Sunday, February 19, 2012

Malaysian Chinese at The Political Crossroads Forum & Debate: Our Real Dilemma!

I had criticized the debate topic for its racial slant and a lack of intellectualism. “Chinese at a Crossroads: Is the Two-Party System Becoming a Two-Race System?” is not only inaccurate and intellectually inept. It is also irresponsible and illogical.

The forum suggested that the Malaysian Chinese are at the political crossroads for a fact that they have to choose between a stronger government or a stronger opposition. It hinted that a stronger government should be a natural choice to protect a multiracial government and to avoid a creation of two-race system. 

This suggestion is not only illogical but an insult to the political maturity and wisdom of the community. In fact, the last general election reflected a shift of urban voters support away from the government for its inability to solve multifarious issues confronting the urbanites. It is unfortunate that most Chinese reside in urban areas. 

I attended the forum in its entirety hoping to be proven wrong of my initial observation. However, most of the panel discussions had failed to convince me that I was wrong. 

Why?  The panelists and proposers had failed to explain why Malaysian Chinese are at the political crossroads. It is not convincing to merely suggest a dilemma when political parties are clueless to the voting trends, preference, issues and concerns of the community. 

The organizers had responded that the forum was not racist but they had failed to explain why only Chinese panelists and moderators were invited to discuss the political crossroads. They had failed to convince observers that the forum was conducted NOT to appease and fulfill the political agenda of political party hoping to use ethnic and religious fear to draw support from the Chinese community.

I attended the forum overwhelmed by not enthusiasm but fear and concern that what the forum might ended up creating misunderstanding that Chinese are Hudud-Islam haters. Most Muslim would agree that it is impossible to take Hudud out of Islam and Islam out of a Muslim. It would be more progressive for the parties to discuss methods and ways to help enhance the understanding of Hudud before going on and on about how dangerous, brutal and archaic the Islamic penal law. 

The perpetrators of anti-Hudud sentiment should take cognizance that Malaysia is a Muslim majority country and not all Muslims (including larger Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Turkey) agree with the full implementation of Hudud in its archaic and outdated form which symbolizes gory methods of punishment. 

MCA should take extra care to ensure that in their fervour to relive the magic of Hudud to win big against the Dap candidates in 1999 would not turn Hudud bashing into Muslim punching bag. There's a limit and respect which must be observed for our Muslim friends and fellow citizens.

I have a problem with the forum's generalization of Malaysian Chinese. No, not all of us voted on colour of the skin. There were many Chinese voters who had voted for Pas candidates against those non-Malay candidates from Barisan Nasional. 

A number of us voted for good governance, more potent opposition to ensure better check-and-balance, less political arrogance et cetera. Ironically, most of us - especially younger voters - had voted against the perpetuation of institutional racism and politics of despotism in the country.

I find it uneasy for the organizers and role players to put the responsibility of a potential creation of a two-race system on the Malaysian Chinese voters. Using a broad brush to paint the voting trends of Malaysian Chinese as generic and predictable is both too simplistic and ignorant. Political parties such as MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, LDP and DAP have a role and a responsibility to the voters to ensure that their respective coalition does not turn into a racist monster. 

Instead of telling us how they could contribute towards better ethnic relations and to ensure the success of truly multiracial, just and democratic society, some of the political parties and politicians continue to engage in dangerous race and religious politicking. Such political parties and politicians must be totally rejected by all Malaysians who love their peace and harmony.

It is precisely the frustration of inaction against corruption, abuse of power, political arrogance, leadership ineptness and mediocrity that most voters would rather support any candidates who can give them better accountability.

It is due to a lack of understanding of the voters' sentiment and an obvious act of political arrogance and ignorance that the organizers, which are linked to a political party, had chosen such ridiculous topics for discussion. The outcome of the forum is now obvious. 

It has brought zero enlightenment to the society. Now, we are seriously in a dilemma. Our dilemma is we may have to endure for a few more terms an inept, clueless and irresponsible regime. 

My assessment: I would give the forum a 3-C verdict - Contradictory, Confusing and Chaotic!


bruno said...

Khoo,I don't think that it is correct to debate whether the Malaysian Chinese are at the political crossroads.The Malaysian Chinese are a political matured lot when it comes down to politics.

They know when to vote for whichever party to have a balance of power.They voted for Dr Mahathir when political stability was at stake.Now they have to vote for the future of generations to come.

It should be right to debate about the political crossroads of the MCA.The MCA has let the Chinese and Malaysians as a whole down.Same as their other siblings MIC and Umno.The next debate should be about corruption and the survival of MCA in Malaysian politics.

Leithaisor said...

"Confusing and Chaotic"? For a moment, I would have thought you were writing about Ms Tow-truck Jessie Ooi, the MCA Selayang coordinator!

Her foaming-at-the-mouth wayang epitomises the absolute desparate bankruptcy of MCA theses days.

Authority cannot tow illegally parked car after 10.30pm?
Uploaded by tongkai on Feb 18, 2012

To hijack the questions from the floor time (which was already massively lopsided against DAP/Pakatan no thanks to a moderator who felt he has to act according to the "broadcaster's instructions") to attempt to score what she brownie points for MCA with her way off subject ranting ?

I think she was not genuine about the "concern" she expressed about the ":problem". How many people did she fool with her put-on show?

Her sandwara bounced back with a huge vengence on herself and more so, on MCA.

The Chinese in particular, and Malaysians in general, are at a crossroads. With the unbelievably massive sums involved in very questionable projects and schemes, not only present Malaysians, but Malaysians for generations to come have to face the distinct possibility of severe hardships and poverty when the economic impact come home to roost.

And Ms Jessie Ooi of MCA wants to play kiddie games? Ptui!

(I won't want to descend to the levels of uncouth lapdogs and post what many may interpret as the relevant long-form of the C-C-C assessment you gave the debate as applied to Ms Ooi.)

Anonymous said...

Add one more C: Cheap publicity for MCA.

Anonymous said...

I was really amazed we still have bitch like this so called Jess or by whatever name in MCA. This finally proved that if we have po_n_tar quality heading a party what does one expect la. She is a typical by-product and a total disgrace to the whole Malaysian chinese women community, by shouting thru her stinking mouth instead thru her brain in the debate. On one side, I bet if she has any.
If our chinese community has such member or leader like her in future, god help us. This rude and rowdy MCA member reflects the general state of the party today. The party is long gone, lacking vision. Hmmm....has it ever occurred to you folks that she could have done this deliberately? May be she was paid to do it. May be she thought this could gain her ‘fame' nationally.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the three you mentioned, add in another term for the debate - "Silliness". How is that even possible it can lead to two "Race" system or two "Party" system where various political party make up the ruling and opposition pack in present political reality. It is a waste of time for LGE to attend this debate after all, just can't think of a reason why he will agree to such an invitation debating over a petty issue like this in Malaysia??

Jimmy Lim said...

Your observations of the debate raises issues which politicians and their cyber warriors wish to ignore. You have raised many pertinent points. If we are to have serious resolution to the politics of Malaysia the community must adopt a degree of altruism. That poor women who was very emotional.....has become the main topic of many responses and discussions in the easily our people get distracted? Get back to serious politics. If MCA is relevant.....keep it. If not chuck it out. If DAP can do the job let them have a go at Management and Civil Administration.......REMEMBER, the Civil Service that you still need to run the country from Putrajaya to Bukit Kayu Hitam will the same one inherited from the BN/MCA/MIC/Gerakan. etc....

Anonymous said...

It is the good and accountability governance that count, doesn't matter which race or which party dominate the ruling government.