Friday, February 17, 2012

Lim Guan Eng-Chua Soi Lek's Debate: My Take

Debate topic gives MCA the upper hand

Some commentators, however, say the debate may not move the Chinese ground back to the ruling coalition, as Chua wants.

Khoo Kay Peng, who was formerly with a Gerakan think-tank, denounced the title of the debate, "Chinese at a Crossroads: Is the Two-Party System Becoming a Two-Race System?" as "racist" and "stupid".

malaysiakini discussion 050208 khoo kay peng"It is crafted out because of a political motive. It is slumping towards MCA.

"They are just implying that if we vote for Pakatan Rakyat, the Chinese will be in the opposition while Malays will be in the government. This is ridiculous," Khoo (right) said.

Whatever the situation, he said, there were still some Chinese who would vote for the BN and some Malays would vote for Pakatan, so it is wrong to suggest there will be a two-race system.

The debate should instead focus on national issues such as corruption and reform.

"We should talk about the country. Malaysia is now at the crossroad... This shows the quality of organiser."

Khoo also believes that the MCA needs to do more to win the support of the Chinese community.

"Chua's party should push BN to a becoming a trully multiracial party, no more race-based parties."

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bruno said...

The Mca has nothing to lose even if it get bashed down to smithereens.Or else where did porn actor CSL get the guts to debate.

There is no need to debate on how the races will fare.After all is not Malaysia a multi racial country.Want to debate.Debate on more important things,like where has the illegal outflow of funds totalling more than a trillion ringgit went during the last decade.

Debate on whether there is any present cabinet minister who has not put their dirty hands into the cookie jar.That is what a real bare knuckles debate is.

Jeremiah said...

The TV debate between Lim Guan Eng and Chua Soi Lek on 18th Feb is getting national coverage. But will the key issues facing the electorate be discussed and probed deeply? What are these issues?

1. What does Pakatan Rakyat truly stand for – equality for all races and a non-racial part system?

2. What does Barisan stand for – continued race-based politics or will internal reform be driving the parties forward?

3. It may take electoral defeat or a second straight loss of the two thrids majority for BN to learn the lesson of making genuine reforms.

4. The weakness of Pakatan Rakyat rests on PAS’s stand on the Islamic state and hudud. How can their policies be accommodated in a multiracial multi ethnic country?

The whole world is watching Malaysia as ethnic and religious violence has shaken the Middle East and the Israeli-Iran conflict is back in the forefront of international news.

Jeremiah said...

This is also the best opportunity for the TV audience to put the tough questions to both debaters- especially the corruption issues linked to BN and the cow scandal.

No topics should be off limits depending on the debaters' skills in drawing general implications of corruption and crony capitalism.

Anonymous said...

One debate only? When is the debate between ah jib khor and anwar? Ah jib khor kiasi? How can one become a leader of a party or a nation if he does not face the nation and the questions?

bruno said...

Khoo,debate is over.Nothing much like a cockfight we are expecting,not to say like a bare knuckles debate.Maybe a friendly love chat between rivals before the inevitable upcoming tsunami 2?

Anonymous said...

non bumiputra for the opposition party, bumiputra for the ruling party, it is still a long way to go.