Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Debates? Mind Your Language

A number of parties and individuals have called for more political debates to be held to allow politicians to state their political stand and debate on policy direction. From our last week's experience, it is okay to encourage more openness but participants and role players must mind their language.

Last week's forum on "Malaysian Chinese at the political crossroads" was conceived in a context which was not only racist but simplistic and dangerous. It was a malicious and devious forum trying to put the blame and burden of racism in politics on the shoulders of Malaysian Chinese. We should not take the bait and we hope that our Malay friends and fellow voters shall follow our footsteps in supporting good governance, democracy and responsible politics.

Malaysian Chinese are never at the political crossroads. I believe most of them would accept the reality of  a Malay led government but they reserve the choice of selecting the best Malay leadership which they can depend upon to lead this country towards greater heights and accountability.

Some unscrupulous parties are trying to pit the two most dominant races - Malay and Chinese - against each other. A few NGOs, led by holier than thou politicians, are trying to incite religious misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims through irresponsible allegations and lies. Again, we must be vigilant enough not to allow such gimmick to blind our conscience, word and action.

Politicians who cannot or refuse to acknowledge their own weaknesses and shortcomings deserved to be rejected by the people.

I sincerely hope participants of the next debates would mind their language and focus on facts and substance. The last forum had brought enough shame to our country. How can the world take Malaysia seriously if we continue to abuse and bastardize our own democracy?

Open debate is a democratic right but the right must not be abused in such manner the last forum did. I hope participants, audience and role players would act maturely and responsibly in future debates.

I look forward to debates on serious national issues such as economic challenges, institutional weaknesses, a level of expectation for public governance, non-racialism in politics and other serious topics which could give us a better insight into the policy direction of each coalition.


najib manaukau said...

The debates are good for the public as they expose and open many cans of worms. Unfortunately the downsides of these debates are opportunities exploited by politicians who will make use of the opportunities to lie, twist and distort the truths or only tell half truths.
But one thing for sure the deceitful and corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites it is bad news for them and they would use and come up with all kind of excuses just to avoid confronting the real issues and at the same time a time to judge what kind of politicians they are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

The best Malay leader should be the right choice of majority malays and of minority races of Malaysia to lead the country. Let us be realistic, 65% of the population is Malay and no way can this country be led by non-malay but a muslim is possible. We all must accept this fact in the first place before we proceed further.

What we want is a democratic country with liberty rights and the respect to human rights, where every Malaysians is protected by the rule of law. Currently, we are seeing racist parties even ruling the UNMO and its counterpart are fanning racism. Some NGOs have been used to further fan the sentiments. The worst is Utusan Malaysia, which should be teaching the malays the way forward but had been teaching the malays the wrong concept of 'KETUANAN MELAYU' and "WE HAVE THE LIMITATION' all the good receipe for racial disunity. However, these politicians refuse to acknowledge majority of the Malaysian didn't buy this racist concept.

Let us have a channel and air time for aspiring Malays / and other Malaysian politicians to state their vision for Malaysia and their
view of better Malaysia for the Malaysians. We want to hear from Mahyuddin, Hisham, Mukhris, Azmin, Nurul, LGE, Anwar, Najib, Saifuddin and others in open forums and individual interaction. There is no need for TDM to make an issue to trying to push his son to be our PM if he has no materials to offer.

A healthy debate will bring the best out of any leadership. You cant force us to accept a leader by mere genetic line and of an elite origin due to his or her parent economic and wealth standing, if such a candidate is an empty shell.

Good trees may not necessarily produce good seeds, genetic has a wide range of manipulation entities and only the Almighty knows best.

Leithaisor said...

Can the moderator be someone who is seen to be fair and unbiased, instead of someone who, "on istructions from the broadcaster", saw it fit to allocate the vast majority of questions from the floor to just the MCA crowd?

Anonymous said...

Before nobody wants to debate.Now every pot and kettle wants to debate.HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

That MCA bitch Jess or whoever has the cheek to tell the rakyat whats wrong she has done in the debate.
Goodness gracious she did not even know what wrong she has done in the debate. In the very first place how can this dumb dumb female became a "BELIAWANIS CHIEF" in MCA. Its amazing indeed. Just answer one simple question. Why millions of malaysian chinese have migrated or worked overseas all these years and the number still increasing day by day? And you can bet that many many of them, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers went with a very very heart. What have you all so called chinese reps in MCA done?.