MCA led by the porn CSL and his clique do not understand that the Chinese in Malaysia can see a future in Malaysia where we are not treated like dogs in the name of Ketuanan Islam and Melayu. Ideological differences between political parties are nothing new. The Islamist and secular nationalist in Turkey for example have come to accommodate each other. The world is not a simplistic Muslims versus non-Muslims as the MCA would like to the Chinese to believe.

Anonymous said...

I can live without all that you have pointed as long as we are moving in the right direction to eradicate corruption. I'm willing to take that risk. After all, 5 years (or less) isn't too long a time. If I see then that we are no better of, I can always vote for change again. No beer, no gambling, etc in exchange for an improved chance of a better future for my children no matter how small is worth the risk. Exercise your rights. Don't settle for complacency. You don't have to live with the devil you know.

Anonymous said...

TOKZ,what are you are doing here.You only talk batangs and bolas only.You have babies already,Tokz.

Anonymous said...

To know why MCA always come up with such stupid statements, one must go deep into its member's background.

When they were in school, most were not bright students, rather, they were kaki bodeks (ball carriers). More often than not, the bright brains would not even want to associate with them.

Unfortunately the smart students have progressively left Malaysia for other countries and thus not many remain to retort these MCA idiots.

anikneefong said...

The reason why most chinese reject mca is because there are many people in mca who have the mentality of TOKF and that half mad woman who was screaming her head off during the debate. They have nothing between their ears. It had been explained umpteen times that PAS on its own would not be able to implement hudud laws without amending the constitutions, but those fools in mca keep harping on it. When Tun MahaLanun declared that Malaysia was an islamic country, where were you. Hiding under tables and chairs with your tails between your legs?

TOKZ said...

"WAH SEI" amazing, how amazing!!!

They can live without BABI, they can live without BEERS, they can live without 4D, they rather prefer speaking/reading Jawi instead of 'Pudong Hua', they are willing to be punished via the 'hudud' way....."CLAP, CLAP, CLAP". I betul-betul RESPECT you all lah.

I can see a new breed of CHINESE AFGHANS are indeed on the rise.

What a BEAUTIFUL Malaysia!!! Malaysia BOLEH!!!

Yap Ah Loy said...

If PAS takes over the country via DAP's help...

"one can be 100% sure Malaysia will be put on U.S.A & European countries watch-list for Terrorisn index"

this would mean Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria & Afghanistan can walk hand-in-hand with Malaysia macam 'abang, adik'

Sad thing the Malaysian Chinese are still very much ignorant about this.

Perhaps when they finally realize this, it would be all too late becos they would be busy packing their bags running back to where their ancestors came from (a land called Tongsan)

MetalMic said...

That's the problem, race stereotyping..Tokz if you are non chinese then i can understand why you say that but if you are a chinese then you are no different than the MCA president who tried to bogeyman the chinese about closure of Genting casino if the opposition come into power.

To me this is an insult to the chinese people from the man who supposedly champion the chinese people.
In his perception, his own people are nothing but gamblers, drinkers and womanizers..wonder why he never mention that all the spas and brothels will be cracked down too.. ;P

I too can live without pork, gambling (i dont gamble anyway) and boozing.

Anonymous said...

TOKZ,the only place suitable for you is one of the cubicles above the kopitems along Chulia Street.You got what I meant.

Anonymous said...

After the hammering TOKZ has got,he won't be back in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

tokz is a hit and run cyber tropper.after getting kick around like a bola,he will return after an absense with another pseusodym.

bruno said...

TOKZ,first of all you aren't a Chinese.The way you described and placed your comments,you try to disguise or paint yourself as a Chinese.You are a f..ked up hyprocrite.You are the one who cannot live without babi,beer empat ekor etc.I will sent Hassan and Abrahim to your doorsteps and have them cut off your stick,you moron.

bruno said...

TOKZ,how come so long you have not visited Zorro's blog.Or maybe you did,under another pseusodym.I still remembered Zorro published your comments and you got hentam so badly that your bolas shrinked so small that one needed binoculars to be able to find them.Hahaha.

TOKZ said...

Hohohohoho!!! "This is indeed AMAZING"

I can see many Malaysian Chinese ancestors either crying up in heaven or 6 feet below in hell. Why ar???

These ancestors & fore fathers of this bunch of Malaysian Chinese are really, really SAD lor. I bet they regretted leaving "TONGSAN" just to come to a foreign land called Malaya to see their great grandchildren abandoning their own RACE for the sake of supporting a TALIBAN party, while, abandoning their own race called "CHINESE".

No wonder it had been raining everyday....I think it's more of Heavenly Tears.